What is Alejandro Aranda Net Worth? Cars & Lifestyle, Career

What is Alejandro Aranda Net Worth? Cars & Lifestyle, Career

Alejandro Aranda is a famous TV personality and American singer. Moreover, he is popular for his incredible performance on American Idol Season 17. He has made several awesome pieces of music. People want to know the net worth of Alejandro Aranda.

According to some reports, Alejandro Aranda’s net worth is estimated to be around $350K US dollars. In this article, we will discuss Alejandro Aranda’s net worth including his cars collection, relationships, career achievements and lifestyle.

Who is Alejandro Aranda?

Alejandro Aranda was born on August 11, 1994, in Pomona, California, the United States of America. According to his birth month, his sun sign is Leo. He revealed in one interview that he has never been close to his family. Most importantly, he has a net worth of around 350$ thousand US dollars.

Alejandro Aranda Biography

Alejandro Aranda’s Singing Career

Alejandro Aranda started taking interest in singing from his childhood. He would practise singing in his house. Unfortunately, he could not join a music school due to his modest family background. However, he started playing piano, guitar, and other gadgets himself. Alejandro Aranda started to go to numerous clubs and parties and showed his singing skills. Since then, Alejandro chose the stage name ‘’Scary Pool Party’’.

Alejandro Aranda career

Alejandro Aranda’s Performance in American Idol

Alejandro Aranda continued his struggle and hard work, eventually, God showed his mercy on him. Fortunately, he got the chance to perform in Season 17 of American Idol. Alejandro Aranda sang his song ‘’Out Loud’’ at the show’s auditions. He performed amazingly and earned a massive positive response from the judges and audience.

Each judge admired his amazing talent and extraordinary singing skills. Moreover, all the audience and Lionel Richie presented a standing ovation to Alejandro Aranda on his incredible performance. Consequently, he earned the Golden Ticket to the show.

Furthermore, Alejandro Aranda has a great journey throughout season 17 of the American Idol. He showed several incredible performances in that season of the show.

Alejandro Aranda’s YouTube Channel

Alejandro Aranda created a YouTube channel after keeping his previous achievements in mind. After that, he performed incredibly in one of the most-watched television shows that was a great success to perceive. Alejandro Aranda earned a lot of popularity and fame within a short while. Similarly, he has earned over 145K subscribers on his YouTube channel. Currently, he earns millions of views on his one video.

On the contrary, Alejandro Aranda is also popular on other social media platforms. As far as his Instagram account is concerned, Alejandro has gathered over 665K followers on it. Therefore, all of these are his main income sources through which he generates revenue.

Alejandro Aranda’s Tour to Hawaii

When the American Idol Top 40 showcase tour was scheduled for Hawaii, Alejandro Aranda performed extremely well on Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’. That performance made the crowd and judges admire his talent. One of the most popular singers, Katy Perry, acknowledged his singing skills when he was included in Top 20 and wished a better future for Alejandro. The person who gave Alejandro the title of pop star was Katy Perry.

Alejandro Aranda’s Career after American Idol

After leaving American Idol, Alejandro Aranda made a 7-day US tour in 2019. Each show sold out in only 15 minutes. Katy Perry who has been the judge of American Idol, begging Alejandro Aranda to be his roadie on that tour. Moreover, Alejandro released his single entitled ‘’Tonight’’ with Hollywood Record under his name ‘ ‘Schoolpoolparty’’. The day of May 19, 2019, was declared as ‘’Alejandro Aranda Day’’ by the mayor of Pomona.

What is Alejandro Aranda Net Worth?

Alejandro Aranda net worth is estimated to be around 350$ thousand, as of 2023. Similarly, he earns almost $29K per month. The major source through which he generates a huge revenue is his YouTube channel. He uploaded his music video and earned millions of views on it.

On the contrary, Alejandro also earns a massive amount of money from his Instagram. Eventually, he does advertisements and concerts.

Sources of IncomeSinging, YouTube, Instagram, Music Concerts, and Advertisements
Followers on Instagram665 K
Followers on YouTube145 K
Monthly Income$ 29K US Dollars
Net Worth$ 350K US Dollars


Alejandro Aranda’s Marital Status

Alejandro Aranda is still single, and his only focus is to bring improvement in singing. We will update this article if he discloses any information about his marital status.

Alejandro Aranda’s Cars and Residency

Alejandro Aranda currently lives in the United States of America. Moreover, the information about the car he uses is unclear. We will update this blog post if he reveals any information publicly.

Alejandro Aranda’s Physical Appearance

Alejandro Aranda is 5 feet and 9 inches tall. Moreover, he has gained 75 kilograms of weight. He has dark brown hair, while his eye colour is also dark brown.

Alejandro Aranda Physical Appearance

Alejandro Aranda’s Career Highlights

He has achieved many awards in his entire life. Here are some of the achievements as follow:

  • Alejandro earned the ‘’Five of Five Entertainment Award’’.
  • Alejandro earned the ‘’Northridge’s Artist of the Year Award’’.
  • Alejandro made a YouTube channel and has earned more than 145K subscribers.
  • Alejandro made his Instagram account and has earned more than 665K followers.
  • Alejandro signed a deal with Hollywood Records after coming out of the American Idol.
  • Alejandro earned the second position in the finale of the season 17 of the American Idol. He was just behind Laine Hardy.


Alejandro Aranda is a famous American singer and social media influencer in the current generation. Additionally, he currently lives a luxurious life with his family. He makes live performances in clubs, TV shows, and concerts. He has earned a lot of followers on his YouTube channel and Instagram accounts.

In addition to these, Alejandro Aranda’s net worth is estimated to be around $350 thousand US dollars. He has won various awards and achievements in his life. People are looking for his wife or girlfriend. However, Alejandro did not disclose any information in this regard. 



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