Nipple piercing Tips: Process, Care, Risks & Purpose

Nipple piercing Tips: Process, Care, Risks & Purpose

Should I go for a nipple piercing? Is it safe? First of all, people are usually doing it for styling purposes. Besides looking great, it might be risky for you. You must know about the side effects and infections that you might face. That’s why you must consult an experienced expert about it.

However, with some caring tips, you can cover all your doubts and fears about piercings. This article will clarify all the risks and after-effects of nipple piercing. It will be helpful to select the right piercer and follow all necessary precautions for a safer piercing.

What is Nipple Piercing?

If you are thinking of getting a piercing, you need to follow some safer steps. First of all, you should consult a professional for this purpose. Even you can manage it with your friends help. All the nipple piercing equipment and jewelry should be sterilized before use. A little carelessness might cause a serious health concern or be painful for you. Whenever you think about getting a piercing, you must follow some health tips in order to remain safe.

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Types Of Nipple Piercing

You can choose your piercing according to your taste and style. However, some of its more common and stylish types include:

  • Horseshoe barbell
  • Captive bead ring (CBR)
  • Straight barbell
  • Dangles
  • Seamless rings
  • Nipple clickers
  • Twister barbells
  • Nipple shields
  • Segment rings

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Why Do People Do Nipple Piercings?

People usually follow the trends. However, most people don’t like it at all, but some do. There are some reasons behind this trend, which are:

1. It increases sensitivity: They can increase your nipple’s sensitivity with time, which most people want.

2. Stylish appearance: They look great while you wear tight-fitting shirts. It is a more unique and stylish idea for people.

3. Nipple orgasms

4. Body positivity: It might feel like a sign of bravery or body positivity.

Process Of Nipple Piercing

It’s a very scary part whenever you think about joining the process. However, it will include the following steps:

  1. Firstly, the piercer will sanitize your whole area for piercing.
  2. Now they will mark a location using a sterile pen.
  3. Right now, the piercer will push the needle across the piercing area.
  4. It is usually pushed out immediately through the hole.
  5. Now he will sanitize the area again, and it’s all done.

Tips For Safe Nipple Piercing

After choosing the right place, you must know about some basic requirements for safe piercing. You should follow these steps:

  • Try to choose a place that is neat and clean.
  • You must be sure that they are managing the tattoos and piercings in different sections.
  • In cases of pregnancy and breastfeeding, you must ask the specialist.
  • All of the piercing materials and equipment must be sterilized in an autoclave.
  • Additionally, you have to check that the size of jewelry you are going to use is perfect for you.
  • Make sure they are wearing new disposable hand gloves.
  • Don’t try to use piercing guns.
  • Piercings must be done with single-useable needles.
  • Moreover, you must ask for instructions and care tips after your piercing.

Tips To Manage The Pain After A Piercing

Yes, for sure. Whenever you think about the piercing of this sensitive part, you must also deal with the pain. Typically, they will swell for the next few weeks. Moreover, you can also observe some kind of bleeding or itching here. Right after its completion, you can still feel pain and soreness for the upcoming months. It requires a lot of time to heal effectively. You can also feel irritation from your clothes. That is why you must mentally prepare to deal with all of them. Even if you feel swelling and bleeding more often from your nipples,

Costs For Nipple Piercing

The piercing cost varies with the country, studio, and its experts. However, it requires more attention and care while piercing. That’s why these are quite expensive compared to any other piercing. Usually, in the USA and in New York City, it costs about $40 per nipple. That means it will become 70-80 dollars after discounts, usually. You can also check the prices of different experts and choose wisely.

After Effects Of Nipple Piercing

With the passage of time, they will slowly heal. Moreover, once your nipples start to heal, you will see some white crusts on their surroundings. However, you will face irritations, swellings, and pain with time. Even after they completely heal up, you will still get reactions or swellings sometimes. However, these are commonly known aftereffects of nipple piercing. Whenever you see these symptoms, you must try to consult a doctor immediately.

  • Extremely hot and painful nipples
  • Feeling more sensitivity in the chest area
  • Fever
  • Rashes
  • Body aches
  • Swelling
  • Fatigue
  • Pain and redness

Caring Instructions After Nipple Piercing

Whenever you are done with your piercings, you must take care of them completely. There are a lot of chances. These caring instructions might be helpful for you to avoid any infections. For that purpose, you must know the proper care steps to follow completely.

  • Firstly, you need to use soap or a good antimicrobial hand wash before touching them.
  • Whenever you wash them or take a bath, try to dry them with a towel.
  • Additionally, if you see any kind of crusting on its surroundings, rinse it immediately. You have to use warm water for this purpose.
  • You can also prepare a solution of water and saltwater. Use it to dip your nipples in it.
  • For protecting your piercing, you can use a sports bra, cotton, or a thick bra.
  • However, try not to snag your nipple jewelry with the clothes. It might cause damage to your skin.

How Do I Choose Safe Jewellery After A Nipple Piercing?

It’s the most important part after the piercing. If you don’t try to choose the perfect jewelry, you might damage the soft part of your skin. Nipple-piercing jewelry has different costs in different shops. Moreover, it will be more costly than any other piercing jewelry. You should always try to wear jewelry that has fewer chances of causing any allergies. You can also select and purchase any jewelry from the studio where you get your piercing. Different jewelry materials are also allergic to skin. For example, nickel jewelry is more likely to cause infection and allergies on the skin. You can also choose some safe materials that consist of platinum, gold, niobium, stainless steel, and titanium. You can also choose to make one from these materials.

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Health Risks Associated With Nipple Piercing

Although it’s a new trend and making everyone want to join this trend as a fashion, If you are facing any serious disease or have a sensitive body, then you might face some harsh reactions. Although it’s done under expert guidance, it’s still a risky process. If they use any unsterilized equipment, then there are huge chances of getting a reaction. When you are on medication, you will get more infections and bleeding. Moreover, it has the following health risks, which are:

1. A Longer Healing Time Is Required.

Nipple tissues are so much more sensitive and softer. Due to their sensitivity, it will take up to 6 months or more for complete healing. That’s the reason that it takes more time to heal than any other body piercing.

2. Risk Of Damaging Nerves

There are multiple nerves present on the nipple part. So when you are making your nipple piercing process, it might damage most of the nerves. That makes the task more difficult. However, it might be difficult for milk to come out.

3. Lactation And Breastfeeding

So if you are a mother or breastfeeding your child, you must avoid it. The wounds on its surface and the scars over its tissues will automatically block the milk in them. Your baby can also damage it during breastfeeding. That’s why you should completely avoid it in pregnancy and lactation situations.

4. Abscesses

After piercing, there is a chance of abscesses. It might be too painful and require treatment to cure. It might feel like pus-filled substances are under your skin.

5. Torn Skin

Whenever you are wearing tight or loose clothes, there is always a chance for damage. Your jewelry below this might be so risky that it can tear your skin as well. It can affect your skin in such a way that it might require stitches to heal.

6. Severe Infections

Due to the sensitivity of this part and its connection with the milk ducts, it is more likely to get infection. These infections can easily affect your nipples and surrounding areas. Like other piercing equipment, if unsterilized or other infection-causing agents are present here, they might cause severe infections, including HIV, tetanus, blood diseases, hepatitis B or C, and other diseases as we’ll see.

7. Rejection

It might be possible that your body will reject it due to improper angles or techniques. Due to the improper piercing, you might face the pain but not the piercing itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do nipple piercings hurt?

Yes, your nipples will hurt and may cause discomfort for a long time. According to some people, it feels like a slight sting. However, the perception of pain is higher than the actual pain.

Q. How long do nipple piercings take to heal?

Literally, it will take 6 months or more to heal right after a piercing.

Q. Do nipple piercings leave scars?

Yes, they will leave your tissues with scars, and that’s the scary part of this. These scars will stay with you permanently.

Concluding Thoughts

With time advancements, great additions are also seen in the world of piercing. However, in earlier times, only nose, ear, and lip piercings were famous. Right now, people are also moving towards nipple piercing. It requires precautions and pepper care to manage them. However, they will increase the sensitivity of the area. Additionally, they are much more risky, increasing the chances of various infections. That’s why if you are thinking of doing that, you must think twice as it might be risky.



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