Marcus King Net Worth: Career, Biography, Family & Living Style

Marcus King Net Worth: Career, Biography, Family & Living Style

Marcus King is an American guitarist and musician whose net worth is 1.5$ million US dollars. Moreover, he got recognition as the frontman of ‘’The Marcus King Band’’. People are curious about his businesses and albums through which Marcus generates revenue. They want to know what cars he loves to run. Similarly, what type of living standard does he have, and how much net worth does he make annually? In this article, we will discuss Marcus King net worth.

Being a frontman he has been a leading guitarist of this band which was established by him back in 2013. Marcus King has been earning a lot of popularity and accolades over the years. He also released his debut studio album ‘’El Dorado’’ in 2019.

This album went viral, earning him a Grammy Award nomination in 2020 for the Best American Album. Marcus King is a rising star in the American music industry. He is seeking to do more in the coming future. Marcus has released more albums and tracks following success with his first album.

Who is Marcus King?

Marcus King is an American musician and guitarist who was born on March 11, 1996, in Greenville, South Carolina, the United States of America. Music has always been in his blood due to his family’s involvement. Moreover, Marcus’s father Marvin King was a famous blue guitarist in South Carolina.

On the contrary, his grandfather was a regionally popular musician. As far as his education is concerned, he attended high school but left from there and then earned his GED. Consequently, he could not continue his education and focused only on his career as a musician.

Marcus King Net Worth

Real NameMarcus King
Date of Birth11th of March 1996
Age27 Years Old
CareerMusician and Guitarist
NationalityThe United States of America
Annual Salary250,000 $
Net Worth1.5 $ Million US Dollars
Last Updated2023


Marcus King’s Family

Marcus King is the son of Denise and Marvin King. Similarly, he has two siblings, a sister named Jelani and a brother named Justin. Marcus King is six feet and 3 inches tall. He married his girlfriend, singer-songwriter Molly Tuttle in 2017. He has been a talented songwriter and singer throughout his life. People consider him one of the most influential blues rock artists of his generation. Marcus has released many albums and songs which earned a lot of fame. Therefore, he won several awards and achievements in his life. Marcus has worked under the mentorship of several famous artists.

Furthermore, Marcus King won several awards including ‘’Album of the Year’’ award at the 2019 Americana Music Honors & Awards and the ‘’Best Emerging Artist Award’’ in 2017. These are the Blues Music awards that made him earn a lot of fame and popularity amongst audiences.

Marcus King’s Career

Marcus King started taking interest in guitar from childhood. At the age of 8, he developed interest in playing shows with his father. His dad later released an album through which Marcus played guitar when he was just eleven years old. Furthermore, he started playing guitar with his own band as a teenager. Due to which, his band started taking gigs at local events and nightclubs.

Marcus King career

He left his school after earning a little bit of recognition and started pursuing music full-time. Marcus King also started getting music studies from his favourite guitar players such as Duane Allman who is the co-founder of The Allman Brothers Band.

He has worked under the mentorship of some famous guitarists including Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Albert King, and B.B King. He also studied Jazz performance and Jazz theory while attending the Greenville Fine Arts Center.

Marcus King’s Professional Development

Marcus King got limelight in 2014 when his video at Norman’s Guitars went viral and earned millions of views on YouTube. After that, Marcus also declared in 2019 that he would release his debut solo album ‘’El Dorado’’. To make his album at Nashville’s Easy Eye Studio, Marcus teamed up with American record producer Dan Auerbach of The Black Eyes. The album ‘’El Dorado’’ was released in January 2020 under Fantasy Records. However, this project has been successful by receiving acclaim.

According to the Associated Press, the album ‘’El Dorado’’ announced already stands out after its release as a genuine high point of 2020. Marcus later released his second album ‘’Young Blood’’ which earned more fame and popularity. Dan Auerbach’s second album received a great response on several charts. However, this album peaked at number 1 place on Billboard Top Blues Albums Chart. Billboard’s Melinda Newman referred to this album as a famous entertainment magazine.

Marcus King Net Worth

Marcus King is an American popular musician and guitarist. However, he earns a lot of money by releasing his albums and songs. Furthermore, he also generates a handsome revenue from his live performances. Marcus King’s assets and fame are growing regularly. He has a self-titled YouTube channel which has been a great contributor to his fortune. Marcus King net worth is almost 1.5$ million US dollars, as of 2023.

Marcus King Cars

Royalties and Record Deals

Marcus managed to draw the attention of major record labels, leading to massive recording contracts. However, the sales of his streaming loyalties and albums made him enhance his financial standing.

Brand Collaborations and Merchandise

Marcus King earned a lot of fame and popularity with the passing of time. He ventured into merchandise sales, offering followers a wide range of branded products. However, collaborations with popular brands have contributed to his net worth and income stream.

Marcus King’s Social Media

In June 2012, Marcus made his YouTube channel and then started uploading videos. He has performed in a live concert with his band at Chicora Alley in downtown Greenville. However, that video was posted on YouTube channel on 22nd of June, 2012 by Marcus King.

Marcus then decided to take a break from his YouTube channel and returned with his second video ‘’I Won’t Be Here’’ a lyric of the song in November 2015. The next year he uploaded a video on his YouTube channel in which he made a live performance of the song ‘’Dyin’’.

Marcus posted another music video for ‘’The Well’’ in November 2019, and that was included in his first album. This video earned around 4 million views on YouTube. He released his second album in August 2022 which includes a popular single ‘’It’s Too Late’’. The same year he uploaded the music video for the track on his YouTube channel. Moreover, Marcus used to upload an acoustic video of the track in February 2023, titled ‘’Blood on the Tracks’’.

Marcus King’s Personal Life

Marcus King has dated a famous musical artist Briley Hussey. The duo got married in a lavish ceremony on 19th of February 2023, which was held at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville. A popular singer Leah Blevins attended this ceremony who sang her song ‘’Little Bird’’ at the wedding.

Marcus King’s Career Highlights

  1.   His first album El Dorado was released in 2020.
  2.   His Band is the Marcus King Band.
  3.   The Well (2019)
  4.   His second album Young Blood was released in 2022.
  5.   He released a song Blood on the Tracks in 2023.


Marcus King is a famous American guitarist, musician, singer, and writer. However, he earns almost 250,000$ annually. The money he earns comes from various albums and songs he releases. He has been fond of playing guitar since his childhood. Later, He got admission in high school but left later to pursue his career. Because he wanted to focus only on his career and passion to play guitar.

Furthermore, He released several albums and songs which earned him a lot of money and popularity. People want to know about his businesses and career through which he makes money. According to statistical data, Marcus King net worth is almost 1.5$ million US dollars.


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