7 Best 3 point slinger for camera: Complete Review in 2023

7 Best 3 point slinger for camera: Complete Review in 2023

Why should you choose a pointed slinger for your camera? When you buy an expensive camera for your photography, why take a risk with its security? These products are ideal to carry on your cameras with comfort. There straps are perfect to secure cameras when you buy them according to the camera designs. The padded camera straps that are included in the 3-point slinger for camera are better than the conventional straps.

Camera straps vs. 3-point slinger for camera

3 point slinger for camera
Image source: expertphotography.com

As you might observe, whenever you buy a camera, it comes with a simple strap. Therefore, just by placing it over your neck, you might be putting your product at risk. A sudden turn or a move might damage it. Accidentally, when it slips, it will brush your camera as well. Shoulder straps are not a comfortable option to choose. Hence, a three-point slinger is a secure element that you can choose for your device’s security. A one-shoulder carrier device is popular among photographers, beginners, and professional movie makers. It’s too easy to utilize and handle in comparison to a simple camera strap.

Which one is best, a 2 point slinger or a 3 point slinger camera? 

The 2-point slinger camera fixes in a specific position. This slinger is amazingly locked in its specific position. It is able to capture amazing photographic shots without any fixed concentration. However it doesn’t hold too much securely a gear that’s why 3 point slinger is best in convenience. A 3-point slinger is helpful in taking long-distance pictures. This one is also helpful in providing a wider viewing angle. It securely gears up your camera as well.

Things to notice while purchasing a 3-point slinger for camera

There are a few certain points that you must check out before purchasing it. That are;

  • Look at your type of camera.
  • Check if it is comfortable.
  • Is it secure to use?
  • Check its design.
  • Adaptability

1. Camera type 

Firstly, you need to check out the type of camera you want to buy. Check if you are looking for a 3-point slinger for camera, either if it is mirror less, rapid, or DSLR. Purchase a sling if it is able to bear the weight of your camera. Check if it is able to hold firmly. If you are looking to carry or hold products along with this, you can also choose a multiple-holder device for that purpose.

2. Comfortable

The padded straps of the slinger are comfortable to hold your devices. It means that right after purchasing it, you will not be bothered by the problem of holding it in your arms all the time. Just check that it will be able to hold your equipment according to its material quality. However, these are much more reliable; just select them wisely.

3. Security check

The quality of the materials used for slings determines whether they are secure or not. Just double check that it is eligible to continue with the camera. As it provides complete security for the camera, it is also easier to use.

4. Design

Generally, you need to check the design styles. It’s also available in different styles; that’s why I chose comfort and style in one. It’s also available in different materials like leather and nylon; purchase accordingly. You need to check its structure and functionality as well.

5. Adaptability

You need to check its capacity. If you are taking extra cameras or lenses, it can be held or not. Wisely observe that it is compatible with your height. If you are holding other accessories, like bags, see if they will be reliable.

Best 3 point slinger for camera

Before buying any one you must observe your budget. It’s the best thing that you can purchase to save your expensive devices. These are mostly ranges between $15 and $100. In these reviews below, you might find it easier to choose your slinger.

1. Waka DSLR camera strap

3 point slinger for camera
source: Amazon.com


It contains all the features that a person looks for in a product. With an adjustment option, it can be carried out easily from a shorter to a longer height. It also gives you multiple pockets to keep other essentials within. Price starts from 17$.

DurableDue to the presence of adjustment strap on back it is problematic while wearing.
Easier to useFlimsy zipper system
AffordableNo lock mechanism

2. A black rapid camera sling

It’s a durable and mostly used product. With the facilities of breathable shoulders and adjustable straps, it’s quite famous. It provides a comfortable medium to shoot with. With this, black mesh bags are also attached. Either with the combination of polyester or mono mesh, the preparation of curved pads completed.

3 point slinger for camera
source: Walmart.com


There is an option of underarm strap for keeping it in an exact location.No built in compartments
Easy to maintain strap lengths.No smoothness in safety straps.
Swivel locking system for securing cameraUnable to adjust lengths of strap while wear

3. OCIM camera sling 

3 point slinger for camera
Image source: expertphotography.com


This one is also considered one of the best 3 point slingers for camera. It contains a high-quality combination of straps. It’s not breakable. It contains stainless steel screws that are super adjustable. However, with a locking feature, it might be an ideal product for you. if it contains anti-slip rubber. There price starts from 13$.

Highly durableNo built in compartments
Easy to maintain strap lengths.No smoothness in safety straps.
Comfortable in wearing.Not good for larger bodies.

4. USA gear: Trueshot sling strap for camera

With comfortable, adjustable, and affordable features, it’s an ideal 3-point slinger for cameras. With reversible buckles, it can carry two cameras. While few people find this one uncomfortable, the strap that comes below the underarm does. It also gives an option to hold cards within the elastic pockets. It also carries a safety strap alongside.

USA gear Trueshot sling strap for camera
source: walmart.com
Affordable and comfortablePockets are too small.
Easy to maintain strap lengths.Screw plates losses after some time.
Can be connected to another slinger.Long strap of underarm

5. PiuQ 3-Point Slinger for Camera 

Its cheapest rates might start at 10 dollars. It is easy to carry with cheap prices.

Affordable, stable and comfortablePockets are too small.
Adjustable for any body type.Strap losses after some time.

6. Foto &Tech 3 Point Slinger for Camera

With a small pen pocket, this slinger is affordable and comfortable to use. There are easier buckle features that are helpful to take on and off camera.

Affordable and comfortablePen pocket is too small.
Rain cover built in facility.No extra pockets.


With high-quality materials, it will protect your camera and other features as well. For the $17 start-up price, it will be best suited for you.

source: Walmart.com
Affordable and comfortable

High quality material

Pockets are smaller.
Adjustable to any camera.Straps losses after some time.

Benefits of using slingers

3 point slinger for camera

1. Safety: it provides a great safety option and prevents snatching.

2. Boundary-free hands: after purchasing it, you will not be bound by your hands.

3. Fast action: doesn’t require any extra effort. You just need to lift and slide around their body.

4. Comfortable: these are the best as you don’t need to carry extra straps. It is easy to hold and carry.


Right after purchasing an expensive camera, it’s indeed important to keep it safe. Their own straps are not enough to secure them, as a minor tilt can be devastating for the product. However, a 3 point slinger for camera is the best thing you can do to make it safer. These are available in various options with pockets. With an affordable price check and quality check, you can choose it. It is also helpful for quicker shots with more security. That’s why it’s indeed a product that you need to buy.



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