How to Cancel Prime Gaming on twitch TV?

How to Cancel Prime Gaming on twitch TV?

Do you know how to cancel Prime Gaming? First of all, with this Prime membership, you will get the best at affordable prices. You can get this gaming service through the Amazon Prime membership program. By attacking it with the Twitch TV, you can use it on a monthly basis. This subscription will end on a monthly basis. In order to further utilize their services, you need to re-subscribe every month. There are no specific cancelling themes for this purpose; you need to disconnect your Amazon accounts from your Twitch TV. In this article I will share the steps cancel its membership and reasons that you must rethink before cancellation.

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How to cancel Prime Gaming subscription on Twitch TV

Once when you are using the facility of gaming subscription on twitch TV there is not any way to cancel it on earlier basis.  It will automatically unsubscribe after a month. At this point you can also uses to subscribe to other channels on that time. For this purpose, you need to disconnect it from your Twitch TV when you are going to disconnect it. If you are looking to re-subscribe, then you need to subscribe a few days before your previous service is set to end.

Step by step on how to cancel Prime Gaming?


In order to cancel it, you need to follow a few steps.

Step 01: First of all, you need to visit your Twitch account page.

Step 2: After opening it, you need to choose the “unlink account” option. This will be needed to separate these two accounts from each other.

Membership Cancellation and Refunding

Any time you want, you can visit your account and cancel your membership. For this, you need to visit your account, adjust, and then cancel it through settings. In case if cancelling it within the 3 days of your plan cancellation then you will receive credit note about the money refunding.  Though you are cancelling it, you might be charged for the services that you used within these 3 business days, and the remaining amount will be refunded to you. However when you don’t take an advantage from these services then you will be going to get you complete refund amount.  It will only be applicable when you don’t buy anything. It doesn’t matter if you selected auto-renewal or other prime features too or not; this will be applicable in both cases.

You should Reconsider it before knowing how to cancel Prime Gaming Membership.

Nowadays, Prime gives you wonderful membership options that are unique at times. Here you can find the features of the best and fastest deliveries. With their programs, it’s definitely a worthy membership for you. By choosing its membership, you will get full access to multiple media formats. There you will find a whole collection of series, movies, videos, and sports on Prime Video. Through joining it, you will also have access to songs, exclusive videos, deals, books, podcasts, grocery items, and other items on sale. On such a low monthly subscription, you will get all these great, convenient, entertaining, and saving packages at one point. However, at some points, you can also choose to cancel it, which might be due to different reasons. You can also choose to do it, but take a look at what you will miss out on if you cancel this membership.

Reasons to Rethink Prime Membership Cancellation

By becoming a Prime member, you can save money too. By shopping discounts and deals you can save up your money.  With only 2022 as prime day alone, members used to purchase items that were up to $300 million. In contrast, they will also save up to $1.7 billion worldwide on purchases. With this earlier access to the products, there is fast and free delivery. Services: there are exclusive deals you can take advantage of with your membership. You can entertain yourself with their entertainment services as well. It doesn’t cost you extra money and will be profitable for you. Once you cancel it, you will miss out on various adventures. A few of them are explained below.

Music, books, podcasts, and games

Through Prime membership, you can enjoy multiple other features on Amazon as well. Through this, members can enjoy the features of reading, streaming, and playing world-wide content. You should know that how to cancel prime gaming? Must reconsider these;

  • There you will get the option of up to 3000 magazines, books, newspapers, audiobooks and comics through this prime reading feature.  This will also include the exclusive and original stories that are produced by Amazon. You will also get features like notifications from your best sellers, authors, and storytellers. The new storyteller voices include Mindy Kaling, Taylor Jenkins, Dean Koontz, Reid Stone, Margaret Atwood, and many more.
  • Generic-based pre-released books are also available on Amazon that you can check out.
  • On Amazon, 100 million songs are available on shuffle. You can also see the top podcasts here.
  • You will also get access to free games, game lofts, and exclusive game deals. With these, you will also get a free subscription through Prime Gaming on

Still, if you are looking for other contents, you can also get special pricing deals on thousands of videos, games, books, and Alexa skills through various Prime Video channels for your kids too.

Prime Video features

Through this streaming service, you will find multiple options for watching. It always has something for everyone. Some of its inclusions are the rings of power, Thursday night football, The tender bar, the tomorrow war, coming to America, thirteen years, richer, and many more.

Even it gives the opportunity to members for adding up there channel’s like STARZ, VIX+, Paramount+, Showtime and many more.  There will not be any need for extra cables or systems or apps to download. You just need to pay for those who match your criteria, and you can cancel it anytime. You can also enjoy various TV shows, videos, movies, seasons, and other deals that are found here.

Deal events and incredible savings

Prime members will get exclusive access to the various savings deals too. However, not all members can use this. Through Prime Day, you will get the best deals that are affordable. You will get in-store savings and exclusive deals on favorites, essentials, prepared foods, and other items as well. Members can also get instant and faster free food deliveries.

They can also pay through the 2 kinds of innovative and best prescription medications. They can also put down a deposit of $5 per month. That’s how these prime members can take advantage of these subscriptions.

Fast and free delivery services

On millions of items, you can also get benefits from these delivery services. That makes it easier, as you don’t need to go to the stores and spend time buying from vendors; you get your orders exactly at your place with faster delivery services. US members can also take advantage of the one-day delivery feature, through which they can shop up to 20 million items here. There is no minimum purchase delivery offers are here.

They can enjoy same-day delivery from the retailers by selecting their nearest cities. From the local malls, you can also shop from the retailer’s stores. Users can check out the services to see if they are available for them or not. They can also choose to select a day too for their packages delivery.  This is the most convenient and easiest way by which you can get your packages at your doorsteps.

How to cancel Prime Gaming membership on desktop

There are a few steps you need to follow for your membership cancellation. The step-by-step guide involves

  • Go to your browser and type in it.

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  • Now open up the option “Accounts and lists” from the menu bar. This can be opened from the window’s top right side. Here you will get the Prime membership option, and you can easily select this.
  • Now open the manage membership feature from this. This will be going to show on your top right bar of the screen.  By selecting these, you will get the option to end membership.

Right after following these studies, you will be going to get the further on-screen instructions. Although after this you need to follow up on a few steps for cancelling your Prime subscription.

How to cancel Prime Gaming membership on a mobile device

There are a few little additional changes while you are processing your cancellation on your mobile device. If you are looking for how to cancel Prime Gaming, You need to follow a few steps. You need to follow these steps to know how to cancel your Prime Gaming membership.

  • First of all, you need to open the Amazon shopping app on your device.
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  • On your mobile screen, you will find the “profile” button at the bottom of your phone. The appearance of this feature will be like a silhouette of a person.
  • By selecting “Profile” and scrolling down, you will be able to manage the features of Prime membership.
  • Select the features of managing membership and then press this button from the menu bar.
  • Here you can easily see the option of cancellation. Select the “end membership” option and press it to end.
  • Later, you will need to follow a few instructions that are going to appear on your screen for cancelling it.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Can you cancel your Prime membership during the free trial?

In order to cancel your Prime membership after the free trial, go to the settings for memberships and subscriptions. Just select the cancellation button, and you will be directly moved to the page of cancellation.

Q. Why can’t I cancel Prime Gaming?

As you know, this subscription ends each month, and for continuation, you need a month-to-month subscription. There is not any other way to cancel it except by disconnecting it from your Twitch account.

Q. How do I turn off auto-renewal on Prime Gaming?

Your chosen services will have an auto-renewal feature on the date that will be immediately after 1 month. Now it’s also easier to turn off the Prime Gaming auto-renewal easily.

Concluding thoughts

Prime Gaming and its membership are offering multiple features to you. It includes all the entertainment and other offers of sports, books, and other features in unlimited ways. Ok, if you are looking to get an answer on how to cancel Prime Gaming, Then it involves the opening of your profile; go to the memberships and select cancellation. It will be quite easy to back out of the twitch after disconnecting it. In its all-access prime membership, you will need to re-subscribe every month after a month. For more info visit



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