kalashtar Race, Appearance, Names & Charactors Complete Info

kalashtar Race, Appearance, Names & Charactors Complete Info

Do you know who Kalashtar is? What qualities do they possess? Meanwhile, they are a compound race. They have double-minded abilities due to the spirits. They are actually the product of the union of renegade spirits and humans. Meanwhile, they also have alien characters and features alongside.

Within a single frame, these 2 different modes of features apparently, they are humans with more prominent angular features. They possess glowing eyes, different languages than humans, and control over emotions.

Appearance And Characters Of Kalashtar

Apparently, they look more or less similar to human beings. However, they have more angular faces or other features comparatively. Usually they are tall, with pretty standards and thin sides. They possess some monster’s senses, and that’s why they are more unemotional. In cases of full emotions, they still look like half of the total. Whenever they have an overflow of emotions, you can see it in their fainted eyes. There were quori spirits that started to overshadow. They seem attractive to other individuals through their eyes and legs. Moreover, these Quori spirits are actually invisible, and they are dreamlike.

Character Creation Points For Kalashtar

So that’s why, whenever you feel the urge to develop their characters, try to spend time on their Quori Spirit’s reading as well. It means you have to show two personalities in a single frame. For that purpose, you also need to develop some basic searches and find answers to a few questions as well. You have to pay attention to things like;

  • Find out that either these two halves remain intact or are split.
  • Explore your ability to disagree with something.
  • Either their motivations changed with time or remained the same.
  • Find out if your Kalashtar communicates within the temple or on the streets without any guidance.

Haunted By Nightmares

They evil spirits sometimes start to gain control. Most of the Kalashtar start to cover this situation by thinking and dreaming about the light and having faith. Eventually they can start to live in close-knit communities as well. They can utilize it for their personal growth. Most of them can’t even try to escape from dreaming and fear.

Kalashtar Names

Like others, their names also consist of two parts. The first part of the name is due to the personal traits of a kalashtar. However, the other name is form according to the Quori spirit. So there names are usually form of 2-3 syllable with neutral name properties.  Moreover, the orphans in Kalashtar do not know about the communication with spirits. That’s why they possess human names.


Telishara, Hiztech, Biyaulad, Konari, Tozoss, Chizon, Zederra, Vonere, Khulad, Durreilk

Quori Spirit Names

Ozen, Reilk, Derra, Ulad, Shara, Ghas, Zoss, Tash, Nere, Tai, and Rai

Dnd 5e Kalistar Traits

Moreover, your characters will either have the racial traits or the bonus.

Rise in ability score: it increases up to charisma 2 score increases up to 1.

Age: Similar to humans, they grow and change with time.

Size: medium

Alignment: A noble spirit introduces good behavior. Most Kalashtar resist the good change. They usually have a combination of self-discipline and compassion.

Dual mind: wisdom saving advantage

Speed: Usually your walking speed is 30 feet per minute.

Mental discipline: resistance to the psychic damage

Dream life: like other humans, they usually don’t connect with the dream life. However, they develop memories about their spirits. Moreover, you are also immune to the magical effects.

Languages: They can easily speak, read, and write common Quori and other languages too.

Dnd 5e Kalistar Traits
Image source; readesh.com

Careful Consideration For Real Utility (Bonus Traits)

Hence, their abilities are actually prominent. However, they need serious consideration for their real utility. It can be seen in the next few characters. Right now, there is more detail available about them one by one.

The ability score increases; there is a bonus for wisdom and charisma at one point. It will increase the mental score.

Age: There is nothing special or very old seen. They have a standard age like humans.

Size: Still, there will be a medium size.

Speed: There is no penalty; they have average speed.

Alignment: The alignment is good so far. Usually spirits start to whisper in their ears.

Duel minds: they are wise, and wisdom saved them a lot. No frills were seen. Usually they are straight-forward in their actions. They literally have a lot of magical abilities.

Mental discipline: there is usually no psychic damage common in them. There is quite good damage resistance in them all the way around.

Mind link: the mind link doesn’t work if you know only one language. They need to be more careful overall during the tense conditions.

Languages: Quori is right now a rare language. That’s why it’s not a language that is generally going to come back.

Reasons To Play Dungeons And Dragons As A Kalashtar

It actually highlights the history and makes you remember the history. Hence, within the player’s character, the whole feature of movement from darkness to light is present. They have to admire each other and play different roles as well. They are linked by their goals and characters. Either they play a warlock they have the best learning abilities.

Culture Of Kalashtar

Basically, each of the quori spirits is bound by the kalashtar. Usually they are seen in the mortal minds where they take refuge. However, though their intentions are not clearly seen as well. Most of them are actually following the path of light too. However, it’s not easily seen in them that they have any bad dreams. Moreover, the actual Kalashtar were monks. Hence, children are actually born with the different qualities of a fused creation. They have complete control over their emotions. Most Kalashtar remain unknown about their spirit side due to their orphan lifestyle. Moreover, this side of the spirit can also be replaced either with ghosts or other creations. They can also be attracted to the demons.

Kalashtar Builds

Due to their mental thinking and abilities, they have a bonus point. For optimization of character, there are five building blocks which are;

  • Lucid Drunk

This is a Kalashtar monk who has wisdom and the flavor of victory. Drunken masters basically gain more performance and proficiency with time. They usually take more advantage of the bonus Christmas.

  • Lunar Dreamer

Their mind-linking ability is so good with the wisdom. Whenever you are in an animal form, you can utilize it. They have somatic components. They usually take advantage of the mind-linking ability.

  • Dream Realm Warden

They usually don’t care or think about their charisma score generally. Due to their mind-linking ability, they usually have more sneaky opportunities all the way.


Q. What is the difference between a Kalashtar and a human?

They are a combination of Quori spirits and humans, which is why they have the same range of human colors. Usually they are tall and slimmer than humans with monastic behavior.

Q. Are Kalashtars evil?

They can be evil whenever they get separated from their people.

Q. How do Kalashtar reproduce?

However, there’s no guarantee that the newer generation will have these characters. They reproduce like their host body does.

Final Thoughts:

These are unique creations with the combination of the spirit and human character. Kalashtar are the double-minded people who usually know more than a single language. Usually they have mind-linking abilities and follow the path of light. They can see more clearly during the dark and nighttime. Usually they are human-like in appearance and tall with an average life span.



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