Gasolinera más cercana: How to locate via Different Apps?

Gasolinera más cercana: How to locate via Different Apps?

In the United States of America, wherever you go on a road trip and other long rides, you should definitely have the ultimate knowledge of locating the gasolinera más cercana around your location. There are certain websites and mobile applications that can help you in locating these gas stations by showing their ratings, visitor reviews, and fuel prices that can help you to make a better decision for filling gas in your vehicle.

How to locate gasolinera más cercana?

Following are the major platforms that can help the visitor or any person to locate nearby gas stations in the United States of America.

Google Maps:

Google Maps is an automatic choice for anyone who is looking to locate certain points and locations. Similarly, you can take the help of Google Maps for locating gasolinera más cercana. For this purpose, you need to go to Google Maps and use the search option for finding the nearest gas stations. The platform will further guide you to the station by using its driving mode.

To analyze the opening and closing times of these gas stations, you can take help from Google Maps. Moreover, you can also check the ratings, customer reviews, and sometimes the fuel price of these gas stations from the Google Maps platform. So, from a service point of view, this platform is quite useful and reliable.

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gasolinera más cercana via Yelp:

For the purpose of locating stores, service points, and visiting places, Yelp is an excellent website. The user interface of this website is very simple yet very interactive. One can easily locate the gas stations near him by entering gasolinera más cercana in the search bar. Furthermore, inside the bar, he can select the state of the United States of America in which he is looking for a gas station. The Yelp platform provides not only the Map view to the user but also entertains him by giving customer reviews about that place.

The platform shows the gas station has the best rating on the top of search results. These ratings are according to the customer reviews, and services that these gas stations provide. Moreover, one can also see the images of that gas station on this website for a clear understanding.

Gas Guru:

Gas Guru is a specialized website that is designed for locating different gas stations in various states of America. This website provides quick results that show the gasolinera más cercana with their petrol prices. Furthermore, there is an option of selecting a state in which you want to find the gas stations.


Foursquare is a business and store locating tool that can help you to find nearby gas stations in the United States of America. You have to go to the Foursquare website and click on Search a business. After that the page on which you have the search bar. Write gasolinera más cercana and select the state in which you are looking for the gas stations. This website is excellent at locating and works like Yelp and Google Maps. There is an option for map view which allows you to see the gas stations in blue markers. Furthermore, the reviews of the people and overall rating of the gas stations also help you to find the best gas station nearby your location.

gasolinera más cercana vía GasBuddy:

Gas Bussy is a great platform for locating gas stations and it also allows you to find the stations on the basis of many filters. Like, You can search the gas gasolinera más cercana by fuel prices, or by ratings, state-wise, and fuel company-wise. It is specially designed for locating different gas stations in the United States of America.

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Best gasolinera más cercana in the United States:

Let us discuss some of the best gas stations in the United States of America that provide excellent services.


BP has replaced its old rewards program with BPme, an app-based gas rewards program that offers a discount of 5 cents per gallon at any of its 7,200 locations. There’s no limit to the bonus as long as you spend over $100 per month. BP also offers two credit cards that offer cash-back bonuses on nonfuel purchases at participating gasolinera más cercana. GasBuddy rated BP well for customer service.

Exxon & Mobil:

Exxon and Mobil both have over 11,000 gas stations across the United States. Mobil was the first to introduce payment at the pump, saving customers time. The Exxon Mobil rewards program offers savings of three to six cents on each gallon through purchases from the store. The Plus Reward app allows you to pay for buying gas from the savings of your car and track. The ExxonMobil Smart Card credit card automatically saves you six cents on each gallon with no requirement for a single purchase. The card carries an online account management and tracking gas usage on a monthly basis spending. Mobil ranks high for cleanliness and restrooms but in a survey from GasBuddy, coffee from these rest rooms is not worth the money.

Exxon & Mobil:

Chevron, a gasolina más cercana:

Among the largest US gas station chains, Chevron receives the highest overall customer satisfaction ratings. The company has more than 7,800 locations across the country, and some gasolinera más cercana also offer food marts. A Chevron station in North Hollywood has a highly-rated Mexican restaurant, Cilantro Mexican Grill. Chevron customers can also apply for the Techron Advantage credit card to receive discounts and bonuses on gas purchases.


Sinclair, with over 1,500 locations in 29 states, has the highest customer satisfaction rating. Rewards on Green Card from this Sinclair gas company do not give you savings at the gas station. But it serves various purposes accounts without interest and avoids any bank hassles. One can easily attach his Sinclair card with the Dinopay app, which makes transactions safe and easy.


Marathon is a gas company with 5,600 fuel stations in the Midwest, South, and Northeast. While it is not as big as some competitors, it still ranks well for customer service, higher than Shell and Chevron. The company used to have a credit card that saved 25 cents per gallon, but it is no longer available. Now, members of the Make It Count rewards program can save 5 cents per gallon. Marathon sells truck replicas, and the gasolinera más cercana coffee is above average. Toy collectors who were unhappy about Hess’s purchase can still get toys from Marathon or visit for holiday releases.


Shell has the largest number of gas stations in America, but its customer service is average according to GasBuddy. However, it offers a rewards program that lets members earn discounts of five, ten, or twenty cents on each gallon from shell fuel station buying. Shell ranks well for outdoor lighting. The credit cards from Shell also have fuel rewards that give either five or ten cents of savings on each gallon of gasoline, up to 20 gallons. On the other hand, Mastercard offers more rebates for eating and different other purchases. You can combine discounts from reward programs with discounts from credit cards.



76 gasolinera más cercana is a great choice because it has the third-best customer service ranking on the list. You can save money with credit card rewards, which will provide you with ten cents off on each gallon of fuel or gas. You can also earn additional 15 % bonus savings for the first thirty gallons using the My 76 mobile app. It can support different payment methods for example Apple Pay and Google Pay.


Which gas station has the best quality gasoline?

Following is the list of gas stations that provide excellent quality gas and operate in the United States of America.






What is the number one gas station in America?

In 2023, Shell, Exxon Mobil, and Chevron are the biggest gas station companies in the United States based on the number of stores they have. Shell has the most stores with 12,442 in 51 different states and territories. Exxon Mobil has 11,993 stores and Chevron has 6,990 stores in the US.

What gas is best for your car?

Regular gasoline is sufficient for most vehicles, but high-performance engines in big or sporty cars may need premium gas to operate at their best. Premium gas is a type of fuel that offers specific features that these engines require to function properly.

Are Exxon and Mobil the same gas?

Mobil is a brand of petroleum products that belongs to ExxonMobil, an American oil and gas company. Previously, the Mobil brand was owned and operated by another company with the same name. In 1999, this company merged with Exxon to form ExxonMobil, which now owns and operates the Mobil brand.

Final Thoughts:

gasolinera más cercana can be located in the United States of America with the help of many websites. So, if you are ever stuck somewhere in America and looking the nearby gas stations, the websites I discussed earlier in the article will definitely help you a lot. There are several options that you can avail for locating the gas stations and checking the stations on the basis of their ratings, reviews, and fuel prices.



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