Best iPhone XR Card Cases: Feature and Prices in Detail

Best iPhone XR Card Cases: Feature and Prices in Detail

iPhone XR is a powerful and popular device that has been praised for its design, performance, and camera. If you own an iPhone XR then you can go on with your daily routine without having to carry a bulky wallet around. This is feasible by iPhone XR Card Cases. These cardholder cases not only protect your hard-earned device from bumps and drops but they also render convenience.

Fortunately, there are many card cases available in market that can save you from carrying a bulk and also add functionality and protection to your iPhone XR. In this article, we will delve into a deeper discussion about the best iPhone XR Card Cases, their pricing, features, and overall benefits.

Best iPhone XR Card Cases

There are numerous card cases available and choosing the one that suits you best could be a daunting and overwhelming task. You can choose from various textures, colors, and styles that match your preferences. Here are some of the best options available in market:

1. Spigen Slim Armor CS iPhone XR Card Case

The Spigen Slim Armor CS is a smart choice for many iPhone users who need a card case. Spigen is undoubtedly a leading brand when it comes to robust and functional iPhone accessories. This case can hold up to two cards and has a sliding door on the back. It also offers dual protection with a hard PC / polycarbonate exterior and a shock-absorbent TPU interior. The slim case ensures absolute protection to your device with its air cushion technology.

Slim and sleekHard to open the card slot
Available in various colors like; black, blue, red, and pinkHard to close the card slot
Card slot is hidden
It provides absolute protection with its dual layers
Minimal design has sleek appearance and is slimmer than wallets

Spigen Slim Armor CS iPhone XR Card Case

2. Smartish iPhone XR Wallet Case

Smartish is another fine choice for iPhone lovers. It has a minimal and sleek design for card holder cases for iPhone XR. Spigen is touted as a cardholder slayer brand, and can hold up to 3 cards and some cash. It has raised bezels and a durable exterior to protect your camera and screen.

You can also charge your phone wirelessly. Furthermore, this card also prevents your precious device from unexpected drops. The card case acts like an airbag for your iPhone.

Minimal and sleek designOnly 3 standard colors to choose from
Nikola Tesla approved card case
High-grip textured sides to prevent frequent drop
Air pocket corners
There are built-in springs to keep the card snug as a bug in a rug
Offers wireless charging facility

Smartish iPhone XR Wallet Case

3. VENA iPhone XR Card Case

The VENA military grade iPhone XR card case is fashioned to guard your iPhone XR from damage while also providing room for cards. One of its top key features is that it has been certified and tested to meet military-grade standards from drop protection. The sliding compartment lets you carry upto three cards or two cards and some cash without feeling any burden.

The VENA has precise cutouts that are designed to fit perfectly to your iPhone and also provide easy access to all controls, ports, and buttons. Moreover, it guarantees dual protection as the case has a hard polycarbonate shell on the outside and a soft TPU layer on the inside. This feature helps to absorb the shock and protect your iPhone XR from impacts.

Wireless charging compatibility is another outstanding feature that sets it apart from other iPhone R card cases. Now you can charge your iPhone without removing the case. Lastly, raised bezel and slim profile are an added functionality to this case that save the phone from cracks and scratches and keep it lightweight respectively. Despite its rugged construction, its lightweight and slim style help to keep it easy to carry in your purse or pocket.Top of Form

MIL-STD 810G-516.6 certifiedLimited color options
Sliding compartment
Card Storage for up to 2 cards and cash
Precise cuts
Wireless Charging facility
Raised bezels
Slim profile
Multi-angle magnetic lock
Easy access to ports, buttons, and controls

VENA iPhone XR Card Case

4. Dockem iPhone XR Case

Dockem has also earned a great fame in developing iPad and iPhone accessories. Its sleek leather case offers a professional and an elegant look to its users. There are two card slots on the back that are ideal to carry your cash and essential cards.

Moreover, it has a an integrated metal plate for magnetic mounting. For this, you should make sure that you have the right wall mount and a magnetic car. The metal plate is on the top and therefore, does not keep you from charging your phone wirelessly.

Professional lookLimited color options
Leather case
Wireless charging compatibility
Magnetic Mounting
2 card slots
Precise cutouts

Dockem iPhone XR Case

5. Snakehive iPhone XR Case

The last one on our suggestion list is Snakehive iPhone XR Card case. This card case is designed for ample space for your essentials and all-round protection. It has 3 card slots, full button/cable/speaker access, a money slip, a landscape kickstand, and a magnetic closure. All these features make it stand out from other card cases.

Moreover, it is fashioned with gorgeous and genuine leather that gives a unique look. The leather gets better as it ages. It also helps to keep your phone both stylish and safe throughout your day.

All-round protectionMay get a bit bulky
High quality leather caseAttracts dust
10 attractive color options
Magnetic closure
Money slip
3 card slots
Scratch and drop protection

Snakehive iPhone XR Case


Card cases for iPhone XR cases come with some features and added convenience, functionality, and protection to your device. Here are some features that you should consider when choosing a card case:

  • Card Capacity

It is an essential feature to consider when buying an iPhone XR card case. There are many card cases that can hold up to three cards and still have enough space for some cash.

  • Material of iPhone XR Card Case

The material of these cases affects their aesthetics, durability, and grip. Common materials used for card cases are PC, PU Leather, and TPU.

  • Protection

A card case should provide adequate protection for your phone. Therefore, you should look for card cases with air technology raised bezel, scratch resistance, and shock absorption etc.

  • Design

The design of the card case hold equal importance, especially if you want to utilize it like a fashion accessory. In that case, you should look for cases with different colors, stylist patterns, and textures.


Pricing of the best iPhone XR Card Case varies greatly depending on the material, brand and features it offers. On average, card cases for iPhone XR range from $10 to $30. Here are the pricing of the iPhone XR Card Cases discussed above:

iPhone XR Card CasePricing
Spigen Slim Armor$16

Closing Note

An iPhone XR card case is a practical accessory that can add protection and value to your phone. When you are choosing a card case, you should consider its material, card capacity, design, and protection that it offers. To know more about some other mobile covers must visit


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