Myflexbot: All About Working and Features of This APP

 Myflexbot: All About Working and Features of This APP

As you heard about the MyFlexBot application, It is basically an Amazon Flex Bucks grabber application. Using these blocks, you can enjoy no advertising and all the free content in the app. With time and development, eventually the app developers will also start to use ad blockers within their applications. Using these, you can grab the desired products from blocks without any manual editing each time.

In this article, you will be able to evaluate the workings and almost all functions of the MyFlexBot application.


An introduction to myflexbot, working and its features

It is a powerful and improved application. Using its features, you can quickly grab all the goods from your flex stores at Amazon. It is considered to be the more useful and time-saving application. It’s an innovation with the auto-grabber features. Without any kind of searching or invention, it will automatically help you grab the desired products. However, to make the application more secure, it also limits its access. This access is provided to authorize people, which will save time.

Innovative Functioning of Myflexbot

It is a safer and more programmed application. It has features to grab the desired product quickly from the flex blocks. Through this app, you just need to login, and the whole product grab will be completed in the meanwhile. Although you can also choose any device to login after your account is setup, Even though you have the option to retrieve the products from your flex block on Amazon, Even you can start to press the resume or retrieve the selected products.

That’s why you don’t need to put all the products in manually, and it is secure too. So it is considered one of the most wanted apps for users who want quick functionality.

How can I install MyFlexBot?

Either way, if you are using Android or an iPhone, it will be easier for you. It’s an automatically functional app. It will automatically start to upload and download the Amazon Flex Block.

How can I install MyFlexBot?

  1. Firstly, you need to download and install MyFlexBot on your preferred device.
  2. You need to login first with the desired account information for Amazon Flex.
  3. After which you have to place the automatically grabbing contents and products for shopping.
  4. Further, you also have to mention the place from which you want to pick up your order.
  5. After completion of these steps, you need to select and press the grab button.
  6. Hence, your whole information will be swiftly located and automatically saved in your account.

It can be highly useful for the employees as well. Due to its automatic information savings for the next time, it will save editing time. Even you can store a vast amount of information on it for retrieving the blocks from Amazon Flex.

Apps that offer Amazon Flex bots

There are the following apps that offer it:

1. Myflexbot: customizable, 15-day trial

2. Flex Snatch: automating, available in the US

3. Flex47Bot: advanced filtering, 1-day trial

4. Flexomatic: A BlueStack program is needed.

Setting up myflexbot

It will be helpful to add the blocks to your inventory. Here is a quick guide on how it will work.

Setting up myflexbot

  • First of all, you need to complete your registration.
  • You need to select and press the top-page option “Add blocks.”
  • It will scan your account immediately. This scanning will also indicate the unused and inactive blocks. The deleted blocks will still be associated with the inventory in them.
  • It will select and add all the unused or inactive blocks to the grab list. You can choose your blocks and then add them to your flex block inventory.
  • You need to choose it from the blocked list and grab it.

Setting up your Amazon flex block

For connecting Amazon flex block and myflexbot you need few steps to follow.  First of all, you need to set up the workings of Flex Block. Along with your blocks, you need to follow some instructions. You can configure your blocks after their creation. You need to configure your flex block.

Setting up your Amazon flex block

  • First of all, sign in to the website.
  • From the top of the website, select the “configure” option.
  • Now you need to put some information about it, which will be the region and address.

Region: where your block is situated.

Address: It can be anything; it means your block address. You can choose a street, house number, or even an Amazon web service.

How much does myflexbot cost?

It will give you the access free for 15 days trial. Afterwards the charges vary according to the location, features and kinds of automation tasks. Usually including all services it will cost you $50 per month.

Working of myflexbot

It is helpful for Amazon Flex orders to grab quickly into it. Through myflexbot, you can eventually collect the whole order block from the Amazon flex. You need to connect the Amazon Flex with myflexbot. Afterwards, it will grab the orders from particular blocks and store them in an order queue list. Even so, you can choose to run and manage its work on a schedule or according to regular routines. You must ensure that you use the recently made orders on it.

Working of myflexbot

What it does work?

It will automatically start to grab the desired products from Amazon’s Flex Block. It will automatically start adding these products to your cart.

How myflexbot works?  Step by step guide

  • First of all, you need to install MyFlexBot on your device or computer.
  • Then you need a USB cable for making the connection between the Amazon Flex Block and your other device or computer.

How myflexbot works?  Step by step guide

  • Later, you will need to choose the items according to their barcodes that you wish to purchase. It will now add these items to your shopping cart.
  • Once you’ve checked the shopping cart, you can click on the checkout button.

Amazon Flex login credentials and myflexbot

For security concerned you need to share all the details for bot working. It will include the email along with its password to work. That’s why choosing myflexbot will gives you a security concerns too. There is always data compromising risk. However it ensures that your information will be safe. However Amazon flex have severe restrictions and policies that works against any bot working. There you will not face any kind of security breaches you will find using it.

Why myflexbot is not working?

First of all check your connection and try to login again. If you face any problem then you need to reset your password and login again.

Benefits of using Myflexbot

The few most important benefits of MyFlexBot are the following:

  • It securely grabs and allows information from the Amazon flex blocks.
  • It will allow a quick way to access information.
  • It is simple and easier to use.
  • It uses a simple interface.
  • It is a safer application.
  • It is efficient and fast.
  • It includes SSL encryption.


Q. When did come out?

It was registered on April 11, 2018. Since its arrival, more than 1825 days have passed.

Q. How many Amazon Flex blocks can you do in a day?

In a day, you can do multiple blocks without any limit, but with a caveat. As a caveat, you can’t work more than 8 hours in a single day.

Q. What is a “Flex Bot”?

These are the automated tools or software that used by Amazon flex workers. It will be easier for you to get delivery of your choices, exchange shifts, and get further benefits.

Concluding thoughts

It’s not easier for the flex workers to keep all things related to schedules and blocks in mind all the time. This is the best feature because it will notify you according to the selected schedules. Connecting MyFlexbot and Amazon Flex Block is the best way to grab your products easily without any editing.


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