Power Waxer: Tips to buy, types, features & FAQS

Power Waxer: Tips to buy, types, features & FAQS

Getting your car waxed is very important for car lovers. This article will help to answer your questions regarding the equipment used for waxing which is a power waxer. How does the power waxer work? What are the different models of power waxers? How do waxing on the car? So, without wasting time let’s get back to our study.

What is a power waxer?

A power waxer is a device that is used to polish car surfaces. The wax used in the power waxer is heated before being applied to the car with a long brush. The hardened wax attracts grime and dirt while maintaining a gleaming finish for a long period of time.

6 Best power waxers

1. Car Waxer & Polisher Vanguard DA Power System

  • The ergonomic design of the double grip allows for more stable operation.
  • 5000 rpm high-speed, powerful motor for deep waxing, cleaning, and polishing.
  • With six-speed adjustment settings, DIY car wash users can get started quickly.
  • In general, a 110V power supply can be plugged in as needed. The output is 130W of superpower that can be used anywhere.
  • The item is appropriate for 6-7 polishing, cleaning, or buffing accessories.
Car Waxer & Polisher Vanguard DA Power System-compressed
source: vanguardwax.com

2. WEN Random Orbit Waxer / Polisher 10-Inch

  • High-performance 0.75-amp 120-volt motor with a permanent magnet
  • 3200 rotations per minute
  • The flat top design allows for simple bonnet replacement.
  • It’s not just for cars; it’s also great for countertops, bathrooms, and banisters.
  • A 10-inch applicator bonnet and a 10-inch terry cloth bonnet are included.
WEN Random Orbit Waxer Polisher 10-Inch
Image Source: free3d.com

3. 6-Inch Waxer/Polisher WEN 6010

  • Permanent magnet motor with 120 V- and 0.5-amp output.
  • 3500 rpm
  • Ergonomic palm and body-grip design for a comfortable 1 or 2
  • utilizing the hand
  • ON/OFF Switch with Lock
  • A 6-inch applicator bonnet and a 6-inch terry cloth bonnet are included.
6-Inch Waxer Polisher WEN 6010
Image Source: shopcourts.com/

4. Power waxer by DeWalt

  • If you intend to purchase a DeWalt power waxer, you have made the correct decision. The 20V Max XR brand includes a rotary polisher, brushless polisher, buffer, and random orbital polisher.
  • All of the items listed require no additional charges and are powered by the same battery.
  • This power waxer comes with a straight side handle, a 3-position bale handle, and 7-inch backing pads and plate with each model.
Power waxer by DeWalt
Image source: Amazon.ca

5. Car cordless power waxer

  • It is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a high-quality portable power waxer. The cordless waxer is used to quickly clean, wax, and polish the vehicle.
  • It is a portable tool that runs on 18V DC batteries, making it easy to use for an extended period of time.
  • Aside from that, it has a 45-minute battery life and two-speed settings.
Car cordless power waxer
Image source: Amazon.ca

6. DeWalt 20v max power waxer

  • It is ideal for buffing and polishing the surface of your vehicle.
  • This model of waxer comes with two 5 Ah batteries.
  • It weighs 1.4 pounds with a 5 Ah battery and 4.7 pounds without.
  • Because of its small, horizontal footprint, this battery will not come into contact with your workpiece.
DeWalt 20v max power waxer
Image source: Amazon.com

How should a power waxer be used?

If your car is getting dirty and you don’t have time to take it to the service center, this is the best option. It takes no time to shine your car. Power waxing is the most effective way to make your car shine. If you want to know how to use this machine, you must be aware of every detail.

So, begin by washing your car, thoroughly, and then allowing it to dry completely. After you’ve completed these two steps, you can use the power waxer to give your car a nice shine. The primary reason for using this equipment is to save time. It is dangerous to paint or scrub your car if you wax it by hand.

You can complete all of these tasks in a fraction of the time by using a power waxer. After that, get your car ready for waxing. Read the waxing protection instructions carefully. Waxing your car with a soft cloth protects the paint job and leaves a uniform wax coating on the car’s surface.

Power Waxers of Various Types

If you’ve decided to use a power waxer instead of your hands, you’ll notice that there are a few options when it comes to power waxers. There are several versions, and they all do the same thing in general, but some are unquestionably better than others in our opinion.

Dual Purpose

Dual-action power waxers are generally thought to be safer for waxing and produce a smoother finish. This is due to the two ways it moves at the same time—it rotates as expected, but it also oscillates the position of the pad.

What Is the Purpose of Car Waxing?

Waxing is an important step in protecting the paint on your car. It aids in the prevention of fading, chipping, and other damage caused by exposure to the elements such as sunlight, rain, and wind. Waxing helps keep your car looking new for years to come by creating a barrier between the paint and these elements.

Waxing your car also makes cleaning it easier. A waxed surface is less likely to attract dirt and grime, making it easier to wash away without leaving residue.

Is a Power Waxer More Effective Than Hand Waxing?

While the use of power waxers, polishers, and buffers has increased exponentially, some people still prefer the simple and old-fashioned method of hand waxing. There could be a variety of reasons for this, but power waxing has numerous advantages over hand waxing, including:

  • Faster

Polishers can provide a much faster experience than traditional hand car waxing. If you take your time, hand car waxing can take anywhere from three to five hours. Meanwhile, power waxing can be completed in under an hour.

This is due to the fact that power waxers only use rotary action. The spinning pads make it easier to apply wax or polish to the car’s surface evenly. It also aids in the removal of any dirt or debris that may have become embedded in the paint, resulting in smooth results.

Power waxers also provide more coverage than hand waxing. You can power wax the entire car in one session without stopping and taking breaks.

  • More efficient

It’s easy to miss a spot or apply the wax unevenly when hand waxing. As a result, streaks or missed areas may occur. Power waxers, on the other hand, provide more consistent coverage and results. Simply go in one direction and then go over the entire exterior of the vehicle in the opposite direction. This ensures that every spot is power waxed and that no streaks appear.

  • More cost-effective

Power waxers are also more cost-effective in terms of wax or polish consumption. It’s easy to use too much or too little product when hand waxing. As a result, more wax is wasted and more time is spent reapplying. You have more control over the amount of product used with power waxers.

You can also change the speed of the power waxer based on the type of paint you have and the results you want.

power waxer
Image source: mechanicbase.com


What Should You Look for When Purchasing a Power Waxer

Because there are so many different types of power waxers on the market, it’s important to know what to look for when buying one.

Buffer Pads

The round, flat discs that attach to the power waxer are known as buffing pads or polishing pads. You can find them in different sizes materials and colors. The most common size is a 6-inch pad, but power waxers can use 8-inch or even 10-inch pads. The following are some of the most common materials used for buffing pads:

  • Foam
  • Compounding
  • Polishing
  • Finishing

You will need to use a different type of buffing pad depending on where you are in the power waxing process. You should also consider the texture of the pad, as different textures yield different results.

Wired or wireless?

Power waxers are classified into two types: those that use a power cord and those that use batteries. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Power waxers with power cords are more powerful than cordless waxers. They do not require as frequent recharging and can be used for a longer period of time. The power cord, on the other hand, can be a pain because you have to keep track of it and make sure it doesn’t get tangled.

Speed Options

Each power waxer has a different speed setting. There are three options for the speed limit. Low, medium, and high. Each set is best suited for a specific task. Most of the time, 1000-1200 RPM is the best speed for power waxing. You can also change the speed depending on the type of paint you’re using and the results you want. You should choose a power waxer model that allows you to adjust the speed so you don’t have to buy a new one every time you need to power wax a different type of car.


While price is a major concern for many DIYers, it should not be the only factor you consider when purchasing a power waxer. Because you’ll be using a power waxer for years, it’s best to invest in a high-quality power waxer from a reputable brand, even if it’s a little more expensive. Many retailers provide discounts when purchased as complete kits that include a variety of accessories. Also, keep in mind that less expensive power waxers may not have all of the features you require. So, before making a purchase, read the product description carefully and compare power waxers.


Waxing your car is essential for keeping its appearance and protecting the paint. Using the right waxing product and applying it correctly can help keep your vehicle looking new for years to come.

Whether you hand wax or power wax, the benefits of regular waxing are obvious: a shiny, protected vehicle that will look great for years to come.


Is it worthwhile to have your car polished?

You can polish your vehicle by hand, with a cloth, or with a polishing machine. However, polishing the car with a machine produces better and faster results and is worthwhile if you want to make your car shine.

Which car paint polisher is the best?

  • Waxer with low power
  • Power Waxer by DeWalt
  • DeWalt cordless power waxer 20V Max.


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