Asura Scan: Is It Legit to Use? Alternatives & Features 

Asura Scan: Is It Legit to Use? Alternatives & Features 

Asura scan is a popular online app through which you can read your favorite manga. Moreover, this app contains a collection of comics including romance, comedy, thriller, action etc. If you did not find your favorite manga from different comic apps, we will suggest you to open this app at least once. In this blog post, we will discuss the features, working, drawbacks and alternatives of this application. 

How Does Asura Scan Work?

It is a great opportunity for manga readers. However, manga is available in different languages which will help you to understand the official subtitles. This platform is completely free of cost. Consequently, you can easily read manga on your device. 

How to Install Its APK File on Your Mobile?

Follow these steps if you want to download this app on your android. These include:

For Android Users

  • Open the Google Play Store and tap on the ‘’Download’’ option. 
  • Wait for a while. 
  • After completing downloading, open the app and read your favorite manga. 

For iPhone Users 

  • Open the Apple Play Store and click on the ‘’Download’’ option. 
  • Wait for a short while and enjoy the app by opening it. 

Most importantly, you need to create an account before using this application. It means you will insert a username and password to open and enjoy this online platform. 

What are the Benefits of Using this Application?

This application has a user-friendly interface. Similarly, you can use this platform for free of charge. However, some of the benefits are as follow:

Latest Updates – This application enables you to read the latest manga in your respective comic. 

No Restrictions for Any Device – There are no restrictions for devices. However, you can use this application on any device ranging from android to iPhone. 

Easy Interface –  This application is quite easy to understand in all aspects. 

Free of Charge – You do not need to pay any subscription fee while using this application. 

Series Episodes are Free – You can easily read episodes of your favorite series by using this application. 

Make a Global Connection – You can easily connect with other manga readers while reading a popular series. It makes your connection robust with other people around the world. 

Different Languages are Available – This application has different languages for different comics. It means you can read your favorite manga in your national language. This advantage makes it rare and incredible than other comic apps. 

What are the Disadvantages of Using this Application?

This application has some drawbacks which are as follow:

Unnecessary Ads – You will face some advertisements while reading your favourite manga on this application. This is a major drawback that nobody wants to witness during this application. 

Content Limitations – You cannot download your favourite content every time on this application. Because it imposes some limitations on the users. 

Charges for Specific Content – You will pay for some digital manga magazines such as Weekly Young Jump and Weekly Shonen Jump. You will pay a cost of almost $5 for each. 

Fast Internet is Required – If you do not have a stable or fast internet connection then you can never run this application. 

Is this Application Safe to Use?

Sometimes, users feel hesitation while using this application. People want to know whether it is safe to use. This application is verified by Google which is enough to portray it is completely a safe platform. Similarly, you will not face any viruses or malware issues while using it. Most importantly, this application does not have any malicious or Trojan software that can snatch your data without your permission. 

Can I Use This Application in Every Country?

It depends upon the location of the country where you are currently living. Some countries do not allow this application while some let you enjoy it. If it is available in your country then well and good. On the contrary, if it is not available in your country then install a reliable VPN. You can hide your original IP address and location by using a VPN. There is no other way to use this application if your country does not allow it. 

What are the Best Alternatives to Asura Scan?

If the application does not meet your needs then you can prefer many other alternatives as well. These include mangaowls, Xcalibrscans, infernalvoidscans, rawkuma, batotoo, manhwatop, mangabuddy, realmscans, mangarockteam, manga-tx, scansraw, zinmanga etc. 

Asura Scan Alternatives

Final Words 

Asura scan is a free online app through which you can easily read your favorite manga. It contains a vast collection of different comics such as thriller, action, comedy, romance etc. In addition to these, you can get help from a reliable VPN if this application is not available in your country. It does not impose any limitations on devices. This application is applicable for both android or iPhone devices. If you are annoyed with this app then you can prefer some alternatives as well. 


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