What are best grenade spots dust 2 In CS:GO Game?

What are best grenade spots dust 2 In CS:GO Game?

Those who are CS:GO game lover must wanna to know about best grenade spots dust 2 map. In this article, all best grenade spots are mentioned in detail. Before this lets have look on CS:GO game

As CS: GO is a game that is played and won with effective artillery control, solid tactics, and cohesive teams. Successful grenades have the power to transform the course of a game or even a whole match. In addition to tactical play, we also need to be familiar with area maps and the optimum locations to blow up foes and spread fire or smoke. You can use this guide to find the best grenade spots dust 2 . You can throw grenades from a safe distance and get those kills if you are aware of the locations and strategies in advance.

Best grenade spots dust 2

Now that you already know much about the game. let’s return to the content itself, which is The Best Grenade Spots Dust 2.

A grenade can be thrown in a variety of ways, but players will never know where it landed or how effective it was against adversaries. Therefore, controlling your grenade is crucial for sneaking up on and killing foes.

I’ll show you how to throw grenades, educate you on their various applications, and let you know where they work best.

  • Smoke Cross

best grenade spots dust 2 smoke cross

One of the best grenade spots dust 2 is smoke cross , this is one of the greatest locations to place your smoke grenades. You will undoubtedly run into opposition teams crouching and keeping an eye on the entrance, ready to shoot your team to death.

Your crew will become virtually invisible if you throw a smoke grenade at the nearby side corner wall. Your entire crew may break through and begin sprinting in the direction of Long A with such cover.

Aim towards the crosswalk, jump, and hurl the smoke grenade once you exit the long door.

  • Long Flash

best grenade spots dust 2 long flash

Long flash is also best grenade spots dust 2.  The focus of A-long is flash grenades. Do not misunderstand; a smoke cover can also be effective. Flash grenades, however, are ideal due to the quick change from cover behind the doors to an open space.

Flash at A-long will obstruct enemy eyesight, allowing you to advance rapidly and eliminate as many adversaries as you can. However, you must direct the flash so that it strikes the desired area.

Aim at the wall behind the parked automobile by going outside and along. Your adversaries will be rendered blind by the flash. You just need to push past them at this point.

  • Low Tunnel

best grenade spots dust 2 long tunnel

You are aligned with the exact center of both teams’ spawn points, as seen on the CS: GO mini-map. There is a possibility that adversaries will assault you from the lower tunnel.

You can make use of smoke, frags, and flashes in this particular area. You can hide, blind your adversaries, or simply blow them away. It is also best grenade spots dust 2

When you reach the lower tunnel, look up and aim for the structure beneath the lamppost. The remainder is up to gravity. You can now charge in and seize control however you like.

  • Smoking B-Door

best grenade spots dust 2

The middle part is frequently used by counterterrorism teams to quickly respond to attacked facilities. So, the best way to stop them is with smoke grenades at B-door.

Place your crosshair in the upper tunnel close to B. Place yourself close to the box, then throw a cigarette through the opening in the ceiling. The grenade will land in your opponent’s path if you aim through the ceiling’s apertures.

  • Xbox Smoke

One of the top best grenade spots dust 2 is the Xbox smoke area. When terrorists attempt to force their way through the middle, the location is useful to the counterterrorism team.

You must be well-positioned to carry out the bombing. Upon leaving the T-side spawning area, proceed outside Long to the first right corner. Throw the grenade while aiming the crosshair at the building’s edge as indicated above. If your adversaries try to flank you from the center, it will fall directly in their path.

You may now smoke them out however you like.

  • Molotov/Frag in a Car

best grenade spots dust 2

In terms of defense, this is one of the greatest grenade locations in Dust 2. Terrorists use this location early on in the game or after bombs have been detonated.

A Molotov will make opponents move away while a frag will expose anybody in its path. You can halt the CT teams in their tracks in this manner.

Get to the Long door location and stand on the barrel next to it for a successful toss. Aim your Molotov or frag grenade over the Salon sign.

  • B-Site

best grenade spots dust 2 B site

You can bounce your grenades at this location as well for maximum effect. With the use of frags, you can easily blind your opponents because they won’t have much time to find cover.

Your team need not worry about being exposed by the flash because the B-site wall will be obscuring the view. Simply lean against the door’s edge and throw the fragment such that it will strike the wall, bounce, and land on the opposite side.

How to Throw a Grenade Differently at best grenade spots dust 2 

There are five effective techniques for throwing grenade at best grenade spots dust 2 map in cs:go game.

Left Click:

In CSGO, this is the only and most effective way to hurl a grenade in a specific location on a Dust 2 map. You should use a left click on your device to throw your grenade over a lengthy distance. Usually, you’ll need to sprint briefly, jump, and then throw a grenade.

Right Click:

You can utilize the right click button to deal damage to foes in close proximity rather than throwing the grenade as far as feasible. It is ideal for short distances and calls for a little movement.

Clicking the left and right buttons simultaneously:

It is another effective approach to hurling a grenade if you manage to locate one of the best locations on the Dust 2 map. By doing this, you’ll be able to throw the grenade halfway and hit any foes who are within striking distance. The throw should only be made when you are completely still since otherwise, there is a potential that you will miss where you want the grenade to land.

Left First then Right click:

In the event that you find yourself in a location that is very highly guarded, it is advised to hurl the grenade by clicking left first, then right. As a result, you will be able to land close to the center.

Release the right click first, followed by the left click:

For yet another effective approach to throwing the grenade. Only when the going becomes difficult and the room is confined should you use the throw. When playing Shadow on Mirage, this kind of toss can be useful.


We chose those locations as the best grenade spots dust 2 . These grenade sites can change the dynamics of a conflict if deployed well. Make sure to memorize at least a few of them to help you in your hard-ranking games.

Over 20 years have passed since Dust 2 was first released, almost 5 years since CS: GO’s redesign, and only a few months since Operation Riptide’s most recent upgrade. There are undoubtedly many more locations and grenade queues out there that have been identified. Guys stay tuned with techstarlink.com



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