What is Backpack Kid Net worth? His Source of Income & Lifestyle

What is Backpack Kid Net worth? His Source of Income & Lifestyle

Russell Horning earned a lot of fame as the Backpack kid. However, he was born on 19th of December 2001, in Lawrenceville, Georgia USA. Backpack kid earned fame when he appeared in the television series ‘’Saturday Night Live’’. Moreover, he is a dancer and social media celebrity. Therefore, these professions are the main source of his income. People want to know about Backpack kid net worth.

The net worth of Backpack kid is estimated to be around 350,000 US dollars. He earns 576.92$ per week, 2,500$ per month, and 30,000$ per year. In this article, we will discuss the Backpack kid’s source of income, his luxurious life including cars, helicopters, etc.

Furthermore, Russell Horning released two original songs such as 2Litt and Flossin. His mother Anita Redd is his manager, and Jill is his younger sister. Backpack like to do traditional and online schooling. The purpose of the online part is to travel for his videos while the normal school is to keep up with his social environment.

After performing before a live audience in a church camp in 2014, he started posting videos on Instagram. Rihanna posted his video on her Instagram account in December 2014, and recorded her reaction to the eight Grammys nomination.

Backpack Kid Net worth

His mother Anita Redd filed the lawsuit on behalf of his son in December 2018, suing the makers of the famous video game Fortnite for allegedly ripping off Backpack kid’s signature dance move: the Floss. Backpack kid claimed on the record that his mother and management team insisted on suing him.

The key objective of discussing all these occupations is to make you aware of backpack kid net worth and sources of income. Because these will help you a lot to collect essential data of his net worth. You selected the right platform to know about Backpack kid’s net worth, so keep going!

Who is Backpack Kid?

Russell Horning known online as formerly | Got Barzz and The Backpack Kid, is an American streamer, YouTuber, music influencer and producer, best known as the ‘’creator’’ of the floss. However, he lives in Atlanta, Georgia. He was born on 19th of December 2001, and he is 22 years old as of now.

Original NameRussell Horning
Date of BirthDecember 19, 2001
Place of BirthLawrenceville, GA USA
Birth SignSagittarius
Age22 years old as of 2023
Younger SisterJill
MotherAnita Redd
Net Worth350,000$
Height1.68 m
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer, Instagram Star and American Dancer


Professional Story of Backpack Kid

  • Dancing Career

Backpack kid launched his career when he started posting on Instagram. First of all, he began posting his dance videos on it. Russell Horning has performed dances at a church camp in 2014. One of his dance videos went viral in January 2016, earning him popularity and fame. As a hip-hop artist and professional rapper, Backpack kid released various songs such as Ball Out, Drip on Boat, Suede, and others. He releases his debut four-song EP ‘Swag Pack Kid’ on his 17th birthday.

When 700,000 of his followers tagged him online, then his first break came in 2015. Russell Horning reached line time after Rihanna uploaded his dance move to express her delight at being selected for six Grammys in 2016. In 2017, Katy Perry invited him to dance in her new song ‘’Swiss Swiss’’ on ‘’Saturday Night Live’’. Moreover, he is also the founder of #IGotSkillsChallenge.

Russell Horning worked on videos with other dancers such as Benny Imprint and Maleo Bowles. You can perform moves as a dancer like The Russell or flossing. Most importantly, he appeared on the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live.

  • Music Career

Backpack kid began to be active on YouTube and continuously posted videos. Few of his videos were involving doing strange stuff and unconventional with a deliberately unfunny attitude. Backpack kid then decided to ride the momentum and began pursuing a music career. He released his first single, ‘’Flossin’’ with DJ Suede in February 2017 which earned millions of views, however people disliked it. Russell Horning again released the song ‘2 Litt’ in 2018 which faced a positive response.

The backpack kid, Russell Horning song ‘Balenciagas’ got mixed reviews after one year, however one user commented, ‘’He proves that it takes no talent to become famous’’. Last year, Russell Horning released a song, ‘2022 Insecure’ in cooperation with Ray Rockman. Consequently, the music video did not earn many views, however people liked it.

  • Social Media

Backpack kid has earned more than 2 million followers over the years on his Instagram account. Moreover, he created his Twitter account in October 2017. He managed to earn over 4 thousand followers on the platform. On October 23, 2015, his YouTube channel, ‘’The Backpack Kid’’ was launched. He posted his first video on November 7, 2016. Most importantly, he has more than 455 thousand subscribers and over 38 million views on the platform.


Backpack Kid Net Worth

Net Worth Per Year30,000$ US Dollars
Net Worth Per Month2,500$ US Dollars
Net Worth Per Week576.92$ US Dollars
Net Worth Per Day82.19$ US Dollars
Net Worth Per Hour3.42$ US Dollars
Net Worth Per Minute0.06$ US Dollars
Net Worth Per Second0$ US Dollars
Total Net Worth350,000$ US Dollars

Backpack Kid Net worth -2

Backpack Kid’s Habits

In his leisure time, the Backpack kid likes to play ‘Xbox One’ with his friends, enjoy the pool, and go to sleepovers. His Instagram description states ‘’ending racism’’ which portrays his frustration at being asked why he loves to dance with his black friends. The most favourite song of Backpack kid is ‘’Armed and Dangerous’’ by Juice WRLD. He is a big fan of footballer Mark Ingram and rapper Lobo. Moreover, his favourite car is the Tesla Model X.

Backpack Kid Net worth -1

Backpack Kid’s Family

Backpack kid whose original name is Russell Horning was born on 19th of December 2001, in Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States of America. His only younger sister is Jill. Backpack kid attends an online school. He has played football in seventh and eighth grade. Moreover, he used to attend regular school earlier.

Backpack Kid’s Controversies

Russell Horning once mistakenly posted a video but deleted later, showing him shooting a goat in the eye with a BB gun. Therefore, he recorded an apology video and deleted that too.

Why did Backpack Kid File Lawsuit against a Company ‘Epic Games’?

Backpack kid filed a lawsuit against the video game company ‘Epic Games’ in December 2018. He alleged that they tried to breach his copyright by having his trademark move, ‘’Flossing’’ in their game ‘Fortnite’. After a short while, Backpack kid dropped the case in March 2019. Counterclaims have come out that ‘’flossing’’ was invented by him. There was one clip among them by someone dating back to 2011 called ‘Mashed Potato Man’, performing a rudimentary version of ‘flossing’. However, a YouTuber Eual Kennedy had posted the clip later.

Important Facts about Backpack Kid

  • In December 2014, a famous singer Rihanna posted a video on her Instagram account and gave a reaction to the eight Grammys nomination.
  • His mother, Anita Redd is his manager.
  • Backpack kid is a social media influencer and Instagram Star and Backpack Kid net worth is estimated to be around 350,000 US dollars.
  • Russell Horning has uploaded an apology video because of shooting a goat in the eye with a BB gun. After a short while, he deleted this video.
  • The Backpack’s favourite car of Backpack is Tesla model X.
  • Backpack filed the case against a video-game company ‘Epic Games’ for illegally copyrighting.


Backpack kid whose real name is Russell Horning was born on 19th of December 2001. He is a social media influencer, Instagram star and famous YouTuber & Backpack Kid net worth is around $350k. He earned a lot of fame and popularity when Rihanna posted his dance video on her Instagram account in December 2014.


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