Action camera microphone Attachment (2023)

Action camera microphone Attachment (2023)

What is an Action Camera Microphone?

An action camera microphone attachment is a small device that can be attached to your action camera. It helps to improve the sound quality when you are recording a video. The microphone attachment actually filters out unwanted noise from your surroundings and only records the sound you want. This makes your audio recording more enjoyable to listen to.

The microphone attachment has a sleek design that makes them durable and lightweight. These light and durable attachments so that you can take it with you on adventures like hiking, skiing, and surfing. You can connect the microphone to your camera using a USB port, headphone jack, or a cable. There are some action camera microphone attachments that also have a windscreen to reduce unwanted noise from the wind.

Using this microphone attachment can help you record better quality audio for your videos. You can then relive your adventures and share them with others in a more enjoyable way. So, if you want your videos to sound better, you should definitely consider using a camera microphone attachment.

Action camera microphone attachment
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Buying Guides for Action camera microphone attachment:

When you’re thinking to buy an action camera microphone attachment, there are many things that you should notice before purchasing a microphone attachment. This will really help you to buy the right attachment for your camera.


The very first thing that you need to make sure that the attachment is compatible and work properly with your action camera. There are a few attachments taht do not work with every type of camera. Therfore, it is very important to check the product specifications before you buy.


The quality of the microphone attachment is a very also important thing. A high-quality and premium microphone attachment will help you record good, clear, smooth audio. It also reduces unwanted background noise. This will give you better sound quality for your videos.

3.Type of activity to do:

It’s also necessary to know what you are trying to do with these attachments. Where are you going to use it? what kind of activities, actions and shoots you’ll be doing with your action camera. For example, if you’re looking forward to shoot videos while doing water activities, you’ll need to look for an attachment that is waterproof or has a protective cover to prevent water damage.

4. Budget:

Another important thing to notice is the price of the action camera microphone attachment. You should confirm that the price fits within your budget. So that you’re getting good value for your money. There are many options available at different price points, so you can find an attachment that meets your needs and budget.

By keeping these considerations in mind, you can make an informed decision when purchasing an action camera microphone attachment. You’ll be able to find the right attachment that meets your needs and improves the audio quality of your videos.

How to connect action camera microphone attachment?

There are basically two methods of connecting a microphone attachment with your action camera.

With the USB:

The process of connecting an action camera microphone attachment via the USB port is a simple and easy.

  • Before starting, let me tell you one thing that you should verify that both your action camera and microphone attachment have USB connector ports.
  • First, turn off your camera and connect the microphone attachment to the camera’s USB port.
  • Next step is to on your camera and open the settings menu of the camera. Look for the option to change the audio source, and select “External Microphone” or “USB Microphone” as the input source.
  • If your microphone attachment has its own volume control, you’ll need to adjust it to your desired level.
  • Once you’ve applied these settings, the camera is ready for recording your video as usual. The audio will be recorded through the external microphone instead of the camera’s built-in microphone.
  • When you end recording and shooting with the camera, disconnect the microphone attachment from the camera’s USB port and turn off your camera.
Action camera microphone attachment
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With Audio Jack:

  • Attaching an action camera microphone attachment through the audio jack port is similar to the USB attachment process. Before you begin, check if the microphone attachment is compatible with your camera and if your camera has a 3.5mm audio jack for attaching the microphone.
  • First thing is to switch off the camera and find out the position of the audio jack. These ausio ports are usually on the side or bottom of the camera. You need to connect the microphone attachment to the camera’s audio jack and also note that it is properly fixed and attached.
  • Now, the next step is to turn on your camera and navigate settings option of the camera. You have to modify the audio source and choose “External Microphone” option or “Line-in” option as the input source.
  • When you see you are done with changing these settings, you are reasy to shoot noise free and pure sound videos.
  • After recording and shooting videos, it is important to disconnect the microphone attachment from the camera’s audio jack and turn off your camera.

5 Best action camera microphone Attachments:

When it comes to action camera microphone attachments, there are a variety of options available in the market. Here are five of the best action camera microphone attachments, each with their own unique features and benefits:

1.Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone

The Rode VideoMicro Compact On- action Camera Microphone attachment is a popular option due to its compact size and high-quality sound recording. It is designed to be used with a wide range of cameras and is compatible with most action cameras with a 3.5mm microphone jack.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Directional microphone
  • Rycote Lyre shock mounting system
  • No battery required


  • High-quality sound recording
  • Easy to use and install
  • Portable and convenient for travel
  • Provides stable and smooth sound
Image source: Adorama


2.Sennheiser MKE 400 Shotgun Microphone

The Sennheiser MKE 400 Shotgun Microphone is another popular choice among action camera users. It has a compact design and a directional microphone for capturing clear and precise sound.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Directional microphone
  • Low-cut filter
  • Shock mount system


  • Captures high-quality sound
  • Easy to attach to action camera
  • Reduces unwanted background noise
  • Provides clear and precise sound recording

3.Shure MV88+ Video Kit

The Shure MV88+ Video Kit is a versatile option for action camera users. It comes with a variety of accessories and can be used with a range of devices, including action cameras.


  • Comes with a variety of accessories, including windscreen and phone clamp
  • Adjustable microphone elements for stereo and mono recordings
  • MFi certified for direct connection to Apple devices
  • 5 DSP preset modes for optimal recording


  • Versatile and can be used with multiple devices
  • Provides high-quality audio recording
  • Comes with a range of accessories for customization
  • Easy to use and set up

4.Zoom H1n Handy Recorder

The Zoom H1n Handy Recorder is a portable audio recorder that can be used with action cameras. It is small and lightweight, making it easy to carry around while recording.


  • X/Y stereo microphone
  • Records in WAV and MP3 formats
  • Auto-level recording
  • Low-cut filter


  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Records high-quality audio
  • Can be used with action cameras and other devices
  • Provides multiple recording options
Image source: CineD


5.Tascam DR-10L Digital Audio Recorder with Lavalier Microphone

The Tascam DR-10L Digital Audio Recorder with Lavalier Microphone is a unique option for action camera users. It comes with a lavalier microphone and can be attached directly to the action camera or the user.


  • Includes lavalier microphone
  • Records in WAV and MP3 formats
  • Dual recording mode
  • Easy to use and set up


  • Captures clear and precise audio
  • Can be attached directly to the action camera or user
  • Provides multiple recording options
  • Easy to use and set up

When it comes to action camera microphone attachments, it is important to consider the compatibility with your camera, the quality of the microphone, and the ease of use. By selecting one of these five options, you can ensure that you have a high-quality audio recording for all of your action camera footage.


  • Can you connect a microphone to an action camera?

Yes, you can connect a microphone to an action camera through various ports like USB and audio jacks.

  • Do I need an external mic for my camera?

Yes, you need an external microphone to ensure clear audio and video recording while shooting. The sound from all around affects the video quality of the action camera, so attaching an action camera microphone attachment can lower the noise and provide better sound quality.

  • Do action cameras record sound?

Yes, action cameras can record sound coming from anywhere around them. However, most of these cameras are omnidirectional, meaning they record sound from a 180 degree field around them. To get more directional sound, you can attach a shotgun mic to your action camera.

  • Can you attach an external microphone?

Yes, you can attach an external microphone to your action camera via multiple ports, such as audio jacks and USB ports. However, you should check which port is available on your action camera for microphone attachment, and make sure that the microphone you choose is compatible with that port.

Final Thoughts:

An action camera microphone attachment is an important tool for content creators and vloggers who want clear and smooth video with good audio quality. If you are in this field, we recommend you to invest in one of these attachments to enhance your work’s quality. We have also covered the features and methods of attaching an external microphone to your action camera. We hope this information has been useful to you.



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