Astro a40 tr headset + mixamp pro 2017 Detail Review

Astro a40 tr headset + mixamp pro 2017 Detail Review

Are you a technology and game lover? If yes, it will be worthwhile to read about the review of this gaming equipment. Astro is a well-known name that is used for creating the equipment for video games. With the modifications and innovations, they introduced the Astro A40 TR headset + Mixamp Pro 2017 with the best features. With A50 wireless headphones, you can enjoy its services. It’s an authentic company that you can trust. With the unique design and style, it is highly organized with the MixAmpTM Pro. It includes the features of environment customization. Its audio will be clear, and it will give you access to connecting it with your PC too. You can customize the input and output responses as well.

astro a40 tr headset + mixamp pro 2017
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Description of the Astro A40 TR headset + Mixamp Pro 2017

These can easily be used in homes. You can easily use the feature from open back to convert it into the closed back cancelling noise feature. For tournaments and LAN play at home, you can turn these options off. You will get the customization feature to customize the environment. People who love to enjoy the live streaming services can make it a reengineering feature too. You can also get access to the software command feature here. All the official equipment, including Black Ops 3, that can be used for the optical games You can check out and maintain its input and output parameters by maintaining and changing its setup. You will get the best experience using this product. However, this product uses a chemical that may cause reproductive harm, including birth defects.

Product details of astro a40 tr headset + mixamp pro 2017

It is still a manufactured product.

Product dimensions: 1.06 pounds (3.943.943.94).

Product launching date: September 1, 2015.

Manufacturer: Astro Gaming

Model number of the product: 939-001511

Asin: B014F77FGA

Batteries: It includes 1 lithium polymer

Power output: per channel 70 mW at 32 ohms

Sales rank for video games at Amazon: 36, 851

Frequency response rate (average): 20–20,000 Hz

Headband pressure (calculations): 2.6N

Nominal Impedance: 48 ohms

Details about its cables;

  • Daisy chain cable (digital) = 0.5 m
  • TOSLINK (optical cable) = 3.0 m
  • Inline mute cable (A40 TR) = 2.0 m
  • Micro USB cable = 3.0m

Price of the Astro A40 TR headset + Mixamp Pro 2017

On different websites, you can purchase it. Few websites are selling it at the exact price, while you can also avail the discount offers. You can purchase it for $228.41 at Amazon. You can also check the Astro website for the prices. However, at Best Buy, you can spend up to 229.99 dollars to buy it.

Features & Play station 4 including the Astro A40 TR headset + Mixamp Pro 2017

There is a new feature for environment customization installed in it. It makes it easier to cancel the back noises. However, you will love its components, such as the ear cushions, speaker tags, and microphone. Hence, this is well organized and managed with all the technologies that will give you the best experience. It also ensures the supply of Astro command center software. From the setup, you can easily choose setup parameters for the input and output. It’s best to use for the optical gaming. Further the other qualities including sound and about its functionality is mentioned below.

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1. Fit and finishing of the product

Its construction includes the best materials. So the quality of its products is ensured. These are adjustable. You will find it a lightweight product. You can easily turn it over your neck. They are not bothering you in any way.

2. Doubtful quality check

The construction and making of it include the sound too. The quality of sound is maintained. These games are developed by the best designers, and these designers will give you the best volume level. They have the best quality of sound in them.

3. USB card functionality

With the use of the Dolby headphones, they give you the best output. These are compatible, and you will find the features of voice chat within them. The sound is also compatible with the PC. Hence, the USB card functionality option is available to use.

4. Dolby Surround 7.1

Through this surrounding environment, you can enjoy all the sounds in the games. You will be able to hear each kind of gunshot voice in the system. These stunning sound checks will also share each other’s footsteps too. Hence, these will give you stunning surroundings.

5. Mod kit ready

You have to turn its open back into the closed-back noise option. Also, You can cancel your externally generated environment sounds through this mod kit. You will be getting the features of mod kit components that are swappable.

6. Customized feature of stream output

The astro a40 tr headset + mixamp pro 2017 will give you the opportunity for an enjoyable surround sound experience with the options of Dolby Surround Sound.

7. Astro command center

You can create your own type of EQ setting within this device. This feature is free to use on Mac and PC. Using this command feature, you can get the input/output customization feature too.

8. Speaker tags

There will be a system of magnetic tag speakers. You can easily personalize your headset with this system. You can also customize your online speaker tag by designing and editing it.

9. Warranty option

You will get the warranty of 1 year on all the products of Astro.  However, you don’t need to register with the Astro to avail it. If you purchase these products from any 3rd party, you must have the purchase proof in order to avail of the warranty offer. Using these purchase proofs, you can claim them.

Pros and cons of the Astro A40 TR headset + Mixamp Pro 2017


  • Its light design is helpful to carry anywhere and gives it a premium look.
  • There will be multiple customization options available. You can control these through the command.
  • Its sound quality is excellent.


  • For the users of the PS4 slim, there is a need for an HDMI splitter.
  • It’s too expensive.
  • It might look weird to some people.

Reviews about the workings of the Astro A40 TR headset + Mixamp Pro 2017

These are established as a very consistent headset with good quality overall. With the good quality products and both of these items for 249.99 dollars, it is not a bad deal. This will give you the best quality sound. It is a light, comfortable, and easy-to-use product of such high value. It is considered the best product to use for the PC, PlayStation, and Xbox One. It’s a high-quality product from their manufacturers. This latest version will be your top pick if you are a game lover.

Reviews about the workings of the Astro A40 TR headset + Mixamp Pro 2017
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1. Design

Its design is similar to that of A40’s, including the tweaked color combinations within it. Mostly, there will be matte black plastic that surrounds the headband and ear cups. There is also the presence of Aluminium struts on its sides. The ear-pads are memory foam that is actually covered with soft and breathable cloth. There is a rectangular pad on the underside of the headband. However, in the ear cups, the back panels are made up of silver accents with black glossy plastic. There is also the presence of gaps of 40 mm in the ear-cups. The colors present on Xbox one is red accents, on PS4 version there are blue accents present on it.  With an optional mod kit, all of these can be converted to black.

Design of Astro A40 TR headset + Mixamp Pro 2017
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2. Microphone

Its microphone is composed of a black rubber stick and is long. There is an Aluminium grille that is featured in a plastic capsule that is also attached to it. The boom arm can be easily flexed up to 360°. From the left ear-cup side, the back is also removable. It is lighter. It will fix itself in your head easily. Its microphone is excellent in its working. For voice chat and recordings, these are the best, and you can also use the USB microphone.

3. Software and Microphone

You can use the command software in order to customize your audio. Even so, it will be easier for you to adjust the audio levels. You can also use to adjust the functioning of this through using it.  Even so, you can adjust the noise reduction and block settings. With a 5-band equalizer, you can customize its EQ settings as well. Test recordings were also cleared through it.

Software and Microphone of Astro A40 TR headset + Mixamp Pro 2017
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4. Connection and MixAmp

There is an inline mute microphone switch and a 6.5-foot cable that is also included. With any modern game console, you can easily use these. There is a splitter that separates the microphone and headphone ports. However, by spending another $100, you can also get its redesigned version, according to the model of your PC. When the microphone is active, the indicator turns white, and it turns red when the microphone is muted. There are controlling knobs that are present in it. A small right knob will control the game’s voice chat audio balance. However, the left knob is used to control the master volume.

How do you connect MixAmp Pro TR to your computer?

Simply, you need to put the USB cable in the port of your usable Afterwards, your computer will itself detect it, and it will set it as an audio device that can be used for input and output as well. But connecting it to the console might be tricky. They need a console to make it work with the Xbox One and PS4. In the case of the PS4 Slim, there would be no option for audio output.

5. Game performance of the Astro A40 TR headset + Mixamp Pro 2017

A40 there sounds are powerful.  There would be little resonance from the rocket launcher and shotgun. This resonance will give you the grunts, lots of punch, growls of anime, and hisses that come out with more clarity. The left and right imagines will work best with the headset of these stereo devices that give a sound due to the surrounding 7.1 channel stimulation. Its sounds will be impressive and responsive in the frequency ranges. Each sound will be coming up there in the right amount.

6. A high-end contender

It is a premium build-up production that is an excellent and impressive combination. However, it is expensive to purchase, but it will be worth it for you according to the quality of the product. The presence of SteelSeries and HyperX features also modifies the use of Bluetooth mode in them. This will make them high-quality headphones as well.

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7. Music performance

The sound quality is highly impressive, and you can enjoy it. It will be found to have the best quality in comparison to other MixAmps. There is a need for electric bass in it that will not only enhance the thumpy sounds, but also the sounds and vocals of all the musical instruments will be easily recognized.

Frequently asked questions

Does Astro A40 TR work with old MixAmp?

Yes, you can use the old and new combinations as well, and it will work fine. You can easily plug it in your controller and enjoy working with it.

Does the Astro A40 MixAmp work with any headset?

These are compatible with certain calculations. With a PC splitter and 3.5mm mini-stereo headsets, they can be used easily.

Does the Astro A40 TR have 3D audio?

By using the PS5 controller, the 3D audio of the PS5 can be received in both the A40 and A10 headsets.

Can you buy Astro MixAmp separately?

However, Astro often packages the two products together, but you can still buy them independently. These MixAmp will practically be easier to work with any model, headset, or brand of headphones.

Concluding thoughts

People are taking more interest in the technology and gaming worlds. If you are looking for a gaming headset, then surely you need to try the latest Astro A40 TR headset + Mixamp Pro 2017. With the house reduced, a properly functioning microphone, and a good quality music supply, it’s the best product for you. The options for customization enhance its value and functioning. However, you have read about its parts and their functions, which is why there is nothing wrong with saying that it is good for game lovers. It is easier to connect with portable features. However, it’s an expensive product that you can also check and compare products with before purchasing.

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