12 Best Running Movies Ever (Detail Guide)

12 Best Running Movies Ever (Detail Guide)

Are you a sports lover? Or are you looking for some motivational and inspirational stories? Then you are looking in the right direction. All the things that you watch have a longer-lasting impression on a person than hearing or other senses. You must need to watch some good running movies that are famous all the time. Sports and motivational movies have a strong essence of sportsmanship and companionship.

In this article, we will discuss all the running movies that are actually inspirational for you. That’s why here are the compilation lists of the all-time best movies that you must watch. Moreover it will include sensational documentaries, biopics, and drama stories to boost your energy level.

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A List Of Evergreen Running Movies

However, on the internet, you can find extensive lists of movies that are related to sports. Moreover most of them are probably not worthy of watching. That’s why here is a list of a few amazing movies that are all-time best to watch.

1. The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (Releasing Year: 1962)

2. The Jericho Mile (released in 1979)

3. Chariots of Fire (releasing year 1981)

4. Personal Best (releasing year 1982)

5. Running Brave (released in 1983)

6. On the Edge (released in 1986)

7. The Running Man (released in 1987)

8. Forrest Gump (releasing year 1994)

The Best Running Movies On Netflix

Netflix contains a series of interesting movies overall. Moreover these are the best pieces of movies that will ensure you the best time to serve here. However that’s why you can avail yourself of the opportunity to watch multiple and extensive movies on Netflix. Here is a list of some worthy movies that you must watch on Netflix.

  • Sisters on Track (2021)
  • Human: The World Within (2021)
  • 100 metres (2016)
  • Budhia Sing: Born to Run (2016)

An Overview Of The Best Running Movies To Watch In 2023

1. Icarus

Movie type: thriller or documentary

Releasing year: 2017

Direction: Bryan Fogel

Casting: Scott Brandt, Thomas Bach, and Don Catlin

Overall score: 8.9/10

Ratings chart 

  • Audience ratings: 94%
  • Rotten tomatoes: 94%
  • IMDB 7.9/10

It’s a movie from 2017. Furthermore it’s a documentary movie. Consequently it’s a dealing movie that teaches how to get away from doping in sports. An avid amateur cyclist decides to prepare this documentation. Firstly, he uses himself to prove his cycling experiments and experience. However the main concern is actually to prove the existence of undetectable substances. This story becomes more dramatic and interesting after the arrival of Grigory Rodchenkov. Moreover he was actually the head of the Russian anti-doping laboratory. As a result it revolves around the scandals surrounding Russian government sponsorships and sports doping program. It was released as an independent movie. Later, it will be available on Netflix. It also chose to win the Best Documentation Academy Award in 2018.

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2. Run Lora Run

Movie type: thriller or drama

Releasing year: 1999

Direction: Tom Tykwer

Casting: Moritz Bleibtreu, Herbert Knaup

Overall score: 8.1/10

Ratings chart

  • Audience ratings: 90%
  • Rotten tomatoes: 93%
  • IMDB: 7.6/10

It’s not a movie that is actually running in the traditional way. However it’s one of the interesting running movies. It’s a German thriller story. Lola suddenly receives a call from her mob-runner boyfriend. However, he will eventually lose his $100,000. Moreover there are only 20 minutes available to recover the money. However in this movie, there are actually three possibilities. As a result Lola starts and tries to get money. However, the time is too short to do all this.

2. Run Lora Run


Movie type: documentary

Releasing year: 2007

Direction: John Dunham

Casting: Frank Shorter, Dick Beardsley, and Deena Kastor

Overall score: 8.1/10

Overall ratings: 

  • Audience ratings: 90%
  • Rotten tomatoes: 88%
  • IMDB: 7.5/10

It is also one of the longest-running movies. It includes marathon preparations and revolves around this game. Moreover, it includes six different stories that actually start to prepare runners for the Chicago Marathon in 2005. However this involves the highlights of the Daniel Njenga and Deanna Kastor runners. Surely it includes the stories of the local people who came to qualify for the first marathon. It’s an iconic piece ofrace that assures you to feature interesting stories of race in it. However this marathon movie took 4 years. This movie also includes the commentary of following people;

  • Bill Rodgers, Joan Benoit-Samuelson, Frank Shorter, Dick Beardsley, and Paula Radcliffe.



Movie type: comedy

Releasing year: 2018

Direction: Paul Downs Colaizzo

Casting: Jennifer Dundas, Jillian Bell, and Patch Darragh

Overall movie score: 8.1/10

Overall ratings:

  • Audience ratings: 87%
  • Rotten tomatoes: 88%
  • IMDB rating: 6.8/10

This is actually included in one of the best running movies. Moreover it’s an amazing comedy-touch-drama story. This movie shows the story of Brittany. Evidently, she was a party girl. She is actually dealing with toxic friendships, fitness, and weight. Furthermore she wants to deal with it all through running and gyming. Evidently she is not even asking for any help in the movie, nor does she start to join the gym. As a result she hopes to achieve the goal of her life by winning the New York City Marathon.


Movie type: biography or drama

Releasing year: 2015

Direction: Niki Caro

Casting: Maria Bello, Kevin Costner, and Ramiro Rodriquez

Overall movie score: 8.1/10

Overall ratings:

  • Audience ratings: 88%
  • Rotten tomatoes: 81%
  • IMDB: 7.4/10

This movie is about the life of a football coach. Moreover then he moves with his entire family to live in a rural community. He starts to find out about the teaching job. However, he starts to watch the morning students that go towards school after running. As a result, he starts to make them train for their betterment. So that he thinks to prepare them for state-level championships.


Movie type: biography or drama

Releasing year: 1998

Direction: Robert Towne

Casting: Donald Sutherland, Billy Crudup, Monica Potter

Overall score: 8.1/10

Overall ratings

  • Audience ratings: 91%
  • Rotten tomatoes: 79%
  • IMDB: 7.2/10

This is the second-most famous biopic on Steve Prefontaine. Moreover he is a well-known legendary runner. It sums up all of his life events, including his relationship with Bill Bowerman. As a result his Olympic story defines the 1972 Olympics. It is one of the best on-screen movies. It includes the high production and involving the debates of Crudup and Leto performances.



Movie type: biography or drama

Releasing year: 1981

Direction: Hugh Hudson

Casting: Ian Charleson, Ben Cross, and Nicholas Farrell

Overall score: 7.9/10

Overall ratings

  • Audience ratings: 80%
  • Rotten tomatoes: 84%
  • IMDB: 7.2/10

It’s a comparison story of two people with different concerns and backgrounds. This movie shows the lifestyle and personal stories of Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams. However this movie also assures two best original score and best picture awards. Moreover, it is one of the best running movies.



Movie type: documentary

Releasing year: 2017

Direction: John Dunham

Casting: Bill Rodgers, Matt Damon, and Joan Benoit Samuelson

Overall score: 7.8/10

Overall ratings

  • Audience ratings: 78%
  • Rotten tomatoes: 56%
  • IMDB: 7.4/10

This one’s actually a great theme from all-time running movies. Moreover it actually involves the interview concepts and narration of Matt Damon. However it shows the 15-person marathon’s running and its preparation. Moreover everyone wants to qualify for this amazing opportunity.


Movie type: documentary

Releasing year: 2014

Direction: Timothy James Kane, Annika Iltis

Casting: Lazarus Lake

Overall score: 7.6/10

Overall ratings 

  • Audience ratings: 84%
  • Rotten tomatoes: 67%
  • IMDB: 7.8/10

Within a huge time period of 25 years, only 10 people have completed the 100-mile ultra-marathon. It involves the historic prison and the secret application’s receiving and processing periods. If these applications win over other ones, a runner will be able to run and go towards Mount Everest.



Movie type: comedy/drama

Releasing year: 2005

Direction: Michael McGowan

Casting: Campbell Scott, Adam Butcher, and Jennifer Tilly

Overall score: 7.4/10

Overall ratings

  • Audience ratings: 85%
  • Rotten tomatoes: 64%
  • IMDB: 7.4/10

This movie is set in the 1954 era. Moreover the story revolves around Ralph. He was forced to join a Catholic school to improve his behavior. Suddenly, his mother faces a comma, he steps out, and a miracle happens at this time. Wining the Boston Marathon is the only hope for his mother’s survival.


Movie type: documentary

Releasing year: 2016

Direction: Gabe Turner, Benjamin Turner

Casting: Serena Williams, Usain Bolt, and Pelé

Overall score: 7.2/10

Overall ratings

  • Audience ratings: 61%
  • Rotten tomatoes: 85%
  • IMDB: 7.1/10

It’s a journey towards nine gold medals. However it depicts the story of Jamaican sprinter Usain. As a result it shows the greatest athletes history in the records.


12. RACE

Movie type: biography or drama

Releasing year: 2016

Direction: Stephen Hopkins

Casting: Jason Sudeikis, Stephan James, and Eli Goree

Total score: 7.0/10

Total ratings

  • Audience ratings: 77%
  • Rotten tomatoes: 66%
  • IMDB: 7.1/10

It’s the story of Jesse Owens. Actually, this story revolves around the story of facing racial and physical hurdles in order to grow in life. Furthermore, he has to face all the discrimination and still chooses to work hard. Moreover it’s a remarkable piece of running film.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What movie has a famous running scene?

The Rocky movie (1976) has the best running scenes in it. Furthermore, Part 2 and Part 3 also include these scenes. However it’s the best scene in most of the running movies.

Q. What are the longest-running movies?

Cleopatra is the longest Hollywood movie that has ever been made. Moreover Its running time is about 248 minutes, which is actually four hours and eight minutes overall.

Final Thoughts:

Movies are an entertaining way to spend free time. However, if you are watching an amazing collection of movies with the best lessons and inspirations, it is worth it. Moreover such a masterpiece movie is actually life-changing for someone who is goal-oriented. Running movies are the best way to get motivation from someone’s biopic. It acknowledges and proves with time that you can also face challenges and deal with them.



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