What are Oacian? Animal or Brand, Everything You should know

What are Oacian? Animal or Brand, Everything You should know

Let’s take you to the world underwater. There are millions of species under the water and a whole mesmerizing world to explore. In this study, we are going to talk about one kind of species which is oacian. What are oacian? What is their anatomy? And so on.

What are oacian?

Oacian animals are those that can live in both water and on land. They are classified as either water-based or land-based animals. However, they can survive on both surfaces and live there independently. They can live and navigate both the terrestrial and amphibian domains.

Land or water-based surfaces

At present, they require a waterway area or surface for walking or strolling, and they can create any living space for their needs. However, these types of animals, and we can say that these types of oceanic animals, prefer to live on land and in water. These animals do not need to dry out their bodies and can live in their favorite places or on their favorite surfaces. They do not need to avoid any water living for an extended period of time, and they frequently like their skin to dry out in every season and climate.

Strolling or walking

These animals are steadfast, serious, and conscientious. In this regard, when these animals are not swimming with their tails. These animals can be seen strolling across the land, and they can walk and stroll just like any Valk or Dex.

Anatomy of the Oacian

Oacian is amphibious creatures, which means they can move and survive both on land and in water. Oacian spends the majority of their time in the water, and many are unaware that they can live above water. When an Oacian comes out of the water, its tail splits down the middle and melts away, revealing a pair of legs. Legs will be aligned with the length of the Oacian’s tail, and their previous fins will serve as a proper covering for the parts of their anatomy that must remain private.

These legs will be covered in the same scales as the rest of the Oacian’s body. They will, however, be closer in color and size to an Oacian’s torso or forearm. Tail scales can be larger and more patterned at times. They will also be a different color than the rest of the body. Sa pyres, like humans, have toes and toenails. Nails and scales are made of the same material.

Skin type

  • Moist Skin

As a regulator of their body functions, oacian skin retains a specific amount of moisture. This also means that their skin is damp, if not wet, at all times. Oacians have a set amount of time before they need to return to the water, depending on their build.

  • Dry skin

When an Oacian dries out, they become extremely weak, uncomfortable, and vulnerable to diseases and even injury. Dry skin can cause cracked or broken scales, which is painful and exposes sensitive flesh beneath. To retain moisture, oacian do not need to be completely submerged in water; water can be applied to the skin like a cream. Internally ingesting water will help with this process to some extent because it aids in the production of moisture on the skin, but the external application is preferable, especially when the skin is drying out. Gills must also be moistened, which is accomplished primarily by ingesting water or products containing a high percentage of water. Oacians are always traveling by water.

Oacian Strength

As elementals of water Oacian powers work to manipulate water to their advantage. Oacians can manipulate water to use as weapons, heal one another, stay cool, or clean. Oacians have the ability to draw water from objects as well as increase water pressure and force at will. They can find water instinctively and are drawn to it as a result.

The Government of Oacians

The Oacians are ruled by a single entity: Queen Merline Lympha po Saevus. She rules with an iron fist, purposefully isolating the Oacian people due to her personal animosity towards the other nations that inhabit the continent above her waters.

The Oacian people regard her as their only shining example, and as such, they follow her lead. They, like their queen, are extremely vain, with egos so large that they can no longer be contained by the ocean of insecurity in which they live. They are deceptive and only seek to maximize their personal gain from any situation.

However, Oacian loyalty is unwavering, with an unfathomable love for their country and people.

The territory of the Oacians

Oacians live in their own ocean region. These habitats must have a minimum depth of open water of 100 feet. Oacian houses have abstract shapes. Some habitats are carved out by coral reefs, while others are built from locally available resources. Some houses may have a prominent sea life garden. Large windows indicate a wealthy and well-to-do family.

Crythpool, their capital city, is primarily located on the seafloor, but parts of it are located at higher and lower depths of the ocean. A land-faring trade entrance is located on a small island near the shore.

Oacians are permitted to spend time above water in regulated water coves, basking in the sun and stretching their legs. Leaving these coves and permitted areas without permission, or attempting to leave the Oacian cities without permission, will result in a lifetime banishment, or, in some cases, a full-fledged search and retrieval. To avoid political conflict, other kingdoms will usually refuse to accept an Oacian refugee.

The Oacian Culture

  • The Water Maidens

Daily prayer at sacred sites is part of Oacian religious practices. Maidens of the Water maintain these locations by bringing lily and lotus blossoms to the water. Before handling the flowers, their hands are anointed with holy oils. Shrine offerings for good fortune are made.

  • Diet

Oacians are vegans and vegetarians, meaning they eat mostly sea plants and shellfish. Salads, sea spices, and other local produce are frequently found on an Oacian table. Sea salads are a common accompaniment to any Oacian meal. They are always served first as a side or as a main course. Within their society, there is also a very profitable restaurant industry because being served food is seen as a higher level of status and importance than cooking food yourself.

Food must be thoroughly cleaned. It is a serious offense to feed someone unclean food. Because their society is so self-contained, Oacians truly hate disease and illness.

  • Blossoms of the Lotus

Lotus blossoms are one of the Oacian people’s cultural symbols. They are symbols of prosperity, peace, and loyalty. The flowers that grow in Oacian cities are known as Mahkmal Lotuses, and they grow in the water as well as near the water on muddy soil and wet banks of land. They do not require the growth of a leaf or a pad to survive and are most commonly found as flowers ranging in diameter from 2″ to as large as 8″. They are available in a variety of colors ranging from pink to cream to lavender. Mahkmal Lotus buds can be eaten cooked and are typically boiled for a fragrant and sweet flavor.

Their pollen is what gives them their dim glow, and it can be separated and used as a seasoning on its own. Smaller Mahkmal Lotus blossoms are also popular as a garnish or side dish. Their layers of petals can also be stuffed with savory pastes to create an entirely new dish.

Oacian Products

  • Spices

Many Oacian dishes include sea spices. They can have umami to sweet tastes and add a bit of flair to a mostly plant-based diet.

Oacian Handmade Products

  • Spoons for the Shrine

During rituals, shrine spoons are used to pour blessed oils on Oacian’s hands. Priests and maidens of the waters perform this anointing.

  • Hairbrushes, Scale Picks, and Nail Files

Scales can pick up a lot of debris or simply itch at times. Scale picks are an excellent solution for personal hygiene and comfort. Oacian women typically keep their nails long as a symbol of femininity and grace. Male Oacians also have longer nails, up to a half inch longer than short-cut nails. Files aid in the sharpening, shaping, and maintenance of nails. Hairbrushes are essential grooming tools. Oacians can use them to clean their hair, fins, and areas of their tail that require a quick clean. Brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes for these purposes, and a good brushing will keep an Oacian feeling refreshed and comfortable.

  • Lamp for Oil Diffusion

Diffusion lamps can found in the corners of many Oacian homes. They emit light and emit perfumes that contaminate nearby water. These serums can soothe the surrounding area, moisturize the skin, and emit pleasant scents.

  • Wallet for Scallop Coins

There are plenty of spare shells on the ocean floor. A scallop shell was repurpose to make this coin wallet. This one was paint pink for a more polish appearance and adorn with gold clasp decorations.

Another perspective regarding oacian

We should also focus on the other perspective of the word oacian as a brand’s name rather than as an animal. There is a clothing brand in America named oacian. They deal with casual clothes for both women and men.


Brand stuff and a variety

The brand also believes that its clothing materials are environmentally friendly and that its products, such as T-shirts, Hoodies, and jackets, do not harm the environment. They deal with t-shirts, hoodies, and tracksuits.

There are various items list for sale on the website, but they are still not in the inventory. It indicates that they intend to increase the number of items and products available for purchase on their website. In the future, the Oacian brand may look for physical stores and outlets to sell their clothing such as T-shirts, Tracksuits, Jackets, and Hoodies.

The following items are in list on the website and will be available in the coming days

  • Sweatshirt
  • Jackets


This T-shirt is of high-quality material. It provides the user with a wonderful summer relaxation experience. It is available in a variety of colors, and the brand’s logo is prominently display on the T-chest. shirt You can choose your favorite color T-shirt from a variety of options.

Furthermore, the t-shirts are available in all sizes ranging from extra small to Triple X large. In normal circumstances, the T-shirt costs around $120.


The most popular Oacian brand item is premium quality Hoodies. The hoodies are available in sizes ranging from Extra Small to Triple Extra Large. It is one of the most popular designs in the line this brand. The product can keep you warm while also improving the appearance of your personality.

These high-quality hoodies typically cost around $150. These hoodies are available in Black, Purple, and Off White and can  pair with a variety of pants and trousers.


This brand also sells high-quality tracksuits, which are essential during the winter months. The brand believes in the quality and longevity of its products and clothing. Furthermore, these products are environmentally friendly. This brand’s tracksuit is available in four classic and stunning colors: black, blue, grey, green, and off-white.

Furthermore, these tracksuits are available in a variety of sizes ranging from extra small to triple extra-large. These tracksuits cost $180 each. The brand name on the front creates an appealing appearance, and these tracksuits feel warm and soft in the winter season.


Finally, Oacians are extraordinary creatures that live in our planet’s oceans. They range in size and shape, from tiny plankton to massive whales. Individual species have characteristics that set them apart from other ocean life forms. Understanding these animals is essential for appreciating their beauty and significance in our natural environment. We can work together to protect these amazing creatures for future generations to enjoy with proper Oacian biology education.

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