Tyceratops Onlyfans Star: A Complete Money Making Story

Tyceratops Onlyfans Star: A Complete Money Making Story


Tyceratops is a content creator on OnlyFans, a social media-based website on Instagram that lets users sell their followers to various brands and companies. He earns from his painting and also recommends others. He learned the art of making money through experiences. Quality is his priority which attracts others. Apart from this, commenting, liking and being active on the website helps to build relationships with potential donors The user created his account in 2013 while selling more than 1000 followers in a month. He concluded that selling and creating content on OnlyFans was the best source of earning. Creating social media account is a hefty task especially, if you are working alone.

Who is Tyceratops?

Tyceratops is not only an actor but also a content creator. The world also knows him as the only adult male member of Only Fans. He is also responsible for producing the entire content on the site. He started off by generating funny memes and later shifted to video content. Also, He has uploaded popular videos on the site. Apart from this, another action that he performs is collaborating with other Only Fans members for creating funny shorts. He is a hilarious and a jolly person, and this same sense is reflected from his videos, that can surely make you laugh. More samples of his work are visible on Only Fans page.

As a content creator, he has also gained insight into how to make money. Hi first and foremost recommendation is to create high-quality content. He believes that people appreciate content that has valuable insights and information. They may also give donations if you provide them with information that they want to see.

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Physical Appearance

Eye ColorBrown
Weight190 lbs
Hair ColorBlack
TattoosYes, on his chest and arms

Beginning of an Incredible Career of Tyceratops

Tyceratops commenced as an artist who had a broad vision to utilize his aptitude and skill for earning. He concluded that creation of Only Fans and selling them was the best source to make money and polish his skills. Now he earns from his painting and also recommends other artist to do same.

Tyceratops recommends his followers to follow his golden footsteps as follows:

  1. To start earning on OnlyFans you first need to create quality work.
  2. When the art piece is ready, you must chalk down ways to sell it.
  3. One of the ways to sell you art is by using marketing tools provided by OnlyFans.
  4. You can also take help of other platforms i.e., sell your content on other sites as well but OnlyFans is more reliable and user-friendly in this regard.
  5. Don’t lose hope. Stick with your plan as it takes both efforts and time. But at the end, it is all worth it.

The Business Model Behind OnlyFans

The business concept behind OnlyFans is quite simple. It is focused on the theme that the primary key of success are the fans. More the fans, more the success. This means that the company sell products and services directly to their consumers based on a monthly subscription plan. Another tactic that he uses is selling advertising space on his social media platform and website.

So far, the company realized that its fan base is supportive and occupied. This helps to reach a new height of sales both offline and online. Resultantly, this comprehensive business model lets his generate a hefty income through operations. Tyceratops use this plateform to earn more.

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source: buzzfeednews.com

How to Get Started on Only Fans?

In order to start earing on OnlyFan you must have all the ingredients for it. Your content must look productive and professional. Great content earns you big money and attracts more fans. You must invest in the following requirements to deliver the best content quality.

  1. A good camera
  2. Basic Lightning
  3. A tripod to keep camera steady
  4. Video editing software

After acquiring all the necessary resources for producing the best content, its time to setup your OnlyFan account.

  1. Create an account: Create your account and then follow the protocols for getting your bank account details and verifying the data.
  2. Create a name: Most user prefer their names for the account. Instead you must choose and easy username.
  3. Set up the page: After that you will customize your landing page. Your top content must be easily visible.
  4. Create and promote your content: Use various tools and channels to promote your content and get a reach of maximum people.

Decision to make Tyceratops his full time income source

When Tyceratops started his journey, just like any other beginner, he had no clue about what to expect from this platform. He was clueless but he remained consistent. Also, He followed the platform for a while and was thrilled by the idea of following and supporting his favorite artists. He thought that it was an amazing way to connect with his favorite artists and ultimately, felt like he was part of their community.

It was then that he realized that it was easy to become an OnlyFans creator. You just need two things to make this happen: creativity and a huge number of followers. At once, he began creating alluring content and consequently managed to build huge fan following. Now he earns huge amounts of money by putting ads on his account and selling sponsored posts.

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Important Success Tips for Content Creators on OnlyFans

OnlyFans offers numerous money making opportunities but overnight success is not always necessary. Following tips may help you become successful and open numerous doors for earning.

Promote your content:

You cant always rely on other to find you and earn you something. Use social media platforms and other services to promote your content till a large portion of people have access to it.

Be unique:

You are not the only one who is creating the content. Try to be different from others by using vast innovations in your work.

Post and interact consistently:

Never stop working on your content. Once you have produced something. Start working on another project. Keep producing the content regularly.

Be Patient:

Some people may think that they will achieve everything overnight. If you want to earn on this platform you must take time to earn fame, produce the content regularly, grow your subscribers and then reach the top.

Listen to your fans:

Fans are everything in this field. Their opinions and demand is on top priority. Your content must fulfill the thirst of your audience if you want to survive in this field.

Average Income Expectations for an OnlyFans Creator

As an OnlyFans creator, you can expect to make an average of #3600 oer month. This amount usually varies and solely depends on the engagement on your content and your social media reach. However, this is not a fixed figure. This means, you can earn even more with it. To boost your income, there is a huge list of tools and techniques that your can use to achieve this goal.

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Pros and Cons of Pursuing OnlyFans As a Full-time Job


  1. The foremost advantage is having complete control and authority over your work schedule. You will not be bound or answerable to anyone. Ultimately, there will be no pressure of deadlines or any other work-related constraints.
  2. Secondly, you get the creative advantage of working for your own benefits instead of working under someone else and pleasing others.
  3. Finally, working as a full-time OnlyFans creator like tyceratops, you can also ensure financial gains. You can earn a handsome amount from your online presence.


  1. In order to maintain the audience, consistently producing high quality content is necessary.
  2. Secondly having a sole lead and hold over your work can also someone be irritating and annoying.
  3. Lastly, making a living through online content creation may also demand consistency and dedication to work.

How do tyceratops make money from OnlyFans?

He is a social media businessman who mints money through online subscription services and advertisements. He sells advertisements space on his website and then offers a subscription service enabling the users to gain access to exclusive content.

The company also has merchandise such as t-shirts and hats for sale. To make healthy income, Tyceratops depends on ads from organizations and brands that want to have a huge audience in their pocket. Moreover, the company has charges on exclusive content such as Q&A sessions with celebrities and live-streaming shows.

Tyceratops – A Misunderstood person

Triceratops is an OnlyFans creator, however, he is misunderstood for an animal names as “Triceratops”. Most of the times, when people search on google, they land on Wikipedia page of the animal and end up getting confused. So, he is not to be confused with the animal. He is a famous OnlyFans content creator. But, as there is less shared about him, therefore, people confuse him with a dinosaur.

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