Bidet Converter Kit | Complete Review of this Revolutionary Product

Bidet Converter Kit | Complete Review of this Revolutionary Product

You’re tired since your home doesn’t have modern toilets, right? If so, it’s time to upgrade old toilets to the newest, better toilets with a bidet converter kit. By installing a bidet conversion kit, you can maintain your personal cleanliness and preserve the air quality in your home.

To save money, you can turn a regular toilet into a bidet seat. You’ve come to the right site if you’re interested in learning more about bidet converter kits and their benefits.

Are you wondering what is a Bidet?

A bidet is a bathroom item with a form similar to a toilet bowl. The main purpose of a bidet is to increase genital cleanliness by using water. Because it contains a drainage aperture and a stream of water that is plumbed in, the present version complies with local sanitation laws as a plumbing fitting. It encourages personal hygiene and is applied prior to and following sexual intercourse. Today, bidets are required by law in every bathroom with a toilet bowl in a number of European nations.

What is a Bidet Converter Kit?

The purpose of the three primary types of bidet conversion kits is to rinse you off with water after using the restroom.

The most fundamental converter kit is a hand-held water-powered sprayer. A non-electric toilet seat and an electric toilet seat are the two different styles of toilet seat attachments. The electric version contains amenities like hot water and a warm-air dry function, but the non-electric alternative only provides a basic cleaning.

Most users of bidet converter kits claim that the toilet seat accessory makes them feel cleaner and more refreshed than using toilet paper. Others assert that it is a more comfortable choice for new mothers and people with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

bidet converter kit

Who Invented bidet converter kit?

French furniture designers are said to have been the first to use the name “bidet,” which is French for “pony,” in the late 17th century. However, neither the name of the creator nor the precise year of the invention is known.

Since pills have become the preferred method of contraception, it is thought that one of the bidet’s original uses was as a method of contraception.

In the US, John Harvey Kellogg applied in 1928 for a Patent on an “anal douche.” He used the phrase to describe a device that was similar to what is now known as a bidet nozzle attached to a toilet and was used to do anal washing with water. An electronic bidet with names like clean sense, infinity, and galaxy, as well as novice and non-electric ones like Go bidet, was launched in Japan at the beginning of the 1980s.

Setting Up Your New bidet converter kit

The process of installing a toilet is challenging. It involves some building construction, electrical work, and plumbing. The majority of individuals, however, don’t know how to install a toilet correctly. which leads to leaks or clogged drains. You can follow the instructions on this page to install your new bidet.

To aid in cleaning the anal area while using the toilet, a bidet can be built nearby. After each use, it typically includes an extendable nozzle that sprays water onto the perineum. Before defecating, the water spray helps clean the rectum and anus, which can lessen the risk of fecal incontinence.

The first step in installing your new bidet is to choose the location for it on the wall or floor of your bathroom. This decision should be made before you buy your bidet. The bidet will often be placed to the wall, and the water supply will either be connected to your toilet or to an overflow pipe that joins with a floor drain.


  • Get rid of the outdated toilet seat.
  • Your toilet’s water supply should be shut off.
  • Connect the T-Valve to the supply line of your current toilet.
  • Secure the bidet and toilet seat to the toilet.
  • Join the water supply to the bidet.

Best Brands for Bidet Converter Kits

1. Tushy

The well-known company Tushy sells bidets that let you wash your butts after using the restroom, depending on what the consumer requires. They provide sleek, modern designs that adhere to the most recent bathroom design trends. The only business that offered assistance in running affairs while the toilet paper sector was having problems was Tushy. A bamboo toilet paper attachment that is quick to dry and easy to clean is available from Tushy. They provide bamboo toilet paper, toilet brushes, and toilet stools for the comfort of the patron.

2. Cascade

This is a very luxury brand that is only accessible to people who have at least $1,000 to spend on a bidet seat. Built-in deodorizers are always taken care of, and additional advantages include comfortable warm water washing and drying options.


Toto uses top-notch components and flushing systems to create the best inexpensive conversion kits. They have a reputable track record in the toilet industry.

A Buying Guide for a Bathroom Bidet Converter Kit

While there are numerous types of bidets accessible both online and offline, getting the best converter kit on a tight budget is not easy. When purchasing a bidet upgrade kit, there are a few key considerations that must be made. Continue reading to learn more about the model type, size, and pricing that you require.

1. Toilet Design

You must know what sort of toilet is currently installed in your bathroom before buying a bidet converter kit. It is important to establish if the toilet is fixed-height or not. If the restroom has a fixed-height toilet, installing a bidet converter is not necessary.

2. Bidet varieties

Modern bidets come in a variety of models. Modern design bidets are being sought after to modernize bathrooms. Here, a few of the types are covered:

  • Self-contained bidet

This outdated bidet model is permanently mounted to the toilet’s following step. Bidets that are freestanding lack an appropriate flow system. They contain water that could spill outside the bowl. They have the appearance of a big basin with a deep sink.

bidet converter kit

  • Powered Bidets

Most modern folks prefer the bidet’s computerized version. Its size and design are suitable for the most recent infrastructure. They can order with extra amenities including warm seats, dryers, and computerized bells.

Japanese folks typically utilize this toilet item. Japanese toilet seats are so-called because of this. Women are advised to use this chair since they need warm water for feminine hygiene.

  • portable bidet

A form of nozzle placed close to the toilet is known as a portable bidet and is also known as a bidet shower. This toilet attachment typically sits close to your private area and helps clean your genitalia and anus. Your private areas can cleaned by the water pressure, and your body can made to smell clean and new.

Handheld bidets are preferred by regular people since they are convenient and affordable solutions.

bidet converter kit

This type of bidet has a hot water piping system that is typically found in freestanding built-in bidets and shower bidets. A heated water seat is a nice illustration of an electronic bidet.

3. Size

When buying toilet accessories, most people don’t consider size, but it’s an important factor to take into account. If you require a tiny size, bear in mind that the hose and sprayer head is also available in that size. If your bathroom has extra space, choose a large size.

4. Water Force

Before ordering a bidet converter, water pressure is a crucial consideration. Purchase a bidet with adjustable features so you may change the water pressure to suit your needs.

5. Installation Simplicity

Kits for converters must be simple to install. You may easily install the bidet converter without calling a plumber if you can manage any bathroom fixture.

What Potential dangers Do Bidet Converter Kits Pose?

The converter leaking is typically the first risk that springs to mind. Installing new water lines in place of old, damaged ones will eliminate this risk element. Water lines are 8 to 9 years old on average. Pipelines must replaced after this time.

Call a licensed plumber to confirm the proper installation procedure if you want to ensure a secure installation. Always go with metal pipelines rather than shoddy plastic lines. A Wi-Fi-enabled water leak alarm can installed. It aids in alerting us to any subsurface leaks.

Based on our investigation, we’ll show you the top bidet converter kits available on Amazon.

  • Sprayer for Purrefectzone

This attachment is not electrical. The Purrefectzone handheld bidet sprayer is very simple to assemble and operate. Without assistance from a professional, you may accomplish this product’s installation within ten minutes. This bidet sprayer can mounted on the wall or on the toilet.

How should I use a portable bidet converter kit?

Your task will simpler and less stressful with the Purrefectzone bidet sprayer. Your work will make immensely simple after you have install this non-electric attachment on your toilet. You can easily wash your dog, clean your child, and clean a lot more with water spray. This handheld portable sprayer’s complete adjustability, which gives you complete control over the water spray pressure, is another fantastic feature. Pressing the leveler will give you the desired water pressure whether you want to increase or decrease it.

You won’t ever use toilet paper again after installing the Purrefectzone handheld bidet sprayer in your bathroom. You can save money by purchasing this non-electric item from Amazon, and you can also help the environment.


  • It is easy to set up and operate
  • Completely customizable item
  • Beautiful wash experience
  • stainless steel is use to make
  • 99% of toilets in the US can fit it.
  • Affordable
  • Leakproof

120 LUXE Bidet Neo

Another intriguing item from Amazon. The LUXE Bidet Neo 120 is the finest option if you want a bidet that offers excellent performance, longevity, and the greatest aesthetics. This attachment is not electrical. Its modern style and superior construction materials will enhance the appearance of your toilet as a whole. This bidet converter kit will survive for a very long time because it is comprise of high-quality pressure valves, steel hoses, and ceramic cores rather than plastic. These characteristics distinguish this item from comparable ones that you can get on Amazon.

Your experience with sanitation will improve by the hygienic nozzle guard gate it is equipe with. The nozzle automatically retracts behind the guard gate after each wash to keep it secure until the next use. LUXE Bidet Neo 120 is also exceedingly simple to install. You receive all the necessary tools, parts, and instructions to quickly assemble and operate your bidet.


  • Simple and quick to set up
  • environmentally responsible goods
  • Durable
  • lux appearance
  • Affordable
  • Excellent Nozzle System Excellent Washing Experience
  • changing the water pressure
  • Simple to use

SB-1000 power chair

The Smart Bidet SB-1000 electric bidet seat is the only option if you’re seeking for comfort, convenience, and durability. This bidet has oscillation for both men and women as well as a multipurpose, self-cleaning nozzle. Additionally, it has 5 nozzle locations, 2 water temperatures, and 5 adjustable water pressure. This indicates that the bidet settings can modify to meet your needs.

The SB-1000 electric bidet seat from Smart Bidet created with convenience and comfort in mind. The hot seat is with three degrees of adjustment, and an on/Off skin sensor ensures that the bidet only operates when someone is sat on it. Additionally, it has a warm air dryer with 5 programmable levels that does away with the need for toilet paper.

Despite featuring a warm air dryer, the Smart Bidet SB-1000 electric bidet seat is energy-efficient because of its energy-saving mode. Also, simple to install, is it?


  • many washes option
  • simple nozzle system energy effective
  • Simple installation Comfy product
  • Durable
  • Flexible Features
  • Simple to use

Final Remarks

The usage of a bidet converter kit is without a doubt the best way to improve the cleanliness and freshness of the environment. I hope you read everything that must consider about this product. You can now choose the bidet model that most closely matches your requirements. You could purchase the Slim Edge Simple Bidet Toilet Attachment for your bathroom if you want a simple, reliable bidet with a superior design.

The bidet seat is one of the more well-known elements of toilet accessories nowadays. People feel comfortable washing their hands properly after using the restroom. Most people nevertheless decide to buy this item even when they have no installation skills. To see the difference, pick up one of the hygienic items. For more info of such amazing products must visit



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