Reusable Water Balloons: Type, Comparison

Reusable Water Balloons: Type, Comparison

Are reusable water balloons safe? Instead of using traditional balloons, these reusable balloons are a great invention. Plastic and rubber materials are pollution-causing agents that are used in traditional balloons. Traditional balloons were pollution enhancers and harmful for the community. In order to replace these dangers, there are millions of reusable balloons that are environmentally friendly. With the magnetic suction technique and refilling reusable features, these will be worth buying for you this summer.

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What are reusable water balloons? Its types and benefits

Water balloon games have been quite popular for years during the summer season. There are different balloons available on the market. Most of the balloons were made from latex and plastic, which are not biodegradable but recyclable. In 2020, a newer addition of reusable water balloons was introduced. These are unique inventions that are eco-friendly and safe for children. With the innovations, further types of these balloons were also introduced. These are usually made from silicone, which is recyclable and reusable. These balloons are not harmful environment.

Types of reusable water balloons

After knowing the importance of these eco-friendly balloons, you will know that they are the best and worthy of use. These are actually biodegradable balloons that are far better than plastic balloons. That’s why eco-friendly and economically sound balloons like these are good to use. Without any plastic addition, these are harmless for children to use. However, there are few types of these reusable balloons, including:

1. Sillicon-made water balloons

This is the best material to be used for the reusable products. That’s why it will take a long time to decompose. It is known due to its durable, eco-friendly, soft and reusable factor.  These can be used easily for any family-based event and for any sort of activity. Additionally, silicon is a material that is also recyclable. That’s why without any decomposing they throw it away.  Different brands are known for introducing their own balloons; these are also latex-free and good to use with children. Hence, these are preferred for outdoor usage too.

2. Sponge water bombs

These are quite fun, as you can make your own reusable balloons with the help of rubber bands or sponges. These are easier and can be soaked in water; they will consume the same amount of water as other balloons can. For a beach day and to use at parties, it will be the best addition for you. You just need to soak them in the water-filled bucket, and it will fill it immediately. Without the stress of picking up the balloon parts from the grounds, you will be free to enjoy these fights. These are actually developed according to the activities of kindergarten schools.

3. Crochet water balloons

These are also a fun, eco-friendly, and DIY product to use in the summer. These are also developed for sustainable swimming pools and beach toys that can be used by children. For creating these unique balloons, you just need a knitting pin and crochet yarn. You can easily create them in different sizes and colors using their different quantities. Learning and playing with crochet is one of the best childhood activities that can be enjoyed by both parents and children. You need to learn the basics about the DIY and handicraft possibilities. Different brands are also selling these balloons at different prices, which you can purchase according to your affordability.

4. DIY cotton balloons

From old washcloths and towels, you can also create excellent cotton balloons. For this purpose, you need the scissors, old clothes or towels, needles, fiberfill, and threads. After fulfilling these requirements, you need to cut the ball according to your size. Afterwards, you need to sew them and fill the spaces with the fiberfill. At the time of play, you need to place it in water for some time in the bucket, and later you can play with these. These are easier and machine-washable balloons.

Steps for using reusable water balloons

It is too easy to use them. Following these steps, you will need to use these balloons.

1. You just need to fill a water pot. These balloons carry a reusable skin.

2. You just need to put them in your water pot, and afterwards it will automatically fill up with water and seal itself.

3. After filling, it is completely ready to use.

Steps for using reusable water balloons
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Comparison of reusable water balloons with traditional balloons

Traditional balloons are prepared using nylon, rubber, latex, and Poly-chloroprene. All of these materials are actually not biodegradable. It will literally take years to breakdown. Like in the case of using latex or rubber, you need 4 years to make them break. Such a huge amount of degradation will automatically have a dangerous impact on the environment. Using it will increase the risk of harming the ecosystem and its organisms. These balloons during play can easily go far away, get entangled in the trees, and move somewhere through the wind. During water fights, they consume more water, which makes the environment unclean. Here are some of its harmful impacts on the environment:

1. Harmful to birds and animals

The main harm from these disposable balloons is their effect on organisms. During games that are played with these will left the ground unclean.  These are directly thrown into the ground. Most of the time, these can be easily thrown up in the oceans, rivers, and near the nests of many animals. These balloons are mostly brighter colors, which animals eat in confusion with food. These will fill up the intestines of the animals and make them believe that they have eaten fully. Due to these reasons, they can die of starvation.

Most of the time, researchers found balloon parts in the stomachs of dead organisms. A wildlife center found two balloons in a dead bald eagle’s ventriculus. Along with these balloons we use to tie them with the threads and bands that are also harmful for them.  The string used to tie them can cause serious injuries to animals. For example, in 2016, an adult osprey was found dead and entangled in the balloons’ strings.

2. A major cause for power outages

These balloons can also cause a power loss. There construction involves the metallic matter in it that is a conductor of electricity.  That’s why when they expose with the power-line they will cause an automatic power outage. In accordance to the Forbes reports about 16% power outage problems are faced due to these balloons.

3. A source of environmental pollution

These balloons are a source of plastic waste that will directly affect the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Even through the single disposable it is raising the environmental pollution.  After these balloon fun fights, these are directly blown away in the rivers, streams, pools, and oceans.

From 2008 to 2016, according to the reports of the International coastal Clean Up in the US, there were 300,000 balloons found on the beach sides. These will not be biodegradable until they take years to degrade. Afterwards, they broke into tiny pieces that are actually introducing micro plastics into the environment. In this form, they will affect the soil fauna and disturb the water contents.

Advantages of using reusable water balloons

Whenever you are choosing to play with the balloons, select these balloons as an earlier priority. These are developed using the latest technologies that are great to be used in. These balloons are environment-friendly with their reusable features. Here you can keep an eye on how effective these products are.

Advantages of using reusable water balloons

1. Easy to clean

Like other balloons, when they throw out with the water, it becomes too difficult to clean the ground. It becomes too difficult to pick up these parts from the ground. When you are playing with these balloons, it reduces the multiple parts’ bruising as well. These durable balloons are too easy to clean in comparison to sponge balloons. Like other balloons, you will not see them stinking up the ground. Hence, you can easily have an enjoyable time with your balloons.

2. Self-sealing and quick filling ability

These balloons are actually designed with a magnetic suction feature. Through these magnetic suction abilities, the balloons are far easier to fill up immediately. To fill these balloons, you just need to open them and put them in the water. Afterwards, these balloons will immediately fill up with water in seconds. After filling, it will automatically seal it up. Thus, it reduces the efforts that you actually needed to fill the traditional balloons. These are making it easier, and you don’t have to wait for minutes. These self-organizing and magnetic suction power balloons are making it more unique.

3. Environment-friendly

With the rising pollution, it’s an important thing right now to keep in mind before using a product. These are actually based on silicon. These are safer, non-toxic, and plastic-free balloons. These will not self-brass in seconds, and they are softer. These are environment-friendly, as they don’t contain any plastic that could affect children during games. It will easily bruise after bumping. It is too easy to play, and it will not hurt children in any case.

4. Reusable feature

The things that are easier to reuse will not harm society. In a comparison to the traditional balloons that actually compose of softer silicone. You can keep and reuse it after storing it. These are  upgradable and most unique kinds of balloons that introduced in 2022.

5. A must-have addition to summer games

Water bombs are always a source of great fun for children of all age groups. These are fun bombs that will not leave a mark on the ground after use. After using them, you can easily pick them up, rinse them, make them dry, and reuse them again. These are perfect game additions that you can use in the summer for fun. You can use it as a toy in a swimming pool, on the beach, in backyards, at a water park, and on other sites as well.


Q. How long do reusable balloons last?

These balloons will come with a warranty of reusability that lasts for 90 days.

Q. What is an alternative to water balloons?

With the durability of sponge, water bombs will be a great alternative to water balloons.

Q. Can you freeze reusable water balloons?

Yes, it can freeze. First of all, you need to fill it with water and then place it in the refrigerator overnight. Once it freezes, you can cut them with scissors.

Q. Do they hurt when you get hit?

No, these balloons will be safer to use. Multiple experiments looks to check, and no injuries were report in the tests.


Water balloons are a great fun to play with in the summer. With plastic and rubber balloons, pollution risks increase. Following the silicone and other reusable materials in the construction of these balloons Reusable water balloons are easier to use with their magnetic suction abilities and auto-refilling features. These are environmentally friendly and come with a warranty for the reusable feature. These are greater fun additions for the summer seasons that are now accessible to everyone.


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