Suuugarbabyyy: Teen TikToker, Bio, Age, NetWorth & Relations

Suuugarbabyyy: Teen TikToker, Bio, Age, NetWorth & Relations

Suuugarbabyyy is an American TikToker and social media personality popular for her unique style and footwear. She has gained popularity through her TikTok videos, where she showcases her fashion sense and lovely personality. With over 206.7K followers on TikTok, she has created more than 770 short videos that have attracted a sizable fanbase.

Before gaining fame on TikTok, Sugarbaby was uncertain about her career and worked in various fields. However, she found her niche on social media and started creating content that attracted many followers. Her pleasant personality and content have helped her build a strong presence on social media. Her online presence has also led to collaborations with many brands and businesses that contributed a big part to her net worth.

Suuugarbabyyy is a rising star in the world of social media, who has attracted audiences with her unique fashion sense and lovley personality. Her success on TikTok and other platforms has made her a popular personality in the social media space. She has a good and bright future in her career.


Quick Bio:

Real NameGerald Maxwell Rivera
ProfessionModel, Actor , TikToker
BirthdayMarch 15, 1989
BirthplaceAtlanta ,Georgia
Age33 years
Zodiac SignPisces
HobbiesSinging and Modeling

Early Life:

Suuugarbabyyy was born in Los Angeles, California in the United States on March 15, 1989. She is a Pisces, which suits her personality perfectly. Her parents are of mixed Native American and African-American heritage. She grew up in a middle-class household.

Suuugarbabyyy began singing and dancing when she was just three years old. At the age of five, she requested to start taking acting classes, and her family enrolled her at a local performing arts school. Where she studied acting and singing.

Family of Suuugarbabyyy:

She comes from a large and loving family of three siblings, where she is the youngest. Her parents are still happily married and still live in the same place where she grew up. Suuugarbabyyy is very close to her family, and they always support each other. They encourage her and cheer for her from the sideline. Her older sister is her best friend and partner in crime. Even though she has become a model, Suuugarbabyyy remains humble and grounded. Her family has taught her important values like kindness towards others that have helped her reach her current position.


Suuugarbabyyy was born on October 1, 1990, in Atlanta, Georgia. She is the youngest of three siblings. Both her parents belong to African American heritage. She received her primary education from the local public schools.For higher education, she joined the University of Alabama. However, she migrated to Southern Methodist College and completed her degree in 2012.

Early Career:

Suuugarbabyyy started her career as a model and performer after completing her education. She has also featured in music videos and sponser ads. She has also worked with various clothing brands. Besides modeling and performing, Suuugarbabyyy is also a singer and musician. She released her most popular album EP in 2016 and later released another album in 2019. Apart from work, she likes to spend quality time with her family, travel and visit beaches.

Profession of Suuugarbabyyy :

Suuugarbabyyy started her career on the popular social media app TikTok by uploading lip-syncing, dancing, and modeling videos. Due to her content going viral, she gained a good following. Sugarbaby currently has over 202.3K followers on her TikTok account with more than 1.4 million likes on all of her videos combined. She also created an Instagram account to share group photos and videos with her followers. As a result of her popularity on social media, many famous brands have contacted her to promote their products. These brands include clothing, cosmetics, footwear, and bags. She has also started a YouTube channel, with only two videos currently uploaded. She has plans to upload videos regularly in the future.

Album: Debut EP, 2017

Name: Suuugarcoated

Status: Hit, Number 17 on Canadian Albums Chart

Album: Second EP, 2018

Name: Sweet Talk

Status: Hit, In top 40 on Canadian Album Chart

Album: Debut Album, 2019

Name: Pink Lemonade

Status: Yes, Number 11 on canadian Album Chart

Physical Appearance:

Suuugarbabyyy is an excellent source of entertainment on the internet. She has a smart slim figure with measurements of 34-26-40. Her weight is 55 kilograms, and she is 5′ 4” tall. She has black hair, dark brown eyes, and is currently 33 years old. Suuugarbabyyy has long, dull hair and is famous for her high cheekbones and full lips. She wears heavy makeup like smoky eye shadow and bright red lipstick. Her eyes are like almonds.

Image source: Urlebird

She likes to wear stylish clothes and outfits that show her body shape and curves. She does modern and quirky fashion. Suuugarbabyyy enjoys wearing dresses with low necklines, short skirts, and high heels. She also takes great care of her appearance and always does good dressing.

Weight121 lbs
HairNaturally Black, Keeps Changing
Eye ColorBrown
Figure34-28-40 inches

Net Worth of Suuugarbabyyy :

Her main source of income comes from promoting brands on her TikTok and Instagram accounts, where she has many followers. Brands pay her a lot of money for promotion due to her large following. Reports estimate her net worth is around $1 million, mostly earned through brand deals. Her popularity continues to grow, and she is an entertaining figure for her viewers. She has also collaborated with various musicians and appeared in their music videos.


Suuugarbabyyy is currently single and not dating anyone, although she has close friends. She values her privacy and does not share personal details with other people and social media. She has made many friends through her TikTok platform and modeling work. There were rumors about her relationship with a boy for five years, but these rumors are not true. She has not posted anything on her social media accounts regarding her relationships.

Social Media Engagement:


Channel name: Sugar Baby

Subscribers: 122

Views: 12,255


TikTok is the platform where she gained so much popularity. Among all her social media site accounts, Tiktok has the most number of followers and likes. She posted her lip syncing videos and other funny content on this social media platform.


♬ original sound – WorldofWhispers

                                                                                          Video source: Tiktok


Account: @suugarbabyyy

Followers: 774

Following: 74


Account: @suuugarbabyyy

Followers: 206.5K

Likes: 1.4 Million


Account: 12,255


Likes 582

Posts: 16


Suuugarbabyyy has clearly stated in her Onlyfans bio that she owns the copyright of her content. The content that she posts on her Onlyfans page is under her command. This includes all images and video material. No one has permission to use, copy, print or reproduce any of my materials outside of my single fan page. If you fail to comply with this, she can take action against you.


Account: @suuugarbabyyy

Followers: 86

Following: 97


She has posted 6 videos on her official youtube channel. Most of these vidoes are her song’s videos. These vidoes have gained more than 12K views from all around the world. She last posted a video one year ago. After that, she has not posted any song or any other video on her youtube channel.

Bottom Remarks:

Suuugarbabyyy is a rising Tiktok star and model that has a good fan following. She also has a Youtube Channel where she posts her songs and videos. Her social media engagement with fans are usually on Tiktok platform. She has a great future ahead and career as a model. Her charmig personality and unique content will help her a lot in achieving her goals in life. For more must visit



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