What is the consumer services field? Complete details

We are living in a world where we can not survive alone. We need the support of other people to live to our full potential and enjoy life. The support of other people means those companies that work for the consumers. What are the consumer services companies? What companies are in the consumer services field? How do these companies work? In this article, your all queries regarding the consumer services fields have been discussed.

What is the consumer services field?

Firms in the consumer services industry focus on transactions, customer service, and how customers access services. The consumer services industry relies on human resources (HR), computers, and information technology to assist customers (IT). These services, as opposed to measurable consumer products such as clothing, toys, automobiles, and appliances, involve processes, outcomes, and experiences.

People and technology drive the consumer services industry, which includes everything from online purchases to health and social services to entertainment. For example, Netflix’s online streaming platform uses HR and a monthly streaming subscription powered by technology to provide original content. This is how one can imagine that a wide range what companies are in the consumer services field.

What is the consumer services field

Types- what companies are in the consumer services field

Retail and wholesale consumer

services businesses both play critical roles in industry supply chains. These distributors, for example, bridge the gap between manufacturers and final consumers by purchasing products online or in person from manufacturers and supplying/reselling them to consumers. Furthermore, physical stores are supplementing digital purchasing experiences.

Leisure and hospitality companies

provide consumer services such as lodging, food service, and tourism. Using human resources and technology, AAA and Airbnb have expanded consumer service options in this field. Restaurant delivery, streaming entertainment services, and personal purchasers are examples of consumer services in this field.

Health and social services

to make informed decisions about which healthcare products to use and where to find medical records and providers because the customers rely on them. Health insurance companies, health maintenance websites, and online and in-person businesses are examples of health and social services businesses. it encourages consumers to participate actively in the healthcare system.

Insurance Industry

People are constantly looking for insurance coverage for various aspects of their lives, such as their health, homes, automobiles, and even jewelry. Some people even go so far as to purchase life insurance. Because insurance companies are constantly competing for new clients. Providing exceptional customer service is critical to their long-term success. For example, a customer service representative or a customer satisfaction manager may work in the insurance industry. Both of these positions require direct client interaction.

The Entertainment Industry

According to studies, employment opportunities in the entertainment industry will grow by 22% between 2020 and 2030. (stats). As a result, there will be more entry-level positions available and more opportunities. You can apply for jobs in a variety of fields, including customer service (representatives, managers, and specialists), client service (managers and support experts), and reservation and box office (ticket agents and reservation agents).

Education consumer services

provide a database of approved and authorized institutions, allowing students to locate reputable colleges and programs. These services are critical in assisting consumers in avoiding poor, misleading, and fraudulent practices. Electronic services such as businesses that improve access to academic transcripts and online learning courses are examples of education consumer services.

All these sectors give the answer to our question, of what companies are in the consumer services field and their services.

Career paths in the consumer services field

Before heading toward what companies are in the consumer services field. We should first consider a career in this field.

  • Front of the House

Many jobs in Consumer Services involve dealing with customers. For those with no prior work experience, this is frequently a good entry point into the Consumer Services field. What companies are in the consumer services field?

Your career in this customer-facing line may take you into team management and leadership for those customer-facing teams.

Customer-facing consumer services roles include:

  • Concierge
  • Service for Call Centers
  • Customer Service Representative (CSR)
  • Sales Assistant
  • Waiter / Waitress
  • Receptionist

Back of the House

To function, all customer-facing roles require back-of-house support. Working in a warehouse or making deliveries could be examples of this in retail. In hotels and restaurants, this could include working in the kitchen or cleaning.

Back-of-house consumer services jobs include:

  • Chef
  • Delivery Driver
  • Cleaner
  • Warehouse Worker

Corporate and Support Services

Consumer Service businesses require support or head-office functions such as IT, HR, Operations, Logistics, and Facilities Management. You could pursue any of these career paths without having to interact with customers. What companies are in the consumer services field?

Roles in corporate or support functions in consumer services include:

  • IT Developer
  • IT Technician
  • Marketing Assistant or Manager
  • HR Partner
  • Facilitative Manager

Executive and Senior Management

The company, like any other, requires a vision, strategic direction, and effective leadership. You can advance your career in Consumer Services by starting in any position and working your way up. What companies are in the consumer services field?

Senior and executive positions in consumer services include:

  • CEO / COO / CFO / CIO
  • Director
  • VP

What companies are in the consumer services field

The summary of what companies are in the consumer services field is given below:

# company Year founded headquarters No of employees 2021 revenue


No of the countries operating in
1 Southwest Airlines 1967 Dallas, Texas 55,100 15.8 11
2 JetBlue 2000 Long Island City, New York 22,000 6 Unknown
3 American Airlines 1926 Fort Worth, Texas 123,400 29.9 Unknown
4 Hilton 1919 McLean, Virginia 360,000 5.8 122
5 Airbnb 2008 San Francisco, California 6,132 5.99 Up to 170 (remote working policy)
6 Lyft 2012 San Francisco, California 4,675 3.2 U.S. only
7 Uber 2009 San Francisco, California 22,800 5.7 71
8 Royal Caribbean Group 1968 Miami, Florida 85,000 1.53 Unknown
9 Marriott International 1927 Bethesda, Maryland 120,000 13.9 139
10 Booking Holdings 1996 Norwalk, Connecticut 20,300 11 Website available in over 200 countries
11 Walmart 1962 Bentonville, Arkansas 2.3 million 559 24
12 Costco 1976 Issaquah, Washington 214,000 141 8
13 Target 1902 Minneapolis, Minnesota 409,000 93.5 Stores US only, sourcing offices in 20 countries
14 Amazon 1994 Seattle, Washington 1.6 million 470 13
15 Trader Joe’s 1967 Monrovia, California 50,000 13.3 US only
16 Home Depot 1978 Atlanta, Georgia 500,000 151 3
17 Bank of America 1998 Charlotte, North Carolina 200,000 89 35
18 CVS Health 1963 Woonsocket, Rhode Island 300,000 292 US only
19 Apple 1976 Cupertino, California 154,000 366 Stores in 25 countries
20 Walt Disney 1923 Burbank, California 190,000 67.4 29
21 Comcast 1963 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 189,000 116 (Sky in 6 European countries) US only
22 Burger King 1954 Miami, Florida 34,248 23.5 76
23 Charter Communications 1993 Stamford, Connecticut 93,700 51.7 US only
24 McDonald’s 1955 Chicago, Illinois 200,000 23.2 120
25 Starbucks 1971 Seattle, Washington 383,000 29 80



In the customer service department, there are numerous brands and companies to work for. The consumer services field market will continue to grow. As more people become reliant on online sales and deliveries that may require assistance. If you intend to work in this industry, we hope that our list answers your question about ‘ what companies are in the consumer services field.

FAQ’S What Companies are in the Consumer services field?

  • What are consumer services, exactly?

Consumer services are those that benefit customers. Banking, insurance, and healthcare are just a few of the numerous services included in this category.

  • What types of businesses fall under the category of consumer services?

Are you still interested in the companies that provide consumer services? What companies are in the consumer services field? There are numerous examples of consumer service all around you. Hotels, personal insurance, rail travel, education, health care, recreation, catering, tourism, finance, and entertainment are examples of consumer services.

  • What drew you to a career in the consumer services industry?

Customer service can be a lucrative career. You can directly contribute to the success of your customers by assisting them in achieving their goals. This field teaches professional skills that can be applied to any career.

  • What is the difference between consumer goods and consumer services?

Consumer goods are items purchased and consumed by the average person. They are also the end results of manufacturing and production.

The direct dialogue between a customer and a company representative. when a customer purchases a product constitutes the consumer service experience. It is essential for ensuring customer satisfaction and encouraging repeat business. For more business ideas must visit techstarlink.com


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