Snapchat Planets: What does this Solar Order Reflects?

Snapchat Planets: What does this Solar Order Reflects?

What are Snapchat Planets? How do Snapchat Planets work? Dear guys! The following questions are in the air. On social platforms, Snapchat has retained its prominent stand for a number of years.  Now Snapchat introduced a new feature which caused a stir. Such as this new feature is the most beneficial for social welfare.

So, guys, this article is about Snapchat Planets to remove the popping questions in your mind related to the new feature of Snapchat. When the users click on someone’s profile, they will be able to see a badge that says either friends or best friends. Additionally, you partake in Snapchat+ and click on the best friends’ badge which allows you to see which planet they are.

What is Snapchat Solar System?

Before moving ahead, you need to know what the actual solar system looks like. The planet near the sun is the nearest. For this similarity, Snapchat introduced a new feature named Snapchat Solar System. Simply, if you use Snapchat Plus, you are the sun. And the very first planet nearest to the sun (you) will show the person with whom you share the utmost streaks. So the following procedure shows that the person is your “first closest friend” on the platform.


Likewise, the following planets (created on your streak) will place rendered to the second, third, or next. The following sequence will remain the same until the eighth planet. Undoubtedly, the planets in Snapchat’s sequence are a fun way to display your app-based friendships. It may be or not in real life. So this is a special feature in favor of those who subscribe to the Snapchat+ feature.

What are the planets on Snapchat?

As soon as you click on someone’s profile, you will be able to check a symbol that clears either friends or best friends. If you are using Snapchat+, click on the best friends’ badge. This process will allow you to locate which planet they are. The best friends badge leads to you being one of each other’s eight nearest friends. Moreover, the planet’s closeness to the sun will show you how close to that person you are. If your friend is the sun, and you be there for the Earth in their solar system, it clears that you are their third nearest friend.

In short, tapping on the badge clears you which planet you are in their Solar System. While each planet represents a different position in their Best Friends list. Suppose your friend is the Sun and you’re Earth, it means you’re their third nearest friend.

How do Friend Solar Systems work?

Being a Snapchat+ subscriber, you are competent to see a ‘Best Friends’. Moreover, you can also see the ‘Friends’ badge through a gold ring from one place to another on someone’s Friendship Profile. ‘Best Friends’ means you will be one of each other’s eight closest friends, and ‘Friends’ means you to be there one of their eight nearest friends, however, they’re not one of yours.

Tapping on the badge gives the expression you which planet you are in their Solar System. Such as each planet indicate a different position in their Best Friends lists. For instance, suppose your friend stands for the Sun and you’re Earth inside their Solar System which signifies you’re their third closest friend.

What’s The Order of Snapchat Planet?

You may be silent as well as doubtful about what Snapchat planets are. There is no need to be worried because we got a solution for you in this article.

Before looking order of Snapchat Planet, let’s have a glance at the real solar planet system. Indeed, it will make an easy understanding of the order of Snapchat Planet. On the outer surface of the Sun, the planets be located as Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, followed by the dwarf planet Pluto. The distance of Jupiter is approximately 11 times that of Earth along with the breadth of the Sun is about 10 times that of Jupiter. While Pluto stands for a little less than one-fifth the diameter of Earth. Now we see the Snapchat Planet that is founded on your number of streaks, the planets or users come in the succeeding order.

Order of Snapchat Planet

  • Mercury – As Mercury is the nearest planet to the sun, this planet bitmoji displays before the person with whom you are sharing the most streaks. It also takes into account your closest best friend. Moreover, it also indicates a “Pink planet with red hearts.”
  • Venus – Moving ahead we see the next planet Venus on the Snapchat solar system. It symbolizes the second person with whom you are sharing the most streaks, and the friend username is stated as your second closest friend. Additionally, this shows a “Beige planet with yellow, blue, and pink hearts.”
  • Earth – The next planet is Earth. It is the third planet and mentions the friend as the third-handiest friend on Snapchat. A “green and blue planet with red hearts and the moon.” displays it.
  • Mars – Now the number is of Mars. That is the next planet which symbolizes your fourth neighboring friend. It stands for a “red planet with purple and blue hearts.”
  • Jupiter– the next planet is Jupiter according to the sequence. Indeed, it is the fifth planet, and clearly shows your fifth closest friend on Snapchat. It stands for an “orange planet with no hearts.”
  • Saturn – Saturn suggests to the sixth nearby friend on Snapchat and is characterized by a “yellow planet with a ring.”
  • Uranus – Dear friends, Uranus is the seventh planet in the Solar system, and the bitmoji adjacent to this planet indicates the seventh neighboring friend. This planet stands for a “green planet with no hearts.”
  • Neptune – Lastly, we see Neptune on Snapchat Planet. That stays there as the eighth planet in the system, screening the eight closest friends on Snapchat. Here this planet stands for a “Blue planet with no hearts.”

What Is Snapchat Plus?

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Snapchat+ is a first-class membership that deals several extra features to users who purchase it. In fact, users will have to pay a monthly subscription fee to retrieve Snapchat + as well as its additional performance. Snapchat Plus is being introduced little by little in the United States for iPhone and Android for $3.99 a month. Moving ahead they must pay $21.99 for six months, and $39.99 for a year. Also, they may avail themselves of a free trial of 7 days earlier they disburse for the subscription.

Changing the app’s icon, viewing who has re-watched your story, and marking specific friends as BFFs are some of the most attractive features of Snapchat Plus. One to remember is that the periodic subscription will not cut off ads, so humbly, you will have to tolerate them.

Snapchat+ pack, certain features

Some features are absolutely available to its paid users in the Snapchat+ pack. One of them is Snapchat Planets. Indeed, it positions your friend list grounded on how much you message them. This feature compares them to planets.

What is the reaction of Users to Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat has turned over its disbursed subscription. Now from all over the world users have mixed reactions to it. Excitingly, many users are trying out the new features on Snapchat Plus. Though, some of them bear in mind that the subscription must cut off the ads. While $3.99 a month is not very costly, people think, they do have not any need to roll out some of the plus features. Furthermore, they think that it is just a promoting trick. Several people occupied to Twitter to speak out, “Who would pay for Snapchat Plus” in an ironic way.

All other platform is developing their premium subscription at a surplus cost. These subscriptions bid some unique features to their paid clients. Such as some platforms that stimulated their paid subscription are YouTube Premium, Whatsapp Business, and Telegram. Similarly, Snapchat has also announced its Snapchat+ version at a surplus cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the red planet in Snapchat?

It is Mars which looks like a red planet with purple and blue hearts. Moreover, it is the fourth closest best friend according to the order.

What does Neptune mean on Snapchat?

Neptune is far away from the sun. Here it means to be someone’s eight-best friend on the platform.

What is Saturn on Snapchat?

Saturn – Saturn stands for the sixth closest friend on the Snapchat Platform and it stays there as a “yellow planet with a ring.”

What is a red square on Snapchat?

Red Solid Square

It means that the following friend posted you a Snap with no audio.

Red filled square

Here it refers that you have viewed a Snap with no audio from this mate.

Red Two-Filled Arrows

This shows that your friend seized a screenshot of the Snap deprived of audio.

The Red Circle with an Arrow

It reflects that this friend has replayed the Snap having no audio.


So, guys, this is all about the Snapchat Planets. Certainly, It is a comic approach to copy your friend list in the matter of actual solar systems, with the nearest friend living being mercury(as it is nearest to the sun). Gradually, The list conclusions with Neptune, which is reflected as your 8th best friend because its place stays at the 8th position in the solar system. We hope you will surely like this blog post related to your queries about Snapchat Solar System.



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