How Many Times Does Facetime Ring?

How Many Times Does Facetime Ring?

If you are wondering how many times Facetime rings then don’t worry about it. because in this blog, I will describe all about it in detail how many times Facetime rings. Normally Facetime rings 11 times but it totally depends on the person that you want to call and it also depends on the internet source. When a person responds to you fast then maybe its ringing time decreases. When you call a person and he faces internet problems then maybe its ringing time decreases.

Facetime is a highly useful tool for making calls, but it may be unpleasant if you think someone has banned you, especially if the phone appears to ring but no one picks up. So, in the blog, we will discuss the Facetime blocked by the recipient and also discuss how many times it will ring.

How long does Facetime ring?

Before it becomes a miss call facetime rings eleven times and after a miss call you people receive a notification that the person is unavailable. It is important to note that, facetime does not have a fixed amount of the ring times, because it depends on some factors such as the internet power and person availability.

Sometimes Facetime rings a few times to show you the person is not available and faces internet problems. So, when you feel like this saturation then take a rest and call them later. When a person declines your call then Facetime rings a few times before ending the call. Furthermore, when you people call a person for a long time and do not receive any answer then you understand that he has blocked you and ignored you permanently.

How long does Facetime ring?

11 rings is a long time to wait for your contacts to pick up the phone, but let’s go over some things you should know about dropped FaceTime conversations.

What Does the FaceTime Term “Unavailable” Mean?

Insufficient internet access can also cause FaceTime to display the “Unavailable” status. Simply said, FaceTime will let you know whether your internet connection is shaky or the call recipient’s connection is weak. Making sure you have a strong internet connection is crucial for hassle-free video communication because this might result in lost connections and discomfort.

When you call a person and he is unavailable, don’t worry and take a rest and after some time you call again be he is available and pick up your call. And after some time he will also not give you a response then maybe some other critical reasons such as blocking you or others.

Maybe the receiver is handling another Facetime session: The person you’re phoning is also perhaps on another call. If so, the FaceTime app won’t let you know about their current call status. Instead, the program will show the message “unavailable.” As a result, if the person you are calling is already engaged in another call, you might not be able to reach them.

What happens if you are blocked on Facetime?

You cannot call someone who has blocked you on FaceTime because they won’t answer. Instead, a message stating that the individual is unavailable will be delivered to you. This suggests that you are unable to make a FaceTime call to them anymore.

Additionally, you won’t be able to FaceTime message the person who blocked you. Additionally, a message delivery error warning will show up if you attempt to send one. If you have any suspicions regarding any FaceTime blockage you may have experienced, I advise you to look into the possible causes.

Can you try phoning or messaging the person as well? They could be distracted or have switched off their device. If they respond, it may be a hint that they haven’t blocked you and that they were unable to answer your FaceTime call for some other reason.

What Happens on FaceTime When You Block Someone?

When a number is banned on FaceTime, that individual can no longer call you on FaceTime or message you on the app. Furthermore, you won’t notice their calls in your call history or receive FaceTime notifications from them.

How to determine whether your Facetime account has been banned

are the details to be aware of if the receiver has blocked you on Facetime;

  1. Calls to FaceTime are not returned: It’s possible that the recipient has blocked you if you contact someone on FaceTime and the conversation stops after a few seconds or thirty seconds although the phone seems to ring. It is probably the case that you are being blocked if it occurs several times at various times.
  2. IMessage delivery is not working: IMessage and SMS text messages will also be affected if you are banned from Facetime. You may just send an iMessage to the receiver to test whether it gets delivered if they are not responding to your Facetime calls anymore.
  3. Not sending text messages through SMS: Calling the individual on a mobile phone is the last step you need to do to verify whether they have genuinely banned you on Facetime. Cellular calls don’t require an internet connection, even if you previously thought the person would not have one.

Call the individual on a mobile device to find out whether you have been blocked on an iPhone; if the call is diverted to voicemail or displays the user as busy, you have been blocked.

  1. Unanswered calls on mobile devices:

So, You won’t be able to send or receive cellular calls, iMessages, or SMS text messages if a receiver bans you on FaceTime. This is because when someone blocks you on FaceTime, they also instantly block you on iMessage, cellular calls, and SMS text messages.

Final Remarks:

Facetime makes it easy for many Apple customers to call their pals. When using Facetime for the first time, you might wonder how many rings it needs to make before confirming that your call is not being rejected. So, I have listed above all about it in detail. You people make sure that you will read this blog completely with your full attention. I ensure that you will understand how many time FaceTime ring completely. For more information visit



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