Pop Smoke Braids Tutorial: 15 best styles to follow in 2023

Pop Smoke Braids Tutorial: 15 best styles to follow in 2023

What is unique about pop smoke braids? Braids are considered one of the best hairstyle ideas that you can try. In most cases, these braid styles include the cornrow stitches that are usually included in the groupings. This pop up braids style is inspired by a rapper named Pop Smoke.

These styles are introduced by using the stitches method. These pop-up braids look so elegant and give you confidence. Within these braids, equal partitions are taken and styles are created by making braids. Even children love to carry these smoky braids. It’s easier to make up a style that you can enjoy. You can also try it on yourself after taking and practicing the tutorials.

What are pop smoke braids why it is famous?

With the last few years, braiding hairstyles have been in fashion and have become highly dominant. Both men and women can easily wear these types of hairstyles. These are also a kind of protection for your hair and prevent it from frizzing. This hairstyle is inspired by Pop Smoke (a well-known singer). Mostly, this is made using the partitions in your hair, and you can create all using stitching styles.

These can even remain easily for 4 to 6 weeks after completing them. These can look even better when you go with the hair color experiments. Depending upon the color, texture, and hair length these can be looks great.  Even they can be made and styled in more unique ways using different accessories and jewelry.

Pop Smoke Braids

Tutorial: How to make pop smoke braids on your own

With just a few basics and the following easier techniques, you can make your own braids. It’s easier to do it yourself. Just by following the tutorials, you can choose these for yourself. To do this, usually Xpression braiding and styling are preferred. You can also get this hairstyle for $150. This pricing can go within this range depending upon the size and length of your hair.

Step-by-step guide

  • First of all, you need to wash and clean your hair properly. also use a conditioner.
  • Right after drying it, you can follow the further steps.
  • When you feel that without using any kind of heat, you can also go further.
  • For clear and clean braiding looks, you should use the stitching method.
  • For this purpose, first of all, you need to straighten up your hair. T
  • hen make it’s portioned your hairs using different sections.
  • Right after these, on each side, try to divide into 4 sections on each side.
  • You can use gel or oil to get a neat look.
  • Then try to make neat braids as it becomes thicker.
  • Try to use equal hairs in making each braid.
  • You can also make it yourself after multiple practices.

15 most popular pop smoke braids hairstyles

However, using different ways and making braids in different sections, they can be made more attractive. Using accessories and different jewelry items, you can make them perfect and more stylish as well. Braids are the best option for you if you have long hair, as these are difficult to style and carry on during regular, hectic routines. These will be perfect for both men and women equally.

1. Classic pop smoke braids are perfect for short hair.

These braiding styles are perfect to introduce on both short and long hair equally. For shorter hairs, it will be a kind of protective style as well. This hairstyle doesn’t consume more time as it is a quicker therapy for your hairs. It helps prevent your hair from breakage and loss as well. This one is a lighter styling method that can make you feel more attractive and lighter. Mostly these short pros hair styles are used up by men’s.  This can look so elegant as well as classic on you.

Classic pop smoke braids are perfect for short hair
image source: thetrendspotter.net/

2. Classic pop braids for long hair

With long hair, braids are the easiest fashion style that you can wear. This style is versatile as it can be used by anyone. Long hair is always a source of attraction. These strands become more attractive using different braiding techniques. However, pop-smoke braids are found to be ideal for long hairs. By doing this, you can manage them effectively.

Classic pop braids for long hair
image source: blackbeautybombshells.com/

3. pop smoke braids for medium hairs

Don’t worry if you have medium-length or long hair; you can still carry them. When you have medium-length hair, you can still choose to make up these braids. These styles are helpful to make your hair grow faster as well. These will protect the strands too. For medium length hairs these can be good to look.

Image source: blackbeautybombshells.com

4. Pop braids with extensions

Nowadays, however, shorter hair is a new trend, but the love for long hair can’t be denied. For multiple functions and regular routines, people prefer to use extensions for their ease and styling. These pop smoke braids will be easier for you, as they will increase the length of your hair. These braiding styles are started from your scalp, and they will give you a fantastic appearance overall. When you utilize these braids using extensions, your looks become more elegant. The size of extensions however varies with the choice of your own.  People might find it expensive, but these are best for hair. For the application of extensions to natural hair, you need to fix it using glue or some heat.

Pop braids with extensions
Image Source: blackbeautybombshells.com

5. Zig-zag partying smoke braids styles

Although you can make simple braiding styles, there are also further options. Through these braiding styles, you can also seek the scalp’s attention for yourself. These can be more expressive and will look so elegant. The zig-zag braiding application will make the scalp look more interesting as well. For this purpose, the professionals can make the best of partying in such a way that these will pop up with your looks. These styles will look so prominent and more featured than the simple braids. Middle or sideways looks will make it more interesting.

Image source: thetrendspotter.net

6. Small braiding styles

These shorter braids will make the best impression on you. Shorter braids, however, take more time than usual but look more amazing. This hairstyle is also much famous among youngster and rappers as well.  You don’t need to tug on your scalp. These are all ready to make you more comfortable. Hair packs are ready to cover your whole scalp, and these are ready to give you an impressive outlook. These longer braids are more in demand, but small braiding styles are also unique.

Small braiding styles
image source: latest-hairstyles.com/

7. Pop smoky braids with the addition of beads.

Through the use of accessories, the overall look can be made more amazing. The addition of beads will make it more representative. Using a head cover or head pins, these styles can be locked, too. For keeping these beads, headpins or bands can also be used. These beads can be entangled on the last stripe of the braids, or they can be attached on the front side of the hairs. You can also use the colors of beads according to your dressing styles or you can use it in white or black color.  They are also a traditional wear in some areas to show the marital status or age of a woman.

Pop smoky braids with the addition of beads
image source: pinterest.com/


8. Inspired jumbo tribal braiding hairstyles

Within a normal and a jumbo braid, there is a small difference overall. These are little pop-up braids that can be used to make thicker braids. Sometimes, to give volume to the jumbo braids, you need to keep using extensions as well. Further, instead of using the extensions, you can also choose to use beads or either cuffs, according to your preferences.

Inspired jumbo tribal braiding hairstyles
image source: Pinterest

9. Smoke braids and weave

These weaves actually look so interesting through the turns. Hair extensions can be used to give the hair volume with pop smoke braids. Hair extensions are also used to make your looks more special, as they will make your hair thicker and naturally clipped as well. You can use glue to stick them up.

10. Three layered braids 

You can choose to make braids according to your own preferences. Using different interpretations, you can make your braids in layers, and these can be more unique. These are ideal and look amazing. Just by parting there side by side ways on your hairs you can choose to make your own three braids style.  For these purposes, you have to use a large volume of hair, and then you can make these braids.

11. Pop braids in colored hairs

There is a new trend to use colored hair. People can chose to make different hair colors according to their choices. You can also choose the color of the last part of the hair. These braids will be more attractive. Nowadays, most people use a purple or brownish shade of color on their lower hair parts. These will be more prominent while you make your pop braids, and these will be more suitable too.

Image source: hairstylecamp.com


12. Ombre-style braids

With the symbol of versatility, these are different styles that you can also enjoy while doing your braids. These pop smoke braids are ready to go with your looks and perfect for a style day. Ombres can be chosen in different shades and styles as well, so you can make your looks more elegant.

13. Fade braiding styles

However, different styles can be made, and fade styles can be introduced for men and women. They all give you the best looks and styles as well. These fading are ready to make your looks choosy and can enhance your face shape and appearance.

14. Pop-style braids for men

Although initially these were supposed to be girl’s hairstyles, right now this concept has totally changed. These days, men prefer these hairstyles more. These hairstyles are also preferred by men. These are good to carry for both long and short hair. This one is considered to be the most amazing and powerful style. These can be opted for by men for making their hair healthier.

15. Pop-style braids for women

For women, these braids are ready to make their looks more attractive. For all the types of hair, such as shorter, longer, and medium-length hairs, these are perfect ideas for all. These are the most protective ways to keep your hair growing faster. For girls and babies, these are considered to be more special hairstyles that they want to carry on.

Benefits of making braids

There are multiple benefits if you are making braids. Through these, your hair will grow faster. These will be in a protection as these are going to less exposure from friction.  They are easier to carry during the summer. It makes coverage for whole strands. You can comfortably wear these braids for multiple days. Using accessories and braiding styles, you can choose to get the perfect fashion style.


1. Why are they called pop smoke braids? 

These are called as these were inspired by the pop smoke rapper, due to which this hairstyle is known by this name.

2. Do braids stress hair?

These braids may or may not stress your hair, as it depends upon the intensity of the tightness that you made during the braids.

3. How much does this hairstyle cost?

Probably it’s not too expensive if taken up by a professional. But usually it costs about $150.

4. Can pop braids be good for short hair?

Yes, they can be really great if you carry these braids. However, if you don’t like shorter braids, you can also use extensions instead.


Braids are a perfect hairstyling idea. With the multiple newer ideas, these braids can be made more attractive. The pop smoke braids are a highly elegant style that can be worn by men and women. Using hair colors, beads, and patterns of braids, they can be made more attractive. For longer and shorter hair, these can be a perfect fit for you. These are not expensive to go for. These are easier to make and highly recommended. It also increases the blood circulation, which is good for hair growth. For more must visit techstarlink.com



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