Detachable Camera Flash: All You Need to know

Detachable Camera Flash: All You Need to know

Choosing the right detachable camera flash can make a big difference in your photography. This beneficial guide will teach you how to choose the ideal one for your camera, including crucial considerations to make and tips for making the right decision.

What is a detachable camera flash?

A detachable camera flash is a flashlight that you can attach with your camera externally. There are a few cameras that do not have the necessary flashlight with them. These are the issues with many cameras. But if cameras have the Built-in flashlights, they do not satisfy your image quality. It means you may require an external flashlight that can help you improve your photography or videography skills. These external flashes help you to have a better control on your lighting and exposure of the images.

These flashes have more features and qualities than the built-in flashlights of the cameras. They have the ability to adjust according to the light of the outside environment. Moreover, you can also adjust them according to your needs and requirements. If you are shooting in the dark environment, you can increase the intensity of the flashlight. But if you are working in a brightly lit environment, you can adjust the intensity again. These features of the detachable camera flash help you to do great photography.

Detachable Camera Flash
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Importance of Detachable Camera Flash:

Let us discuss why a detachable camera flash is important for you, if you are a professional photographer or video recorder.

1.Greater Control

A detachable camera flash allows for greater control over the direction and intensity of the light. You can adjust its features according to your wish. Due to this, It bounce light off walls or ceilings and produces a soft light.

2.Creative Possibilities

With a detachable camera flash, photographers can experiment with different lighting techniques, such as using multiple flashes for a more dramatic effect. This opens up creative possibilities and allows for unique and memorable shots.

3.Professional Results

If you are using a detachable camera flash, It results in more professional-looking photos. It can help remove dark shadows and produce more lighting. As a result your images look more polished and refined.


The compatibility of the flashlights are also important for your camera. It is very important that your external flashlight work properly with your camera. If they have differences, it will greatly affect your photography. Therefore, you need to buy another camera flash that suits your demands.

5.Flash Power:

Flash power is an important part of any external flashlight. You can measure the flash power of a flashlight in Guide Numbers. These guide numbers actually determine the maximum distance that the flash can light up the subject. Higher Guide Numbers show that the flashes are more powerful and are suitable for taking images of far subjects.

Features of Detachable Camera Flash:

If you are looking to buy a detachable camera flash, you need to keep in mind a few features that suit your needs. Following are the some features to consider:

  • TTL (Through the Lens) metering:


This feature basically calculates how much light reflects back from the subject by the camera’s lens. After this it allows for more accurate and proper flash exposure. You should keep this feature in consideration before buying any flashlight. Always check the TTL metering of the flashlight before buying it. And check whether its metering is suitable for your needs.

  • HSS (High-Speed Sync):

High-Speed Sync is also an important factor to check before buying detachable camera flash. This HSS basically synchronizes the flash with the shutter speed of the camera. In thai way flash strikes, the image is taken at the same moment. This feature is for shooting videos or capturing images in bright and full of light environments.

Detachable Camera Flash
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  • Wireless triggering:

Wireless Triggering is another important feature that you should check before purchasing the Flashlights for your camera. The purpose of this feature is to trigger the flash without pressing any button for flash. With the help of this feature, you do not require any physical connection between flash and your camera.

  • Zoom Head:

Zoom head feature basically helps the user to adjust the angle of the flash head according to his requirement. After proper adjustment, it provides more control on the direction of the light. It is also important for lighting up the key parts of the body whose picture you are going to click. Therefore, always check the Zoom head of your camera before buying the flash from the market.

  • Flash Exposure Compensation:

Flash exposure compensation helps you to adjust the brightness of the flash. If you need more brightness you need to adjust this exposure. But in day light when there is much light in the environment, you can set this exposure to low value. It means this feature gives you more control over the lighting in your photos. So, this feature is also an important one to consider before buying the flashlight.

  • Modeling light:

There are a few detachable camera flashes that have a modeling light feature in them. This Modeling light actually allows you to set the lighting effect before shooting any video or taking the photo. Therefore, buying any flash from the market, you should always consider this feature according to your camera.

  • Price and Budget:

When selecting a detachable camera flash, price is an important factor to consider. It’s important to determine your needs and how often you will use the flash to determine what features are necessary. If you’re a photojournalist, a high-quality flash may be worth the investment. However, if you only use it occasionally, a more affordable option may suffice.

Looking for deals and discounts can help you find a high-quality flash for a lower price. Keep an eye out for sales or discounts from reputable brands. Consider third-party brands such as Godox and Yongnuo, which offer affordable options that are compatible with a range of camera brands.

Top Brands for Detachable Camera Flash:

When it comes to selecting a detachable camera flash, the brand can be an important factor to consider. Below are a few major brands to remember:


Canon designs a range of detachable camera flashes that work seamlessly with their cameras. Their flashes are known for their reliability and high-quality performance. If you are searching for a flashlight for your camera, always consider buying from a brand like Canon. It is basically a camera brand and they definitely know the workings of the camera and which flashlight is suitable for them.


Nikon is another popular brand that produces detachable camera flashes. You may have seen various Nikon cameras. Therefore, you are more familiar with this brand in terms of just cameras. But they also deal in external flashlights. Same is the case like Canon, the Nikon brand also knows the camera demand in dim light situations. Therefore, they design their flashes to work with their cameras. These flashlights provide the features like wireless triggering and high-speed synchrnization.

Image source: ShotKit



When we are talking about cameras and detachable flashlights, How can we forget the Sony brand. This brand usually produces a variety of detachable camera flashes. You can select among those flashlights that are suitable for your camera. The flashlights that you buy from Sony have quality features like advanced TTL metering and HSS abilities. Due to these abilities your photography skills reach a whole new level. These flashlights for Sony are easily available in the market and you can avail them in different ranges of prices.


Yongnuo is also similar to the Godox brand. It is also a brand that only makes affordable and high quality detachable camera flashes. The flashlight that this brand makes has the key features like Through The Lens metering and wireless triggering. The brand produces flashlights that are in your budget range and easily available in nearby markets.


It is not a camera making brand but we can say that Godox is a popular third-party brand that makes detachable camera flashes of high quality. These flashes are very durable and reliable. They carry amazing features like Through The Lens and High Speed Synchronization that helps the user to click amazing pictures and video shoots. There are various models and flashes from this brand that are available in the market.

Detachable Camera Flash
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Can you add an external flash to a camera?

Yes, you can easily attach an external flash with your camera. These flashlights give more light that automatically affects the image quality. When you are shooting or clicking images in dim light conditions, attaching these flashlights will enhance the image quality.

Is an off camera flash worth it?

When you are taking a picture and there is not enough light or the light is coming from the wrong direction, your picture will not be perfect. So, in these situations use of an extra flash can help. This is especially useful when you want to avoid having the subject be too dark or to highlight certain areas. Think of it like adding a lamp to your picture to make it look better.

What is an off camera flash?

An off camera flash is a special light that you can use with your camera. Unlike the regular flash that’s built into your camera, this one is not attached to it. Instead, you can move it around to shine the light where you want it. When you take a picture, the flash will still work, but you can position it separately from the camera to get better lighting.

How do external camera flashes work?

External camera flashes are special flashes that are not built into the camera. They can be attached to the camera through a hot shoe, or triggered to work from a distance. Yes there are many cameras that have their own flashlights. But the detachable flashlights are more powerful and give you more control over lighting.

Final Verdict:

In the end we conclude that a detachable camera flash is a valuable addition to your photography equipment. It can help you achieve better lighting in low-light situations and click more professional-looking images. When selecting a detachable camera flash, consider factors like compatibility, flash power, features, brand, and price. By doing your research and setting a budget, you can select a camera flash that meets your needs and fits within your budget. A detachable camera flash can take your pictures to the next level, whether you are an expert or a hobbyist.



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