Smile Dating test TikTok: How to Know Whom should you Date?

Smile Dating test TikTok: How to Know Whom should you Date?

Do you know about smile dating test?  Isn’t it is sounds like a great dating test?  Basically it is a quiz comparison questions.  The smile dating test shows your dating personality with the help of smileys.  Each of these smileys represents the specific love spectrum of a person.  It’s according to a person’s choice of answers.  Some of them get super romantic, romantic and un-romantic ones.

People are usually sharing their results on different social media accounts and it’s a viral trend these days.  It is a simple, free and online Korean style test.  Surely it will acknowledge you about the dating choices and evaluates your personality.

How Smile Dating Test Works? Steps And Guidance

Within this dating quiz you need to give answers of a few questions. For this purpose you need to answer few questions that will determine your dating interest.  It will show you the corresponding smileys or MBTI type according to your answers.  You should also keep in mind that it is not a kind of love tester.  However it will also not mention or show that either you are sad or happy in your relationships.  It actually reveals the true yourself.  Usually it expresses the sentiments of a person towards their love and for their upcoming love life.

Total questions: 20

Total time: 8 minutes

How To Do Smile Dating Test?

If you want to take the smile dating test, you need to follow a few steps for this purpose.

Open the Ktestone website in your browser. There will not be any kind of tricky question so don’t worry to go for it. Just select the most similar answers. After completing these 20 questions, you will get your results. It will show you which smiley suits you best. It will also ensure that with which smileys you will be more compatible with.  Finally you can also take screenshots of your results and eventually share them too.

Dating And Relationships

Every person is different in their own ways. Personality tests are actually a kind of test that determines the reality of a person. Sometimes it will not match with your actual love understanding. These kinds of tests are actually evaluating the behavior of a dating person. Whenever it’s about love, everyone has their own kinds of experiences and strategies. Everyone has a different approach to love and life. As a result, people will react differently to different aspects of love.

These quiz creations are really helpful for you to know about your own daring style and preferences. There are people who treat love like therapy. It will be helpful to understand your own personality.

Factors In This Dating Test

  • It predicts your love language dominance
  • Highlight your priorities and values in life.
  • It evaluates your dating and love style.

Smile Dating Test And Love Perception

Most of the people believe or not in love at first sight.  Most of the people need a comfort zone with a person before committing to them. Through this system, will you know about its actual requirements? Hence, you have to do more in some cases to fall in love with someone. Most of the people required a lot of admiration from their partners. Love is an important component of life that is necessary for all the people around. Few people are found of meeting and knowing more about the people from time to time. It is a careful analysis where you need to find yourself through all the perspectives.

16 Personalities After The Smile Dating Test

This quiz will put all the participants into different categories according to their emotions. The color red shows that you are a positive and energetic lover in your relationship. However violet shows that you are a sincere lover. Thus, it actually highlights your personality and love interest in the story. You can also give the quiz answers, and then you can also discover more about it.

Steps To Play The Smile Dating Test

These are straight-forward questions. First of all you will find a question with 4-6 options. Consequently you just need to select the answer that suits your personality. As a result you have to choose it wisely according to your personality. There is not a section of right or wrong answers in the game. Basically, the format of the test is a forced-choice one. You just need to select the one that most resembles you instead of a 100 percent accurate answer. After choosing them, just move on to the next question without any further thought. For all these 20 questions, you need to choose your best answers.

The Smile Dating Test Is A Viral Element On Tiktok.

A few days ago, it was a trend to show your personality results. The trend has recently appeared prominently on TikTok. People share their smiley results on TikTok. This test is usually important, which makes it popular globally. This test is the most unique invention of 2023. Moreover you can also share your dating-style smileys on TikTok. That’s why you can join in on the trend and share it easily. People usually love to share matches and connect their results with others.

How Do I Share The Results Of My Smile Dating Test On Tiktok?

In order to complete and share your results on TikTok, you need to follow a few steps. These steps are including;

  • Firstly, you need to open the Kestrel website. From this website, you can easily assess the smile dating test.
  • Afterwards, you need to select the option of doing a test.
  • Answer all the questions that appear on your screen wisely.
  • After completing the question session, you will move towards the results page.
  • Now it will show you with which smileys you are compatible.
  • However after receiving these results, you can take a screenshot.

Ultimately, you can easily upload it to your TikTok account in the form of a video. Through uploading, you can also compare your results with others. Undoubtedly this test is most common and popular on TikTok. As a result people usually get thousands of likes and views immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many questions does this smile dating test have?

Usually it is a quiz of questions and answers. That’s why this quiz contains 20 questions.

Q. Is the smile dating test accurate?

According to its users, it is quite easy and accurate too. However it has features in the form of questions on a Korean website. Most of the users agree with their results.

Q. What is the smile dating test for?

It is the latest kind of quiz test. Basically, it consists of a few questions, and afterwards it will reveal your dating personality. With the help of a smiley character, it will show you the results.


Nowadays, multiple tests are going viral on social media. The smile dating test is one of them. So with its help, you can know your dating personality clearly. It is develop in a form of questions quiz. After knowing your answers, it will redirect you to the personality characters. It shows a dating style through the smileys. So if you are searching for your personality type, you can go for it. It’s accurate.



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