Mpow h10 wireless Headphones Complete Review

Mpow h10 wireless Headphones Complete Review

Are you looking for the best headphones? In case of features and price mpow h10 wireless will be a worthy buying for you.  These are designed according to their comfort and high battery life, which lasts for 30 hours. They are wireless and easy to connect. With the 90° rotatable feature, they will be the best product for you that have the most comfortable headband. These are affordable and easier to use. There is the feature of a wireless mic and noise reading capability up to 32dB.

With 4.6 ratings on Amazon, this is a reliable and tested device. Within this blog post, you will be able to learn about its features, a comparison, and the pros and cons of this product. That will be helpful for you to decide whether it will be suitable for you or not.

mpow h10 wireless
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What are the best features to enjoy in a mpow h10 wireless

1. ANC dual mic technology

These headphones give you access to selecting the features of feed forward and feedback. It’s a dual-mic technology that reduces the noise up to 32dB. That’s why you can enjoy your favorite tracks during your long trips, such as on a bus, in an aero plane, or during busy office routines. However, there is a unique feature that doesn’t eliminate the human voice.

2. Stable battery life

Its battery life ensures that you can use it for 30 hours. It’s the huge battery life that is actually making the music moments more special. Hence, it is more convenient for you that you just need to charge it once, and you can easily enjoy its functioning for up to a week. However, the ANC feature will be unavailable for you when the battery is dead.

3. Wired mode 

You can also enjoy the wired mode functionality of this device as well. You can use the cable wire to connect to these. However, mpow h10 wireless gives you the opportunity to go wireless, but you can still enjoy these features.

4. Comfortable wear

It offers maximum comfort for its users. For making it more comfortable, its headband is organized using engineering for improved functioning. These features include protein ear pads that are soft and enlarged, with less clamping force. These air pads are introduced using a feature of 90° rotatable. That’s why these will fit smoothly on your head.

5. Amazing sound technology

The car’s Bluetooth feature ensures high sound quality. There would be the most powerful option of a deep bass sound. It has a 40mm driver unit that is established in its hi-fi technology.

mpow h10 wireless
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6. Connectivity strength

It makes it easier through its Bluetooth to connect easily.  With the feature of installing the Bluetooth with the chip CSR8635, it makes a more stable connection. It will give you a kind of experience that will never get old. Without any kind of hurdle like connectivity problems or disconnecting issues, you can enjoy its fast functioning.

7. A noise-cancelling microphone

It will provide clear quality for the calls. There is the feature of the CVC 6.0 built-in experience for the clear call qualities.

8. Guaranty and support features

It will also provide a warranty. It will give you the 2-year guarantee as well. Also, It offers a 45-day money-back option as well.

Structure and designing of mpow h10 wireless

Style and comfort

With an amazing generic look, it doesn’t give you a glossy but a plasticky appearance. Its headband is also comfortably padded. They are only available in one color. They are considered to be more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. The side paddings are actually more comfortable and equally distributed, while some people see them as being tight on the head.

mpow h10 wireless
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There you will have the music, volume, and call control options. You can also turn on and off the noise cancellation control. It will have a decent physical appearance. There is a clickable buttons on the side of the ear. However, these buttons are placed one after another, which means you need to check and press the button that you actually want to use.

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Ear cups and headband

There is a headband available with the foldable facilities. That’s why it is easier to use with more comfortable access. Swivelling ear cups are available in it. These all things can be easily placed in its carrying pouch. This will be a protective and compact storage feature for them. The headband is soft, and it will provide a better experience with less clamping force.


Its width is 5.5, height is 3.3, length is 6.5, and volume is 118 in3. These are not considered to be very portable. You can also easily carry them, however, in the neck region. They are not coming or making the hard case available in order to protect them.


These will not be recommended for use if you are using them during the sport. These are not ideal because, during the sports activities, you sweat more than usual. They take up a fair heat amount under your ears.  That’s why you will feel a considerable amount of heat change after wearing them.


These are comfortable, but they are not very stable, as you don’t use them during physical activities. However, the style will eliminate the risk of sticking the wires within it.

Over-ear control

There are over-the-ear control features that can be used in mpow h10 wireless. You can easily adjust the basic controls from these controlling buttons. You can easily keep a check on and manage the incoming calls from these controls. Also, You can easily adjust the volume and also enjoy the feature of changing tracks. This will gives the best opportunity to manage hand free calls as there you will be going to found the microphone built in feature.

Over-ear control
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Enlarged protein ear pads

There are the 90° rotatable features that are present in its ear pads. These are present with the fully wrapped feature and provide a more comfortable experience. These ear pads are actually giving the best experience through the fit in head feature.

Charging guides for mpow h10 wireless

A constant blue light blinking indicates a strong connection and establishes Bluetooth connections. However, it is easier to charge, and you can use them for a week. It usually takes 2 to 3 hours for a complete charge. Once you make connections to the electricity, you need to check that it is charging or not. There is also an indicator that will inform you once the charging is complete. You will see the red light indicator within it that will show you when you need to disconnect it, and it will be fully charged. You can easily check the battery percentage of the headphones on your mobile, tablet, or any other device to which they are connected. The battery percentage will appear on your device after the Bluetooth connection.

Comparison of mpow h10 wireless with other headphones

The MPOW H10 wireless headphones are a versatile addition. You can further check the qualities of other headphones and compare them in order to select your best headphone.

1. Comparison with MPOW EM12 Wireless Earphone

They both are of different designs and have different uses. The EM12 is a single ear bud that is found to be a mono Bluetooth headset. These are truly intended for the purpose of maintaining phone calls. However, the mpow h10 wireless model is designed in an innovative way. These are wireless and have a rotatable headband. This one is easier to use and more comfortable to use in a noisy environment. There is a built-in microphone in these, and this is the model with the over-the-ear style.

2. Comparison with the MPOW H5 wireless

In terms of design and features, the H10 model is more comfortable to use. H5 style is a little bit better than H10. However, in the case of managing sounds and quality wise, the bass is more balanced. However, in the 5 model, you have the option to connect it to two devices at a time, which is not available in the 10 model.

3. Comparison with the Cowin E7 Wireless

The H10 model headphones are considered to be better than the E7 wireless. Ad due to their soft paddling they are best to wear for the longer time periods.  However, the E7’s best qualities, including its beauty, are far more than the H10.

Pros and cons of mpow h10 wireless


These are the products that are not too expensive and are affordable.

You will be able to get a 24-month warranty.

You will get the high-quality product for sure because it is available at a lower price.

Its style is innovative in that it has a foldable design feature. It’s easier to carry due to its design.

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In case of longer time usage, these products are not good and comfortable.

Most of the time, it seems to be difficult to connect multiple devices with it.

Its design seems a little cheap for the price.

The design of mpow h10 wireless would be more helpful when you have a nearby charger for your mobile.

During the background noise, wearing them makes it difficult to hear what other people are saying.

What you will get in the box of mpow h10 wireless?

In the box, you will get the following essentials:

1. USB charging cable (micro in structure)

2. A carrying pouch

3. MPOW-H10 wireless

4. Manuals

5.8″ TRS audio cable

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Important notes 

  • With an ambient noise (low frequency environment), it shows its maximum working. For example, it sounds like engine or motor noise.
  • Its active noise cancellation function will be unavailable when its battery is dead. However, you can connect the audio cable to your headphones and device for listening to pure music.
  • You can use it in both wireless and non-wireless modes. However, this feature is unavailable when the battery is low or dead.

Frequently asked questions

1. How do I connect my mpow h10 wireless?

Go to the Bluetooth settings of your MPOW H10 wireless, where there is an audible confirmation. After which the blinking of the blue light will indicate the connection.

2. Is mpow h10 wireless a reliable brand?

These kinds of headphones are actually highly rated and found to be comfortable for the users. It has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon. You can check out the 16,000 customer reviews on the Amazon page.

3. Why are your headphones not working?

Check out its battery to see if it is charged. Make sure that there is a wire connecting the power supply and headphones. If you don’t see any glowing red lights in the headphones, try to re-plug and recharge your headphones.

4. Is MPOW a Chinese brand?

Yes, it is located in China (Guandong, Longgang).

Concluding thoughts

Headphones are good to use for listening to music. The mpow h10 wireless headphones will be a good fit for you if you are not going to use them during sports. Its structural properties make it easier to use. You can easily control the functioning of calls, music, and other features, which is also good. Its battery is good, and you can enjoy it for up to 30 hours after charging it. It can be used wirelessly or with wires. However, they are not so good to use as portables. With its mic properties and noise-cancelling properties, it will be a good choice for hearing music.



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