Youngbay: A Rising Music Artist Complete Biography

Youngbay: A Rising Music Artist Complete Biography

Are you familiar with this name? He is a 23-year-old known rising star who has basically grown up in a music-related family. Youngbay is the stage name of famous rapper Kentrell DeSean Gaulden. When his parents seek out the best music composition for him, his talent flourishes. with a great performance in songwriting, singing, and also playing instruments. He was known due to his albums, including “Top,” until death called my name. He was also working out and cheering on his journey in different genres.

A brief introduction to Youngbay

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He is a man who made his name as an American rapper. First of all, he made his appearance in the limelight in 2016. He started out his journey by recording and rapping. At the age of 16, he started out his musical career in 2015. Later on, he was entangled in a case that ended his career at that time. He was charged with attempting murder. However, he still doesn’t stop himself from going upward. He gained popularity due to the release of his hit songs during the prison time period. His best song that made him more popular was “Win or Lose,” which made him a kind of sensation. His most of the songs were considered among the100 hottest songs on billboards.

Personal life 

He was born on 20th October, 1999, in Louisiana. When he was a child in early ages, he broke his neck. On that time then he wore head brace for temporary time period.  Due to this, there are 3 scars that are permanent over her head. He studied until his 9th grade, when he dropped out of further studies and started to continue his musical career. When he was furthering his career, he was charged in a robbery case, which is why he was sent to Tallulah Centre. Within this center, he started to write up lyrics. Thus, moving with his three friends, he started to live there right after the death of his grandfather. He was also charged with assaulting one of his tour members.

Full nameKentrell DeSean Gaulden
Date of birth20 October 1999
Birth placeLouisiana (US)
Weight75 kg
Height5 feet 8 inches
Shoe size8 US
Hair colorBlack
Waist30 inches
Eye colorDark brown

Family details

After the birth of Youngbay, his father was sentenced to prison for 55 years. That’s why he was raised by his grandmother (his maternal grandmother). That’s why he couldn’t focus more on his studies. He left his studies soon and later started to work in the music field.

Relationship status

It was reported that Youngbay was found to have 10 children. His children are considered to belong to eight different women. All of his children are from his eight girlfriends, with whom he was in a relationship. His children are named Kacey, Taylin, Kayden, and Kamiri. His sixth child, named Kentrell Jr., was born in 2021. In September 2022, there will be the birth of his 10th child. On January 7, 2023, he recently married Jazlyn Mychelle Hayes.

Musical style and his sense of sound

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With the passage of time, he becomes more aware of the musical observations. He chooses and enhances his musical career with time. Just after observing and being inspired, he discovered his own style of music. After multiple errors and learning from mistakes, he developed a combination of music. With the blending of hip-hop, soul, and R&B, he discovered a new musical sense. After developing such a mesmerizing musical style, he provided a way for other artists to discover more.

Passionate career journey

There is not an easier way to success. Youngbay also faces challenges in his way. There’s nothing fair without any struggle. Similarly, he also faces a lot of challenges in his journey. Passing from financial problems to self-doubt, he came so far. As a newcomer, he faces all the same obstacles as others. Through passing all these, he learns a lot in his life.

Rise to stardom

He started his career when he was 14 years old. Firstly, his mix tape was released in 2014. Then with the 3 mix tapes he released afterwards With the super mix tape 38baby was released afterwards, and this one made him more popular as it was receiving millions of views right after uploading it over YouTube. However, due to the emotional lyrics within the song it was a hit one. However, within the time of the murder case, he also released his few songs that also got fame as soon as he was released in 2017.

Billboards positioned songs 

Ai Young Boy’s song was release in 2017 and rank 24th out of 200 hot billboard songs. “Until death call my name”, this song was also released in my debut studio album, which was released in 2018. However, in 2019, his song “AI Young Boy” was also counted in the US’s top 200 billboard songs. With the titles “still steppin'” and “still flexin’,” that was also considered for the 2nd position on the US Billboard Hot 100 list. Through prison, he has also released mix tapes in 2021.

With the collaboration better then you mix tape was release in 2022.  The last slime tower album released in 2022 was his 4th album. This was peaked on 2nd number of billboards.  This was praised and criticized meanwhile.  Further there was other mix tapes was also released.  These were including the got a family, 3800 degrees, realer 2. Further, his album “Lost Files” had a 45-number on the billboards. I rest my case; this was released in 2023, which was considered to be on the 9th number of the Billboard chart.

Partnerships and collaborations

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Right after he gained popularity, he started to collaborate with other singers too. Obviously these all partnerships effectively participate in his career.  His collaborations with promoters and producers helped him in his professional growth.

Fun facts about Youngbay 

He was raise by his grandmother, not by his parents. As a child of four, when he used to play with the toys, he broke his neck during the wrestling. Just due to the wearing of the brace, he got three permanent marks over his face. He gained major popularity due to his mix tape “38 Babies.”

Net worth 

His net worth gradually increases from 2019 to 2022. In 2019, he had a total net worth of $2 million. In 2020, it will rise to $3 million. However, from 2021 onward, it will be $6 million overall.


Youngbay is a 23-year-old rapper who earned his fame due to his musical career. Right after leaving his studies behind, he started out on his passionate journey in the musical field. He gained his popularity when his multiple mix tapes earned positions on billboards as hot songs. Even after struggling with multiple court cases, he still managed to make a name for himself in music.


Who are NBA YoungBay babies’ moms?

He has 10 children from his girlfriends. Their moms include the names of Jania Bania, Nisha, Nia, and Starr Denjanee.

Why has he changed his name?

Due to the fear of copyright issues, he changed his name in 2017.

Which rapper has 10 baby mamas?

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden is the rapper who is famous for having 11 children that are from 10 different mothers.

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