Robin Arzon Net Worth: Career, Family, Cars collection, Facts

Robin Arzon Net Worth: Career, Family, Cars collection, Facts

Robin Arzon is an American famous ultramarathon runner and whose Robin Arzon net worth is estimated to be around 8$ million. She has been a head instructor at Peloton Cycle and the vice president of fitness programming. Thousands of people regularly get enrollment into her classes.

Moreover, she has achieved a lot of success. Robin Arzon completed over 27 marathons and some ultra-marathons. She has published three books and earned a two-time New York Times Best-Selling Author. She remains active on her social media accounts.

Most importantly, Robin earned more than 1 million followers on her Instagram account. In this article, we will discuss the popular star’s net worth, including her biography, relationship, cars collection, lifestyle, and family.

Robin Arzon wrote two books in her life. She completed her graduation from the prestigious institution of the United States. However, she also started improving her running skills while studying in college and university.

When she was taken hostage, she then decided to focus on her fitness career. She does not compromise on diet, and makes her body fit in each angle. She currently enjoys a luxurious life with family.

Who is Robin Arzon?

Robin Arzon is a popular American author and runner who was born on September 21, 1982, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the United States of America. She is 41 years old as of 2023. According to some reports, Robin is earning $700,000 annually, while she has a total Robin Arzon net worth of around 8$ million USD.

Original NameRobin Arzon
Date of Birth21st of September, 1982
Place of BirthThe United States of America
OccupationAuthor and Runner
Age41 years old as of 2023
Annual Income$ 700,000 USD
Total Income$ 8 Million USD


Robin Arzon’s Family

Robin Arzon’s father’s name is Puerto Rican, while her mother belongs to Cuba. Moreover, Robin’s mom has been a Cuban refugee. Mother is a doctor by profession, while her father has been an ex-law professor and attorney. It portrays that Robin Arzon was born in a well-educated and well-settled family. When she was growing up, parents forced Robin to concentrate only on studies rather than anything else.

After completing school education, Robin joined the University of New York and completed her graduation magna cum laude. She then got enrollment into the most famous Villanova University Law School. Robin completed a law degree from here and started working further as a corporate litigator.

robin arzon family

Robin Arzon’s Husband/Boyfriend

In 2019, Robin Arzon married to an investment manager Drew Butler. The couple started dating each other for several years and finally wedded in Tulum, Mexico. In 2016, the duo met each other for the first time at Manhattan’s bar.

Moreover, the couple had a first daughter together named Athena Amelia Arzon-Butler, in March 2021. Robin claimed in January 2023 that she is expecting another baby. Robin Arzon net worth is estimated to be around 8$ million USD, so she enjoys a luxurious lifestyle along with family.

Top on that, Robin was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in February 2014, in her mid-30s. She was present in India with her sister before discovering this diagnostic issue. Robin found this problem when she moved to New York. There had been a marathon two weeks to go when she had found diabetes. However, she did not skip the marathon, and ran in it.  

Robin Arzon’s Career Development

In 2002, Robin was with her friend at a bar when she was taken hostage. During this time, she was studying in college and the man used Robin Arzon as a human shield. That man was heavily armed, and she also said in her interview that she saw the assailant who shot three people.

However, Robin was covered in kerosene. Fortunately, a few officers came forward, apprehending the assaulter. This is how Robin survived safely. That tragedy made Robin realise to pay heed to her fitness career. Consequently, Robin Arzon took that incident more seriously and began running regularly.

Moreover, Robin could take part in the 10k race competitive running in 2003. That first race made Robin fall in love with health, running, and fitness. During that time, Robin was polishing her running skills along with accomplishing her law degree.

The year when Robin Arzon made debut in the New York Marathon was 2010. She then started taking part in some running competitions like three 50-mile ultra-marathons, a total of 25 marathons, and more others.

Robin Arzon Career

Robin Arzon’s Career Breakthrough

The year when Robin left her job was 2012. Moreover, she started pursuing her goal of becoming a fitness and health expert. Robin Arzon started reporting on the 2012 London Olympics. That was published in several websites such as Newsweek and New York Magazine.

Robin gave people an alternative way a year after, to complete athletically. However, Arzon wanted to be nearer to athletics. A breakthrough came in her life in 2014 when Arzon was hired as an instructor at the Peloton in New York City.

Furthermore, the famous personality started instructing classes and made a piece of content for Peloton after two years. Consequently, John Foley gave an offer to Robin Arzon who has been the CEO of Peloton. John Foley promoted her as the Vice President of Fitness and Programming.

Robin Arzon’s Business Ventures

Robin has been the co-founder of the fitness training Undo Ordinary and the print publication Undo magazine that she established in 2013. Moreover, Arzon starred as Serengeti after two years in ‘’Mygrations’’ a National Geographic series. She participated in the first 100-mile race the Keys 100 in 2016, accomplishing in 30 hours. Apart from that, Robin has been one of the best-selling authors. Additionally, she is a certified running coach of ‘’The Road Runners Club of America’’.

Robin is author of the one book titled ‘’Sh#t Up and Run: How to Get Up, Lace Up, and Sweat with Swagger’’. This book was published in June 2016. Robin shared her fitness journey and hostage tragedy in this book. She wrote another book entitled ‘’Strong Mama’’ in January 2022.

She is a famous social media influencer and leading choice of multinational companies and fitness brands. The most famous international brand ‘’Adidas’’ hired Robin Arzon as brand ambassador. She also performed in the commercial for the ‘’Here to Create Campaign’’ in 2016.

Robin Arzon Net Worth

Robin Arzon has been a successful author and social media platform. She earned a lot of fame and popularity  and Robin Arzon net worth within a short while through different social media platforms. Robin earns a huge amount of money being the head instructor at a company and the Vice President of Programming.

People are curious about ‘’How much does he earn per class’’? According to some reports, Robin makes 500$ to 700$ per class. The main sources through which she generates revenue are book sales and brand endorsements. Eventually, she has a total net worth of around 8$ million USD.

Robin Arzon’s Career Highlights

  • She participated in more than 50 races including ultra-marathons and marathons.
  • She has been the Vice President of Fitness Programming at Peloton.
  • She published first book entitled ‘’Shut Up and Run: How to Get Up, Lace Up, and Sweat with Swagger’’ in 2016.
  • She published a second book named ‘’Strong Mama’’ in 2022.


Robin Arzon is a famous American author, social media influencer, and actress. She belongs to a well-educated family as her father has been an attorney. On the contrary, her mom was a Cuban refugee. Robin Arzon was born in the United States of America, which makes her feel proud. She faced many hardships in her life.

Additionally, Robin claimed that she was taken hostage out of a bar. That tragedy made Robin realise to focus also on the fitness routine. Robin took part in many ultra-marathon and marathon races. She has completed more than 50 marathons throughout her life. 



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