Action camera head mount: Tips to buy, Types & Advance Features

Action camera head mount: Tips to buy, Types & Advance Features

What is an Action Camera Head Mount?

An action camera head mount is a device that has a design to firmly attach the action camera to the user’s head. This mount of the camera on the head allows you to capture the images and videos from a different angle. Because the camera is at a different position than the conventional video shooting from the hand. Action camera head mounts are typically made from durable materials, such as plastic or metal. These head mounts also have adjustable straps, which help you to set the action camera that fits your head comfortably.

There are certain mounts that have designs for particular activities like biking or snowboarding. Most of the mounts have designs for general use and video shooting. For a camera head mount, you need a tripod screw for adjustment and fitting purposes. After proper fixing and adjustment, you can achieve the necessary angel and shooting position. You can enjoy hands-free video shooting, taking images from your own point of view. This also helps you to focus and enjoy the adventure without worrying about holding the camera.

Action Camera Head Mount
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The Different Types of Action Camera Head Mounts

There are various types of action camera head mounts available in the market. These head mounts help you to capture videos and images in particular scenarios. Let us discuss some of the common types of head mounts.

Helmet Mounts:

You can attach these mounts directly to a helmet. There are two ways to connect these mounts on the helmet. You can use the tripod screw or its personal mounting system. Such mounts are perfect for capturing videos while doing different activities like snowboarding, biking, or motocross. The helmet provides stability and protection to the camera as well.

Headband Mounts:

Headband mounts are adjustable bands that you can wear around your head. After wearing it, you can adjust the straps and fix them according to your head size. This mount provides a stable platform for the action camera head mounts. Such mounts are compatible with filming moments while hiking, running, or kayaking. In doing such activities, you do not need any helmet for mounting the camera.

Hat Mounts:

You can also capture different views while mounting your camera on the brim of the hat or cap. This will also provide you with the angle from the head view. You can wear the action cameras on the cap/hat for doing activities such as fishing or bird-watching. While doing these activities, you do not even need a full helmet or headband.

Chest Mounts:

You can also use a chest mount for greater stability and a unique filming angle. You can bind the straps of this chest mount around your chest. This shooting angle will be perfect for multiple adventures like snowboarding, skiing, or skateboarding. The action camera remains close to the body, and you have a sense of relief while enjoying the adventure.

Handlebar Mounts:

The handlebar mounts provide you with a great video and image-capturing angle with stability. You can attach the camera to the right or left handle of your cycle or bike. These handlebar mounts are perfect for mountain biking, cycling, or any task where a handlebar is present.

These are just a few examples of the different types of action camera head mounts available. When choosing a mount, it’s important to consider the specific activity you will be using it for and your personal preferences and comfort.

Important Considerations before Buying:

If you are a travel Vlogger and adventurer and want to capture the moments Of enjoying your trip, you should consider the following characteristics in your action camera head mount.

Consider Your Activity:

You should keep in mind which activity you will perform on your trip or adventure. This will help you to choose an action camera head mounts compatible with your activity. If you are planning for hiking, then the headband mount will be perfect for you. but if you are planning to capture the moments while bike riding, then a helmet mount is an ideal option for you to carry.

Action Camera Head Mount
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Comfort and Stability:

The next thing that you should consider before purchasing an action camera head mount Is the comfort and stability of that mount. Always keep in mind that you should buy a lightweight and comfortable piece of mount that fits properly on your head. There should be no issues of stability, and the comfort level of that head mount is great. If you are planning to wear the head mount for a long period of time, it should not feel bulky, heavy, and uncomfortable with time. Moreover, the footage captured should not be shaky. It means the mount on the head should have a stable position.

Mounting System

You should choose a particular mounting system that is comfortable with your choice. Because some mounts use a tripod screw, and others use a proprietary mounting system. It is important that you check that your mount is compatible with your camera Before making a purchase.

Ease of Use

You should focus on ease and convenience while using the action camera head mounts on different body positions, especially the head mount. You should consider a mount that has an easy-to-use adjustment system so that you can quickly and easily adjust the position of the camera.

How to Mount an Action Camera on Your Head

Mounting an action camera on your head can be a quick and easy process if you have the right tools and follow a few simple steps. Here’s how to mount an action camera on your head:

  • Choose the right head mount.
  • Prepare the mount
  • Attach the camera
  • Adjust the position
  • Secure the mount
  • Test the mount

By following these steps, you can easily do an action camera head mount and be ready to capture unique and exciting footage from your head.

Tips for Stable Footage with a Camera Head Mount:

  • Choose a suitable head mount
  • Consider using a chest mount
  • Adjust the head mount for a secure fit
  • Keep your head still
  • Use a tripod for stationary shots
  • Turn on image stabilization for added stability.
Action Camera Head Mount
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Advantages of Action Camera Head Mounts:

Following are the advantages of the camera head mounts.

Hands-free operation:

The best advantage of using the head mount of an action camera is that you can enjoy the moments without any worry about holding the camera. It helps you to capture the moments hands-free and tension-free.

Point of view footage:

Action camera head mount offers you to capture and film the best moments of your life from a unique and different angle. By mounting the camera on your head, you can capture footage from your point of view. This provides a more authentic, genuine, and personal experience for the viewer.


Another excellent feature is the multiple and universal uses of these camera head mounts. You can use them while doing different activities like skiing, running, biking, racing, and hiking.

Disadvantages of Action Camera Head Mounts:

Following are the disadvantages of the camera head mounts.

Stability issues:

A camera head mount can sometimes be unstable. Because of this instability, the camera will shake and blur. It can happen while doing fast activities like running, biking, and skiing. It will automatically result in blurry and shaky images and videos.


There are some action camera head mounts that are uncomfortable to wear for an extended time period. If you do not adjust

the head mounts properly.


According to the design of the head mount, it may obstruct your vision or interfere with your activity.

The Future of Camera Head Mounts: What to Expect.

Here are some of the trends and innovations we can expect to see in the future of action camera head mounts:

Improved Stability:

Future head mounts may also feature great stability technology. This will help the users to do smoother and more stable footage.

Greater Versatility:

As action cameras have become more versatile and capable of capturing various types of content. In the future, we can expect head mounts to evolve to support these capabilities.

Increased Comfort:

In the future, you will see people adopting action cameras for everyday use. Comfort will become a greater priority for head mount manufacturers. We would like to see more futuristic designs and head mounts. Such mounts will come with better padding and ventilation.

Integration with Virtual Reality:

In the future, we may see these camera mounts compatible with virtual reality and work together to give a unique experience to the user.

Advanced Tracking and Recording Features:

New head mounts may come with advanced tracking and recording features, like GPS tracking, 360-degree recording, and much more.

Action Camera Head Mount
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What are action camera head mounts?

Camera head mounts are devices that allow you to attach an action camera to your head. They provide you with a unique perspective for your footage.

What types of activities can I use the camera head mount for?

Camera head mounts can be used for a variety of activities, including skiing, snowboarding, surfing, and more.

How do I choose the right camera head mount for my needs?

When choosing an action camera head mount, consider the type of activities you will be using it for, as well as the size and weight of your action camera. Look for a head mount that is adjustable and secure and that provides a stable platform for your camera.

Can I use a camera head mount for stationary shots?

Action camera head mounts are designed for capturing footage while in motion. If you want to capture stationary shots, you may want to consider using a tripod instead.

How do I mount my action camera on my head?

To mount your action camera on your head, you will need to adjust the head mount to fit securely. Ensure that the camera is securely fastened to the mount and that the mount is adjusted so that the camera is in the desired position.

What are some tips for capturing stable footage with a camera head mount?

To capture stable footage with a camera head mount, consider using a chest mount for added stability, keep your head still, adjust the head mount for a secure fit, and turn on image stabilization for added stability.

Final Thoughts:

An action camera head mount gives you a great filming angle while doing various activities like skiing, diving, swimming, hiking, and running. You need to consider a few things before buying such camera head mounts. There are many benefits and detriments of using such mounts on the head.



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