Some Best private story names Ideas

Some Best private story names Ideas

How will I create unique private story names? If, on Snapchat, you wanted to create private stories for yourself, then it would be interesting to read for you. On Snapchat, you can easily create all your stories. First of all you need to add your all friend’s and then pick up with a unique name of story and then send it.  Everyone would love to receive Snapchat stories that are unique and aesthetic. Stories are the source of connection among people. Through stories, a person can stay updated on what is going on in his life. Snapchat stories are always a fun, filling activity that almost everyone is doing right now. Within this article, I will suggest some unique and attractive story names. People will love to copy them.

Snapchat: Steps to make a private story and private story names

  • First of all, you need to tap on your profile picture. After choosing it, you will see the option of creating a private story in the section of your my stories page.
  • After choosing the option of a private story, you need to choose people from the list you want to share your story with.
  • After selecting the option to create a story, You will receive the option of putting the required story name on it. Select your private story name and type it.
  • After creating a private story name, you will be able to add snaps to it.
  • You need to select the pictures and videos for your story and then send it.

The best private story names to use

When you need to connect with your friends, this is the best idea for you. These stores are a source of communication that will give your day highlights. For this purpose, you need to give your stories a unique name. However, most of the time, it becomes too difficult to give new names each time. Private story names always give an attractive outlook to the stories. Here are a few suggested story names that you can use accordingly.

1. Head in the clouds

2. Drafts

3. Living the best life

4. Backstage pass

5. after school hours

6. I am so basic

7. No regrets

8. The joke machine

9. in the moment

10. Only fools

11. All sugar no daddy

12. This is me

13. Peace out bro

14. My life is so lit

15. Circle of trust

16. No need of words

17. Drama freeze zone

18. Cut the cameras

19. Money matters

20. to the Streets

21. after hours

22. Out of your league

23. You owe me

24. Chill pill

25. It is a wrap

26. yolo

27. Star in the making

28. Backstage babies

29. Just living life

30. Love actually

31. Making memories

32. All love no hate

33. Rise and shine

34. Gossip girl

35. You can’t sit here

36. Monday blues

37. Am your therapist

38. Creating my own magic

39. VIP

40. Stressed but dressed

41. Xoxo

42. Can’t stop, won’t stop

43. Bloopers

44. No boundaries

45. Mr. Cool is here

Best private story names for girls

Most of the time, girls are using the Snapchat stories feature more than others. Girls want more creativity in their stories and love to make and send them. Through stories you can share what new you ate doing today. These will be useful for you if you are creative and want to give your stories an attractive touch. Basically, these private story names can easily be useful for girls.

1. All the cool kids

2. Drama queen

3. Miss crazy

4. Girls talks

5. Girl code

6. Drama club

7. Teenage fever

8. Girls rules

9. Literally my life

10. Best buds

11. Drama creator

12. Invite only

13. No boys allowed

14. My last brain cell

15. felt cute

16. Backstage entry

17. The late night show with me

18. Story of my life

19. Days of our lives

20. Brainless

21. Highlights

22. Photo dump

23. Drama club

24. Private showing

25. Favorites

26. Chamber of secrets

27. Spice girls

28. Girls gang

29. See what’s cooking

30. from fairytale stories

Funny Private story names

People love to see such stories that include humor. That’s why adding humor to your stories with funny Private Story names will add some spice to them. It will look like such an amazing and attractive idea. This is the modern trick, and people seem to love all the stories that include fun and humor in them. Humor is therapy. You can give them funny names to elaborate on other stories. It is a therapy that takes away the sadness of the sender and the viewer. Here are a few suggestions for you that will add an amazing touch to your stories and make them more amazing too.

1. Naughty list

2. Ticket to humor land

3. Snap attack

4. Its shortie time

5. Funny bunny

6. Dork diaries

7. Pillow talk

8. Rated Girl

9. Laughing lollipop

10. Titanic dance team

11. I know that I am crazy

12. The joke machine

13. My own drama club

14. Up for some funny jokes

15. inside scoop

16. Tea time

17. CEO of crying

18. Daily vlogs

19. Fan club

20. Deleted scenes

21. Breakdown channel

22. No filter

23. Hot mess express

24. Shower thoughts

Creative private story names 2023

Creativity comes from within. If you are looking to make creative stories for yourself, you must name them creatively. Through this creativity, people will be more attracted to your stories. A few ideal names for creative story posting are as follows:

1. A mix-up of ketchup and jam

2. Social butterfly is here

3. Snack reviewer

4. Giving a damn

5. World is my catwalk

6. 50% Innocence 50%Savage

7. Real live wire

8. It scary as I am trending

9. Living in an epic story

10. With wings I am unicorn

11. Queen for a reason

12. Suggested but ignoring

Private story names for boys

Boys also loving some private story names for their stories. These story names are truly intended for boys. Take a look at the outline of these amazing suggested names.

1. Gucci gang

2. Rocking boys

3. The jean factory

4. Party gang

5. Mr. handsome

6. Heroes in the town

7. Chilling with bro

8. Too lazy to deal with

9. Break the stupid rules

10. Homies for life

11. Single and available

12. Hoodie clan

13. Looking for you

14. I am the coolest guy ever

15. Late night fellas

16. Available to answer

17. Tricky to solve

18. lowkey life

19. Gangster’s vibe

20. New look

21. Available to take on

Private story names for summer

Summer is coming, and you have a great story idea for yourself. You can create summer-themed stories on your Snapchat as well. These are the most amazing summer story names for you.

1. Sunny life

2. 1792 days of summer

3. Hello hunny

4. Tropical vibes

5. Catch me if you can

6. Summer is coming

7. I hate about summer

8. Watermelon sugar

9. before sunset

10. Begin again

11. Obsessed with summer

12. after sunset

13. Hello sunshine

14. Mangoes season

Private story names for foodies

Most of the people are food lovers. They also wanted to make stories that are unique, and it is all about the foodie stuff. For this purpose, the following is a list of story names that you can use for your food stories:

1. Tea time

2. Brain food

3. Choosy chef

4. Sizzling diary

5. Born to eat not to impress

6. Garden of yums

7. Cute cupcakes

8. Foodie on the go

9. Roll and bake

10. Last for buds

11. Dinner bomb

12. Berrylicious cake

13. Just a taste

14. Rocking with my favorite dish

15. Good and me: best couple

16. Food on the plate

17. Just a cup of tea

18. Potato sticks

19. Eat, sleep and be marry

20. Foodies moment

Private story names about college

Collage days are one of the best days. Through enjoying and having fun in these days, you can enjoy the best time of your life. When you are a college student, you can design your stories amazingly. Those days are golden days. Here are a few amazing private story names that you must add to your college stories.

1. Graduating soon

2. Can’t dull my spark

3. Campus party

4. I am up tonight

5. Majoring in this field

6. Unwashed clothes

7. I got a job

8. Me & my best roommate

9. The angry warden

10. The dorm life

11. Order and eat

12. Campus party

13. Late evening walks

14. Final day of semester

15. Late night vibes

16. CGPA matters

Private story names for book lovers

If you are a book lover, you can create private story names for your book stories. You can use these names for your creative stories.

1. Books over people

2. Books lover

3. Today is booked

4. Book & me: perfect love bond

5. Silence

6. Happy reading

7. Read it and weep

8. Nerd alert

9. Bed time stories

10. Bookworm

11. between the pages

12. New book alert

13. Dear diary

14. Love to read

15. Reading under processing

Sad private story names

Happiness and sadness are parts of life, and whenever you are sad, you can also choose amazing story names for that time. These are helpful for you to tell your friends about your mental stress.

1. Empty inside

2. Depressed mess

3. Feeling overwhelmed with sadness

4. Start a life somewhere

5. Extra dark web

6. Life of quarantine

7. Dark everywhere

8. Isolation situation

9. Depressed espresso

10. Planning to distress myself

11. Feeling insane

12. Rigid as a stone

13. Want to get lost

Frequently asked questions

Q. What does “private story” mean?

These are the specific stories that will be viewed by certain people that you select. You can easily create these stories that will last for 24 hours.

Q. Why can’t I name my private story?

To edit it, you need to press the profile button, than go to the settings. Choose the story settings option. Then you will rename, edit, and delete your stories.

Q. Can I have two private stories?

Yes, you can create multiple private stories.


Suggesting story names is not an easy task. You need to choose the private story names according to your living style, nature, and attitude. You can make all kinds of private stories with your own unique names from categories including humor, sadness, and many more. This will be helpful for you and suggest the most appropriate names for your stories. You need to choose a name that reflects your personality. The lists of unique names will be helpful for you when you send stories.



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