What are Amazon Liquidation Store? Top Stores In USA

What are Amazon Liquidation Store? Top Stores In USA

Amazon Liquidation stores are those that will give out colossal discounts on their prices. These stores will include all the products that were returned, overstocked, and unsold on Amazon. These products are now packed again and available to shop in the liquidation store. You can shop a myriad of items from this store. It will surely assure you that you are spending in the right way. This article will be based on its importance, working, and all of the details that you are looking for.

How to buy the Amazon liquidation store pallets?

The overstocked, unsold, and returned items on Amazon are again packed and sold through this platform. You can purchase it all easily in this bulk quantity. These products will be in newer condition, and sometimes you won’t find them in proper packaging. If you are looking to purchase its liquidation pallets, you can do it in a few ways.

1st option: You can directly purchase it from Amazon. For that purpose, you will be able to check out the list of the currently available inventory before buying anything. Its downside is that it will continue to change quickly due to its quickly sold-out products.

2nd option: you can buy these from third-party retailers. That’s why these stores are also available with discounts and at whole sale prices. These include the returned products and overstocked items on Amazon. For that you must need to cross check the description before ordering Amazon liquidation pallets about its damage or other issues.

3rd option: You can purchase it from online sites, including Craigslist and eBay. You must check and read all the return policies and other details before bidding on it.

Things to keep in mind before purchasing Amazon liquidation store pallets

When you are shopping with other vendors or third parties, you should proceed with caution. This is important to follow to avoid being scammed. You can also expect the products from it that will be available in low quality.  If all other methods fail to sell it, you can directly ask the company that made the liquidation returns to sell it themselves without any third-party reseller’s involvement. These 3rd party resellers will add their profit charges and additional markups on it. However, if you follow the above three options with caution, you will find good-quality products on the liquidation pallets.

How to order through the Amazon liquidation store?

All the products are sold in specific quantities. These are displayed on the website with limited prices and time sets. The prices are fixed, and there is no customization option available. On the listing page, you can check the full details of the product, including its quantity, item description, and price. Although the orders are limited to one lot, in the case of multiple lots, the order will automatically be considered cancelled.

Amazon and Its Returns On Amazon pallets

Whenever customers resend or not except the products, they are returned to Amazon. That’s why they will be sent to the fulfillment center department. At this place, these are sorted out after a complete inspection. Also, Depends on its quality these will be repackaged again or either it will be returned to its manufacturer.

Any deemed unfit items will be sent to the Amazon liquidation store, where they are organized and sold at a discounted price in bulk. When you order it, you might find it in the best quality. Sometimes the packaging is less than the standard packaging feature. It is clear that you are going to purchase overstocked and open-box products.

Amazon pallet sale products

These sale products can be worthy of purchase. You can find a huge product range on it. Most of the products are of good quality and are returned or overstocked. These are free-shipping products. Through its convenience, you can save on shipping costs. There are 3 possible conditions for the products that are;

  • New, unused products
  • Like new (pre-owned) products
  • Repaired products (refurbished)

When you don’t find the expected product, you can proceed with the store’s return policy. If you wanted to work as a reseller on these products, it would be profitable for you.

Shipping & Delivery Methodology

The bulk orders from the Amazon liquidation store came palletized. There is no fixed guarantee for its arrival, and it will be dispatched after 14 days of ordering. Also, It is not necessary that all your orders be packed and sent together. When the order is dispatched, you will receive the tracking information and expected delivery date too.

Returns and refund features

All these liquidation products are not eligible for any replacements, refunds, or returns.

Liquidation fee for Amazon

First of all, you need to pay the processing fee. It varies from product to product.

Items under 0.5lbs = $0.25

Oversized 10lbs = $1.90

Similarly, For any oversized product, whether it is footwear, Jewellery, watches, or any other items that weigh more than 10 pounds, you need to pay $1.90 as a processing fee. However, it doesn’t count the 15% liquidation referral fee from Amazon that is also applied to your order.

Buying and selling Amazon liquidation store pallets business idea

It is a great idea to make money. However, the amount paid depends on a few factors, which are as follows:

  • Quality of items

For more profit and selling experience, try to buy products that have minor defects and are in good condition.

  • Selling method

When you sell it through Craigslist and eBay, you will have a lower price with a higher profit margin. When you sell it through a partnership website, you will have a lower profit margin.

  • Market demand

You must ensure the market demand of the product that you are buying. Similarly, You need to do some research and put in effort and time before buying it for a profitable business experience.

10 Preferable Amazon Liquidation Store Near me in USA

Most of the retail shops are converting themselves to liquidation pallets. These are the companies with more than 10 years of experience. Globally, they ship to more than 120 countries. So here is the list of these 10 stores:

Serial No. Best stores
Via trading
Continental wholesale
Direct liquidation
888 Lots
Merchandize liquidators

Frequently asked questions

Q. How much is an Amazon pallet?

The pricing of these pallets varies according to the liquidation website. Few prices are fix while most run through liquidation auctions. Most often, it ranges from $100 to $5,000.

Q. How to contact liquidations store customer service?

For any questions or customer service, you can contact bulk-liquidations-beta@amazon.com.

Q. What is the liquidation fee on Amazon?

First of all, you need to pay the processing fee, which ranges from $0.25 to $1.90.

Final Thoughts

When products returns, overstocking occurs. Amazon offers discounted deals for it. Similarly, Amazon liquidation store pallets are best for people who are looking for a business to run or bulk products to purchase at a discounted price. Through different websites, you can also order these products that are display for a limited time.

In a Meanwhile, You can make your purchase from direct stores, 3rd party resellers, and online websites. Also, you won’t get any refund or return policy through this purchase. For more ecommerce market data must visit techstarlink. Don’t forget to subscribe our social pages to stay tuned. thanks!



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