White Truffle Strain: All You Need To Know

White Truffle Strain: All You Need To Know

Do you want to know about white truffle strain? If yes then go down to know in depth.

Phenotypically, it is gorilla butter. The most unusual strain carrying an onion-like flavor and a good beer time pairing is presented in the form of the white truffle strain. Due to its aromatic texture and stress relief feature, it is also highly useful. With the benefits for relaxation, it also has some negative points that will cause dryness in the eyes, dizziness, and frequent headaches.

This article will be based on its complete review, which will include its physical appearance, effects, negative points, and overall review.

What is White Truffle Strain?

It is a hybrid production of marijuana strains. This will immediately hit the head, where it will affect your mind and provide relaxation. People who tried white truffle strains explained that they found them a little buzzy and aromatic. This is helpful to treat fatigue and stress. In appearance, it will have a black look due to the presence of purple foliage. Most of it comes from Michigan. In terms of flavor, they will taste earthy and savory.

  • Feed Flavors: Nutty, Butter Type, and Skunk
  • Feelings: aroused, tingly, and relaxed
  • Negatives: dry eyes, headache, dizziness
  • Helps in: pain, stress, anxiety
  • Price: from $260-$280 for a full ounce.

Hybrid combination

It smokes very strongly. It is a hybrid compound that is mostly indica. Also, It is a hybrid compound that is actually formed by crossing two compounds. It is formed due to the crossing of peanut butter and gorilla butter. Due to this hybrid combination, it will have a good taste and smell. Almost there is 95 percent of it are drenched in a purple color. Connoisseurs make them too popular among them. It is highly potent and amazing.

Integration of white truffle strain components and appearance

In white truffles, the major item is the presence of terpenes. In terpenes, Caryophyllene (pepper), humulene (hoppy), and limone (citrus) are found.

  • Physical appearance

These strains are sharp. In terms of density, they possess average density. There leaves will be turned in to the purple colors.  It carries the clays; these will surely become the appearance of grape yoghurt type dollops.

  • Flavor

From the skunky type and nutty mouth feel they have, they have a taste like butter in them. The flavor and taste will be long-lasting. It will give the lingering longer flavor too.  You will find that the smelly taste of onions will stay with you longer.

  • Smell

In appearance, it feels like it is carrying a smell that feels like a sweet and acidic taste. However, the white truffle strain tastes like sour split candy. An onion-like smell is predicted in it. There are other aromas, including savory and nutty, that will get to the buttery end.

Things to keep in mind before purchasing white truffle strain

  • Always try to buy high-quality products.
  • Try to choose a brand that supplies high-quality white truffles.
  • Try to buy from legal stores.
  • Whenever you are going to buy, whether you are looking for its flowers, extracts, or white truffles, always buy from the legal selling points.
  • When you buy from a better brand higher the product you will find.

Effects of the white truffle strain

Mental relaxation is necessary to overcome the challenges of life. You can easily do hard work for hours, but rest is important too. Right after your hectic routine and workouts, your body will become weaker with time. That’s why rest is also an important medication for normal functioning. That’s why you might feel it to be a good hangover dose for your relaxation. This will be a perfect addition to your body for the wolf-like workout and for your busy routine. That’s why it is necessary to lower the pressure on your mind and helpful to reduce stress as well.

  • Therapeutic effects

It proves the best results in the removal of stress. It has benefits related to insomnia, pain, glaucoma, muscular spasms, inflammation, and other effects, too. Due to the limonene, the major terpene content, this will make your mind relaxed.

  • Stress-relieving agent

It actually considers an amount of CBN and CBD. It usually takes place in the afternoon. Whenever a stressful day passes, the smokers need something for their relaxation. That’s why this type of white truffle strain is taken as a remedy for the kinds of stress that you experienced.

Through this, the users might also feel tingly sensations. It is a dose that first feels over your mind, but slowly it will start to affect your whole body. That’s why these are found to be useful as relaxation therapy. It is a mood-lifting system. It provides a renowned energy to the body. When taken in large amounts, it will make you sleep.

Where can you easily find this?

Mile High Dispensary, the Dispensary Littleton, Ajoya, Strawberry Fields, Little Brown House, Golden Meds, Bonfire Cannabis, Nature’s Kiss, the Dispensary Littleton, Karing Kind, and on other points as well.

How to grow the white truffle strain

They show best growth in semi-humid, warm conditions. You can easily grow them in an indoor or outdoor environment. There will be deep purple leaves with black borders. However, in foliage, it is decorated with the green nuggets that are available with the coating of white trichomes whose leaves are creeping throughout the surface.

Image source: respectmyregion.com

Flowering time

With the supply of nutrients, care, and conditions, white truffle strain plants will move towards flowering within 60–65 days. You can harvest them in October.


Flowering durationAbout 60-64 days
Yield14 OZ per square feet


Flowering timeAbout 60-64
Yield17 OZ per square feet

Adverse reactions of the white truffle strain (of marijuana)

Although it provides the functions on the body that a person needs, it also has some adverse reactions. It can be used any time even can be consumed in the social gatherings.  However, there are some cautions that you need to follow. These are heavy strains that can be consumed with caution.

Especially people with lightweights and newbies should proceed with caution. It may be dangerous for you to suddenly consume such a heavy amount. You need to stay hydrated while consuming it. It will cause permanent redness in the eyes. You should not need to mix it with alcohol. Especially people who are affected by green fever should avoid it.


Q. What is the white truffle strain?

It is known as phenotypically introduced gorilla butter. It’s considered to be a famous hybrid creation of gorilla glue crossed with peanut butter breath.

Q. Is white truffle a sativa or indica?

It is found to have an indica-dominant nature phenotypically. It will produce shorter plants through this heritage.

Q. Is truffle oil Halal?

These truffle mushrooms themselves were found to be Halal. But in actuality, these are harvested using pigs and dogs, which is why their actual status is confusing.


After a hectic work routine, it’s also important to relax your body and brain. For that purpose, the hybrid production of white truffle strains is also useful. Through using them, you can make yourself stress- and fatigue-free and consume them at any time. Its growth period varies from indoors to outdoors. In order to use them, you should proceed with caution. It also has side effects that include red eyes, dizziness, and other minor issues.



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